Now the v20 is one of the most rugged smartphones youll find in 2022.. This thing is harder to kill than steven seagal im talking steven seagal from about 30 years ago. These days, it basically looks like hes one krispy, kreme gorge session away from the inevitable, but the doogie v20 also comes loaded with all kinds of intriguing tech and features, including around on the arse and youve, got a 20 megapixel night vision, camera and a secondary display. Just like the xiaomi mi, 11 ultra so far, so absolutely mental. The doogie v20 will cost you 499 quid here in the uk. You can snap on it on the likes of amazon im going to whip it on at the box. Take you on a full on tour of that crazy hardware and software and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up what do you get packed inside of this rather sizable box? Well, of course, naturally, youve got one doogie v20 fun youve got one 33 watt fast charge adapter its a bit of a brick, certainly in terms of the size of it, but it is quite lightweight. Youve got yourself a type c to type c, usb cable, a usb type c to type a adapter, so you can connect your old phone and copy stuff across youve got your very own. Doogie, stick im not gon na lie, im, not 100 sure what this is for.

I think it may be a tool to prise open the various flaps potentially like the sim card tray just saves. You have to use your fingernails to yank them out, which is definitely good. If you happen to bite your fingers, two bits: youve got a user manual which i would say for this. One is probably actually going to be useful and you also get a screen protector. Bundled in there, so you can slap that on for a bit of extra protection as if the doogee v20 would really need it, including some wipes to de skankify that display first and laura theres, all the great stuff you get bundled in that box, all right. So first thing you probably notice about the doogie v20 is the fact that it is an absolute friggin, brick with just shy of 300 grams, as you can see its about as twice as thick as most of the regular smartphones. I do like how youve got a handy little explainer around back of exactly what all the various bits of this phone are, because there are a lot of bits: extra buttons. Of course, youve got the rear display which well be uh diving on into in a bit, and even though its only a 6.43 inch display, which is actually one of the more compact screens in 2022, the actual smartphone itself is massive, because youve got these big thick Bezels surrounding that display youve got a gorilla glass screen here on the doogie v20, but, as you can see, theyve also got a pre installed screen protector to add extra protection.

Meanwhile, the actual frame of the doogie v20 is constructed from military grade carbon fiber. It is past the military standard, 810g durability tests, so it is officially well odd. This thing is drop proof for heights for up to around 1.8 meters, its temperature proof. So great news. If you happen to live in the sahara desert or the arctic circle, or something and its also ip68 water and dust resistant and just to prove how double hard the v20 really is, lets now cut away to a montage of extreme punishment that im actually going to Shoot at the very end of this video and then cut back in here, just in case i have to bugger it up. Music seems like the doogie v20 is no match for small children, so there you go. Hopefully it survived. All of that, as for the many buttons and all the rest of it, where youve got an edge, mounted fingerprint sensor, slash power button over here on the right edge of the doogie, v20 and touchwood. The fingerprint sensor seems reasonably responsive and doesnt seem to be giving me any jip and above that youve got a couple of volume buttons. Meanwhile, over on the other edge of the v20, you have the sim tray. You can just yank this out with your fingernails. If you have to have fingernails and as you can see in there, there is space for two sims at the same time, otherwise that second sim slot can also be used to house a micro sd memory card to boost the storage up to a further 512 gigs And then directly beneath the sim tray, there is a custom button which you can actually set up to activate any app or feature that you prefer.

This is known as the easy key and, as you can see there, you can just set it up within the settings. Menu with the single or a double tap, you can activate the flashlight, you can take a screenshot, etc. Otherwise, you can open, as i say, any app that you fancy and down at the bottom of the v20 youve got your usb port, which is actually covered with a little flappy thing to help prevent any water and other bits getting in there. Weve got quite grippy edges and then the back end of the v20 is rather smooth, as you can see, theyre already picking up greasy prints, though so youre gon na, have to give it a good buffing to keep it looking pristine. This is the phantom grey model, but you can also grab the v20 in nights black or wine red. I dont believe that changes up the color of the back end. I think its just these side bits here so now lets check out the actual software and bad news to begin with, because it is unfortunately just running android 11, not the latest freshest android 12, which is a real bum. That is with all the latest updates and everything not sure when android 12 is actually coming to the doogie v20, if indeed ever um, so youll have to stay tuned for more on that and the customization is kind of limited here as well. So if we just jump into the home settings, you cant change the layout display, so youve got five columns instead of just the poultry four on offer.

