It releases lots of mid range devices as well, which are equally impressive in their own right, even if they dont garner as much attention as the s series for 2022. Samsung has sent out the galaxy a53 5g to do battle in the highly competitive mid range smartphone market. So how does it fare im, kam bunton from pocketlint and in this review ill tell you and while youre here, if you do like it, please do leave a thumbs up, subscribe and tap the notification bell to make sure you dont miss any more now. At first glance, there isnt a great deal of difference between the samsung galaxy a53 and the a52 or a52s from 2021 thats, not necessarily a mark against it. However, this is a good looking phone, especially in the pure matte white version of our test unit. It looks great from the back and while it doesnt offer premium materials that youll find on samsungs higher placed devices theres a great feel to the map rear. We like that molding around the cameras, particularly which is something thats also present in the slightly lower placed galaxy a33 that launched alongside it. Now, when you hear that a phone is built from plastic theres, perhaps a niggling fear that it might feel cheap and shoddy. But the a53 definitely does not theres no real give in the rear surface, and the phones frame feels quite sturdy. This feeling is backed up by some strong durability.

Specifications too, namely the phone features ip67 water and dust resistance, which is only a tiny step below the top ip68 rating that youll find in the premium models. The only thing that goes against it slightly is the shape like the new s22 models for this year. Its completely flat on the front and the back with no curves its not entirely uncomfortable, but slight rounding on the edges does help, but its not as palm friendly as some of the older models with curved backs. Now, while much of this phone is the same as the 2021 model, you might have noticed theres. Now, no three and a half millimeter headphone socket that wouldnt raise any eyebrows at the top end of the market, but with the mid range market, often providing as many practicalities as possible. Its perhaps a strange emission, though youll undoubtedly be happy to know it does have a micro sd card slot in the sim tray. Now, apart from materials, the other main difference between the a53 and the more expensive models is the feedback from the vibration motor when youre typing or interacting with the phone, its a lot more buzzy and less subtle than the haptic motors you find in top level smartphones. Moving on to the display and slap bang on the front of this phone is a six and a half inch amoled panel as youd expect, then it appears to have plenty of vibrancy in those colors and deep blacks, its one of those features.

That makes it a really appealing phone in this price range. Having a bright colorful screen with relatively skinny bezels means you get a display experience with very few compromises, even compared to the much more expensive galaxy, s22 plus look closely, of course, and you will see that theres a subtle refinement when it comes to colors on the More expensive model you get a wider color spectrum and dynamic range, for instance, but looking at it every day at arms length, though youd be hard pushed to see that difference at a glance, the resolution sticks to full hd plus or 2400 by 1080 pixels and thats. Typical for a device in this position, it also offers 120 hertz refresh rates, so itll be able to smooth out fast moving content and give you a better experience now this smooth experience isnt always consistent. It does sometimes seem to take a couple of seconds to kick in, for instance, when youre scrolling up and down the settings list or swiping through the pages of apps in the app drawer, its lovely and smooth. But when we were transitioning between the home screen and other layers, such as dragging down the notification shade or swiping out from an app, we saw some noticeable stutter kicking in moving on to the performance and the battery life and for 2022. The galaxy a53 makes a bit of a departure from last year with new exynos hardware. Samsungs headline here is that this is the first time that five nanometer architecture has been used in a galaxy, a series phone, an indicator that its not being held back.

That means its more efficient and able to deliver its performance with lower power. Consumption samsung claims that this new exynos 1280 gives a boost over. The previous hardware used its paired with six gigabytes of ram, although theres the option to allocate some of the storage as virtual ram up to an additional six gigabytes. Now, while it isnt lightning quick in real everyday use, it does offer the kind of performance and speed that you need to get things done. It doesnt really struggle with much at all and while not as responsive as a top tier phone, its not slow and so doesnt hinder you in any significant way. Whats more itll load up pretty much any game or app you throw at it without much complaint. You dont always get the sharpest of resolutions when loading up some of the more intense games, but it sacrifices detail in favor of responsive and smooth gameplay, which we feel is the right way to prioritize things. Theres also a 5000 milliamp hour battery with support for 25 watt wired charging thats the generous capacity and increase over the previous version of this phone and, as we suspected this led to some seriously good performance from the battery on lighter days with two or three hours Of basic use, and mostly social media and web browsing, we could finish a day with more than 50 percent left over software wise. It launches on android 12, with samsungs one ui over the top and theres a promise of four years of os updates and five years of security patches and thats an important distinction in this level of phone, because in the mid range market there arent many that can Promise that many years of updates now lets talk cameras and on the back of this phone there are four of them, its a quad camera system, but you might want to keep your excitement levels in check when we explain to you exactly how that four camera system Is made up, as is common in mid range devices, you have two cameras that are worth exploring and using and two that are kind of thrown in to make up the numbers.

The main camera has a 64 megapixel sensor and offers optical image stabilization on its lens, and that can help give you a clean, sharp image over longer exposures or when youre using handheld photographs, theres also night mode on this phone, something that some other budget phones miss Out on, like the iphone se for this year, its a decent enough camera too, offering pictures with good sharpness and depth, and it can produce good looking images that youd be more than happy to throw on social media. It does tend to over egg the colors. Quite a lot, though, even more than samsung is usually known, for we had a number of different daytime shots where colors were just extremely saturated, giving a hyper real look to the image now theres, no optical zoom, on this phone with samsung instead suggesting you might crop Into a full resolution, 64 megapixel shot otherwise youre. Looking at digital zooming, which is okay up to a point that two times you get a possible image, but the quality drops off significantly after that now, as for the ultra wide, that has a 12 megapixel sensor and weve always been fond of ultrawide ever since lg Pushed this on phones five years ago, its perhaps sad, then that this ultra wide doesnt deliver results that quite match the main camera. While it would perform fine on some occasions, it would also get exposure and highlights completely wrong other times, leaving us with a very washed out image with weird colours as weve seen from other ultrawide lenses in the past too.

The distortion around the edges can be really heavy. That means results, look noticeably different to the results from the primary camera. So how about those other two lenses and weve pretty much said this already theyre, basically thrown in to make up the numbers. The depth sensor is of questionable value as plenty of flagship phones produce outstanding bokeh photos without such lenses, its mostly done by software these days, while the macro lens similar to other phones is also a bit underwhelming. With the macro camera, you can get within a few centimeters of an object and get an in focus shot, but the results arent amazing, as well as suffering from oversaturated colors. It also creates an unnatural nauseating depth of field and background blur and then pushes the contrast up too high, and when you combine that with a sensor thats nowhere near as sharp as the primary or ultrawide lenses. That means a generally quite poor image. It is more usable than some of the old two megapixel macro sensors, but its still not amazing. If a manufacturer is insistent on providing macro functionality, wed much rather it be in a better ultrawide lens, which also has macro capabilities and then ditch the other two lenses quality over quantity would be better here. So, in the end, the a53 does a sterling job of following up from the a52 from last year. In truth, theres no significant improvement here. Much like we found with the latest galaxy s range.

However, the a53 is a strong mid range phone regardless. If you want a modern samsung experience without the price tag required to get an s22 series phone, the a53 is a no brainer itll. Get you exactly that and it does well in all the key areas. If what you value most is a speedy and responsive experience. You might want to look elsewhere outside of the samsung brand, though ive been cam im at cam bunsen on twitter. If you want to follow me on there, you can do or reach out to me or you can use the comments down below again. If you did like this video, please do leave a thumbs up, subscribe and tap the notification bell, and then you wont miss any more of our uploads ill.