Its a lot of fives lets go so the moto g51 5g is a lower mid range smartphone from motorola. That is very obviously designed to deliver a fast user experience for an extended time in as little budget as possible. Not much else sounds amazing right. Well, not exactly. Let me explain on the outside. The g51 5g has a glass front and plastic body with a design that looks very 2018 thats, not necessarily a bad thing, but dont expect this to break necks anywhere. The buttons are also slightly too far up the side of the phone, especially the google assistant button, which is almost at the upper corner of the phone. I do have to comment the fingerprint reader, though its built into the power button and its pretty fast to unlock. The g51 makes you choose if you want two sim cards or one sim card and one sd card, not a deal breaker but its something you might want to consider if youre planning to load media on this via sd. Moving on to the screen, its a 1080p lcd panel, that looks alright goes bright enough for most situations except high sunlight days. But the main highlight here is that it goes up to 120 hertz, refresh rate thats fast, especially considering that the price segment, where the moto g515g lives in where the competition usually just targets – 90 hertz overall, the build just barely – makes it to ok territory. Its not a stunner and its, not a tank, it does have a little bit of water resistance, though enough for a light splash, but not enough for a full swim.

This is a phone that you have to take care of good thing. It comes with a silicone case inside the moto g515g is running the qualcomm snapdragon 480 plus octa core processor with the adreno 619 gpu choices between 4 gig, 6 gig and 8 gigs of ram and choices between 64 gigs and 128 gigs of storage. The unit here with us is the 4 gig ram 128 gig storage version. It is currently running android 11, but it will be upgraded to android 12 in the near future and it performs as well as you expect any mid range smartphone to perform in geekbench. It scored 1 674 points in multi core and 543 points in single core performance and on 3dmark wildlife. It managed to eke out 981 points. Regular scrolling performance in facebook, twitter and instagram is pretty good because of the 120 hertz screen, but youre kind of constrained to a maximum of 60hz in gaming and yeah very few games will run near consistent. 60Fps, like pokemon, unite and rocket league gentian impact does run, but at the lowest settings and my all time champion of bringing even the strongest phones to their knees. Runescape will only run at the lowest possible settings and as a sidebar to the gaming experience, audio performance is also very mid range. It only has a single speaker at the bottom and it sounds just okay. You do get the chance to plug in your favorite earphones and headphones, though, because it still comes with a headphone jack and you do get a bit of help in audio tuning because it comes with dolby atmos software.

This remarkably comfortable mid range experience of the moto g515g is improved by one factor, though, and its the battery its 5000mah battery just continuously chugs along the whole day unburdened by power hungry specks, seriously its hard to kill this. In a day, i used it pretty heavily for a week, even using it as my music device during my evening workout sessions, and i can go to sleep at night with around 30 of battery remaining. There is a bit of a hiccup when topping it up, though, as it only comes with a 10 watt charger and seems to only support up to 15 watt fast charging via moto turbo charge. So youre not going to be doing any 30 minute fast charges. But then again you dont need to since a full charge or close to it will last you the whole day. Lastly, the cameras, the moto g515g, has a 15 megapixel f, 1.8 main camera, an 8 megapixel f, 2.2 ultra wide camera and a 2 megapixel f. 2.4 macro camera and yeah, like the rest of the experience its what you would expect from a mid range smartphone, give it enough light and it can take pretty great photos and once the day is done, you should probably always turn on night mode to get a Usable shot do note that the macro camera is a fixed, focused lens, so you really have to get super close to your subject to get it in focus so tracking.

Back to my statement in the intro, the moto g515g aims to deliver a fast user experience for an extended time in as little as budget as possible, not much else. Yes, you will lose out on some creature comforts like a stronger body, a more powerful camera and stereo speakers, but really what youre paying for at 11 500 pesos are the 5 000 milliamp hour battery and the 120 hertz refresh rate. It really does feel fast in the hand and to some people that might just be what theyre looking for im kevin, devine, lisa weber tv. Please like this video and subscribe to our youtube channel.