But thankfully i was at least able to add an apps tray, which is always very much appreciated and, as you can see, youve got a variety of other modes, including an easy launcher. It could be handy in a variety of circumstances. For instance, if youre an elderly user – or you just happen to have poor eyesight, you struggle to see what the individual icons are with the normal android desktops youve also got lots of extra bonus bits chucked away in the settings as well. So we already talked about the easy key. For instance, you also have a lot of gesture support and other bits, including a single hand mode. This seems pretty easy to activate just swipe along the bottom of the display and, as you can see there, everything shrinks down. So its a bit easier to fiddle with youve also got a host of bonus, apps choked on here, including childrens space, its pretty handy. If you want to palm off your smartphone onto your wii bundle of joy, just to keep the precious little treasures quiet for five seconds, youve got the game space app more on that when we touch on performance, got a sound recorder on there as well. And, of course, the outdoor toolbox, a doogie standard – this is pretty handy if youre not completely allergic to diy, like i am youve got stuff to help. You hang paintings, for instance, youve got the flashlight feature. Youve got the protractor the noise test, which just measures the decibel level in your area.

Just close your end, if you might want to potentially get some earmuffs on the go, youve also got nfc support for a bit of google peer action and, as for the storage, pretty generous on that front, 256 gigs of space stuffed inside of the v20 and as I mentioned before that is expandable via microsd, as for that display its a 6.43 inch amoled panel, so youve got most of the benefits you would get with. An amoled screen include nice wide viewing angles and it seems to be reasonably bright on the top levels. Certainly bright enough to keep the clarity fine when youre outdoors, even if it is a sunny day, the brightness doesnt scale down very far, though, is the only thing and its certainly not one of the better amoled displays that ive tested out this sort of price point. For the likes, the oneplus nor the google pixel phones, all around the sort of 350 to 400 pound mark generally have better quality, visuals contrast levels arent quite as strong the detail levels arent as fine either. It is a full hd plus panel here on the v20, but it almost looks 720p in comparison to some of its oled rivals. Those visuals are just a little bit grainy. You do have various display settings you can play around with including a night light to filter blue light in the evenings. Just make things a bit easier on the eye. You can also play around with the color output as well to make things a bit more vivid.

However, there is no refresh rate option because this display is stuck at 60 hertz refresh full time. As for the audio well, it is a simple mono speaker setup, just this tiny little speaker, grille down here below thats, the only one thats used for your media shenanigans lets boost up the volume see if its actually all right, theyve only got them inside of a Giant chocolate egg because id rather they somehow ensconce the phone inside of a giant bottle of single malt or an enormous pork scratching, but thats pretty cool. So the audio quality isnt fantastic, either quite tinny on that top uh volume level. So youll definitely want to get some headphones on the go. If you want to enjoy some some video awesome, music, no headphone jack, unfortunately on the doogie v20, so its either an adapter or you better, bluetooth, 5.1 and then of course, theres. The 1.05 inch rear display, which i havent seen one of these on a smartphone since the absolutely daft as a brush xiaomi mi 11 ultra smartphone, you activate the rear display within its own specific entry in the settings menu. As you can see there, you can turn it on at any time. Youve got a variety of options to enable it, including double tapping to wake it up. You can flip the phone over to wake it up. You can also change up exactly what is displayed on it. So youve got a small variety of always on displays very small indeed, and you cant really customize them much beyond just selecting them.

