The whole essence of the xperia brand lies in the companys. Absolutely unique idea of what users want from a premium device well its time to discuss. Sonys upcoming 2022 flagship hi, its ausean, and before i start i suggest you subscribe to my channel and ring the bell lets discuss zenios sonys xperia 1. Mark 4 has been in the news for a while. Now, however, the phones launch date, wasnt confirmed now, sony has officially announced a launch event this month, where we are expected to see the flagships on xperia 1 mark iv. Sony has shared a teaser video confirming that the brand will be holding a launch on may 11th. At 4pm, japan time, while the company hasnt explicitly mentioned the exact product its going to release at the event, the teaser video does hint on a flagship, xperia phone, this flagship phone to rife is most likely the sony xperia 1 mark iv, just like previous iterations, the Xperia 1 mark iv is also expected to offer premium specifications. The smartphone passed the geekbench certification recently and it scored 1204 points in the single core department and 3 352 points in the multi core department. It has a model number xqcd54 and is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 831 chipset. It has 12 gigs of ram and has android 12 os, while the design is yet to be officially confirmed. The phones concept renders were surfaced by lets, go digital. The device is tipped to feature a 6.

5 inch display with 21 to 9 aspect ratio. It is expected to come with 120hz refresh rate and 4k resolution. It will have gorilla glass, victus protection and hdr support. As for the optics, the phone is set to come with zeiss branded sensors. It is expected to have a triple camera system, with inclusion of ultra white and telephoto sensors. The phone is expected to come with a side facing fingerprint scanner and pack of 5000 milliamp hour battery with 45 watts, fast charging support and, as these are flagship devices, they also come with flagship prices. I dont yet know how much the xperia 1 mark 4 will cost, but the previous models can act as a guide heres, how they lined up for sony xperia 1 mark ii. They asked almost 1200 bucks and, as for sony, xperia 1 mark 3. The price tag was almost 1300 dollars. Weibo liquor, kabul shared possible pricing that was apparently found in html code, though its not clear where, from by the way his original post has since been deleted, though, was screenshoted by japanese site smartphone digest. He lists pricing of 9 000 yuan around 1415 for 256, gigs of storage and almost 10 000 yuan, roughly 105 070 dollars for 512 gigs. Most importantly, is that surprise increase of the xperia 1 mark 3, which suggests we should expect a similar price increase in the west. Assuming this leak is accurate, of course, sets around in line with what ive seen from liquor.

The galax who predicts pricing from 1400 to 1600 at least 100 bucks increase at last years model, which would make this one of the most expensive phones on the market. So if you want the sony xperia 1 mark iv, there is a very good chance that the price tag will contain at least four figures. My today question is: what do you actually think about sonys smartphones? Do they really deserve all the hype? Your answers, as always you can leave in the comment section below. I will definitely read everything and i will answer the most interesting comments and give hearts from the channel if this video seems interesting to you, do not forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to.