You can receive notification alerts on that mini display as well quite handy. If you have your phone face down on the desk or whatever you can also be alerted, whenever somebody is calling you and you can either accept or reject the call right there on that mini panel and also at any point, you can flip up on the display And activate the media controls so if youre playing a podcast, some music, whatever you can just quickly pause, it resume it and you can also skip a track like so, but of course, theres not enough space on there for any actual track information or anything like that. All right so lets shift onto performance and the doogie v20 is running the mediatek dimensionally 700 chipsets, so absolutely perfect for every day of running. As you can see, theyre respectable benchmarking scores im, not any issues just with the general ui loading up, apps and so on, and certainly held by the fact. Youve got eight gigs of your ddr4 ram, stuffed in here as well, and, as you can see here, weve got the gamespace app as well, so doogie is clearly hoping that people will do a good bit of gaming on the v20. This gives you access to a variety of performance settings before you even load up your games. You make sure its configured just the way you want slightly confusing, because a lot of them sound very similar like game acceleration, performance, optimization and performance enhancement.

You would expect would all basically do the same sort of thing theres, also a quick access slide out menu for when youre in game, and you want to record the action or just block. All notifications got a small variety of tools you can play around with there. As for the actual game and performance, well, absolutely no issues there as long as you keep it light with a bit of pub g or call of duty mobile, something that isnt going to absolutely crush your smartphone. The v20 does actually boast its own dedicated coolant system. I certainly noticed no issues with overheating when playing lots of call of duty mobile. The screen. Responsiveness was absolutely fine as well and yeah. Basically, my only handicap when playing call of duty was myself and another benefit of the dimension. 700 chipset is the fact you got full 5g support across both sims there thats for the battery life, well, its a 6 000 milliamp hour battery crammed inside of that rather chunky chassis and that battery drain seems to be minimal at best, even when playing better call Of duty, mobile stream and video on disney, plus it barely moved an inch so certainly should be able to get at least two full days of use. Out of this thing, no worries unless youre, absolutely hammering it probably closer to three days to be honest and when you do finally manage to drain this hefty bugger. The good news is youve, got 33 watt wide charging support on there.

So not super nippy, but not disgraceful by any means, thats pretty much a match for most samsung flagships and the like, and you also have 15 watt wireless charging support as well. So if you happen to have a chi standard wireless charging pad, you can just slap this bad boy on there. Job done so now lets finish off this almighty doogie v20 unboxing video with a squid at that rear camera tech. Now its a 64 megapixel primary camera sensor packed into this thing so far, the shutter speed and the autofocus seems absolutely fine got the usual ai modes that you can activate at any point which you can just figure out. What kind of subject youre trying to snap? Then change up the settings to match got usual filters and everything your hdr support, theres, a small selection of picks that i just snapped around the homestead. Just to give you an idea of what the camera is capable of its, not the most flexible camera out. There. Definitely in lower light environments, it seems to struggle a bit more, but then, when it does get proper dark, you not only have the usual dedicated night mode, which just captures a long exposure shot just to help brighten things up. You also actually have a dedicated night vision mode using that night vision lens okay, so ive drawn my blackout. Curtains as weve got very, very ambient light here in the studio right now and as you can see there, the night vision lens has kicked into action and if you thought veronica was scary enough beforehand, then jesus thats, just absolutely terrifying, certainly seems to do the job.

Well, although, as you can see that occasionally darkens and then brightens up again uh sort of flexing between the two states, but very handy, if you do find yourself stumbling around in the dark trying to work out, what exactly is going on and youve got all the Other usual mods to play around with including the portrait mode youve got full on pro manual mode. If you want to mess around with the iso levels, the white balance etc, and if you want to shoot whole movies, you can actually capture footage at up to 2k resolution. So one step up from full, hd and again its just another sample. To give you an idea of the sort of the visual quality and the audio quality seems fine as well and as well as that 64 meg primary camera sensor and the 20 meg night vision sensor. Youve also got an 8 megapixel wide angle. Camera 130 degree offer in there pretty basic stuff, but its there. If you need a more pulled back view and then last up around front is a 16 megapixel selfie shooter, which again seems absolutely fine fit for purpose. If you just want to get some simple shareable shots and using that front facing 16 megapixel selfie snapper, you can capture full hd footage uh. As you see the audio quality again, absolutely fine here on the v20, so it should be fine for your skype and shenanigans. All of that and there you have it that, in a nutshell, is the fresh new doogie, v20 rugged flagship, smartphone, absolutely bonkers in every way, itd be great to hear what you think down in the comments below.

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