It is the best of the lot. This is the s22 ultra and weve got it right here were gon na unbox it find out whats inside the box and tell you everything about it: whats, the ultra magic. This bad boy carries so before i get on to doing that. Can i please request you to press the subscribe button and the notification icon so that you keep getting all the notifications and i keep getting all the motivations to keep bringing these amazing videos to you so lets get on to it not wasting time and unbox this Bad boy so ill be right: back Music, Music, hello, guys, im back and weve just finished unboxing the samsung s22 ultra. Now this is such a gorgeous looking phone. But before i tell you that, let me show you what came inside the box. Of course, the smartphone, some paperwork, which is a quick start guide, the usb type c type c cable, and as always, no charging adapter were going to tell you about what is the charging speed of this in this review now weve set it up, weve tested it Out lets turn this on ive tested it ive ive been using it for a few days and absolutely enjoying it now: gorilla glass in the front and the back and its gorilla glass wick disguise so really great in terms of the uh. You know the sturdiness of the device and the quality of the build its beautiful armor aluminium frame, so a lot of drop resistance built into it, and my favorite part when i look at it is its got the s print.

So this basically creates a hybrid when the node series went away with the last launch, and this is a perfect supply uh. You know uh way to combine the best of both worlds. The s22 and the node series s22 ultra is fantastic. With this uh s, pen into it, it slides down there right here on the body left side, completely green right side, volume, toggle and the honor suite on top just a microphone at the bottom, stereo speakers, sim card tray and, of course, the type c charging port Love it its built in with ip ip68 water and dust resistance, a little bit of splash here and there um and accidental drops dont worry about it. Its gon na keep your phone completely uh safe, um, armor aluminium. As i said, with the frame and the body, it is fantastic, its built to last its built with great drop test. Uh results, im, not gon na try dropping it. I i im very possessive about my smartphone, so no i cant but its been tested for that. Um stylus 2.8 millisecond latency, so quite quick, quite reasonably uh quite beautifully works. Well, let me just enter the password, and here we go. The phone is starting um beautiful display. Look at that! Look at that beautiful display. I love it its just fantastic, the smoothness of it, the swiftness of it and the beauty of it speaks for itself. So lets go on to one of the websites which is www dot.

So if you havent visited it yet, please do visit it and you will love. It were working on new version by the way, so you will love it as well, and of course this is the website will like while it loads. Let me, let me tell you about this: beautiful display, its dynamic amoled, 2x, 120 hertz, refresh rate hdr, 10 plus and 1750 nits of big brightness. Now i must say the brightness levels are absolutely uh fantastic on this one. I i absolutely love it. You know so lets clear these notifications so that we can turn up the brightness onto the full and it gives you a notification. So here we go guys so look at that smooth, swift and swivel so great stuff. There uh love it 6.8 inches with 90 to 90.2 of screen to body ratio with the slightly curved screen on the edges. I love the look and feel of it. Ive always liked the flat edges on the phone, and they this is. This makes it my go to form so the moment this one came in. I opened it up and i have done all my move, my primary phone onto this one uh 1440 by 3088 pixels of resolution, so which is fantastic again. You know you can expect some great quality watching videos and working on it is going to be amazing and always on display as well, which i have not set up yet, but then you can set it up if you like uh, which is looks something like this Now this can be customized with a lot of uh personalization options as well, and, of course, you know when you have corning gorilla, glass effect, uh victims as on the protection and, of course, the great display of 6.

8 inches, which is a monster screen. I love it. I love big screen phones and this is become my go to guy and one of the things that we love. We looked at the change in the camera design, theyve removed the aluminium frame backing and giving it a very neat and clean minimalistic look uh, giving it actually a bit of a character. If i was to say this is the camera setup looks absolutely amazing. Its got the 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and then weve got the 108 megapixel wide angle, camera with the 3x optical zoom and telephoto camera of 10 megapixel and 10 optical zoom on the macro camera as well, so fantastic quad, cam setup, absolutely adorable with 10x Optical zoom, you can actually zoom in pretty close and absolutely looks fantastic when it comes to the front. The front camera has been upgraded substantially with 40 megapixels on the front camera and they can all do videos at 4k, uh 4k videos as well as 8k videos with a rear camera so which is great and the night photography on this. As you can see on, the screen has been fantastic. Taking pictures in the night mode has been great um. Its got big pixel sensor and super clear glass and lens to ensure that your photography and your videos come out speak and span now. Weve taken some pictures, as you can see, on the screen: the selfies, the the night mode, the day mode and dual camera, so multiple modes have been tested and they have been nothing short of perfect and to power.

This all up is the leon 5000 mah battery with 45 volt fast charging capability, 51 15 watt uh of wireless charging as well and, of course, 4.5 watt of reverse wireless charging as well so uh battery with great charging capabilities. Now people normally tend to think that, yes, today, we are talking about the generation of 120 watch fast charging 45 watt. But i strongly believe that, with the day usage of a day to day, smartphone 45 watt charger works equally good, its about little under an hour to charge it from zero to 100 and it works fantastically well and on my table, ive got the wireless qri pad. So when i come to work, i just place it on top and it keeps on charging no matter what im doing and its connected with bluetooth. So my calls are happening while its charging, as well while im working in the office, so even the car, with a wireless qri charger. So when i place it on the holding dock, it continues to charge as well. So wireless charging works. Ive got a cable charger as well for my other phone, so it works perfectly well, which i really like it and thats a qi, uh fast charger as well. Uh uh, even even my car adapter, the wired car adapter with usb, is a four speed one as well. It really didnt feel the difference and under the hood, is great power with android 12 and one ui 4.

1 and, of course, the qualcomm snapdragon 8 uh generation. One this is a 4 mm process, its an octa core chipset, so fantastic performance, weve used this and many other phones along with this one. So the performance of the phone has been fantastic. Uh adreno 730 on the gpu and youve got the fingerprint on the display, which we saw here. We go as you can see, quickly opens it and it is fantastic. Its compatible with samsung dex samsung wireless decks, so you can actually have a great desktop experience with your phone as well by what so, you dont need to really touch your phone if you have any one of those so great stuff there as well so samsung great Well done samsung with ultra, and this is the one which im going to keep and keep on using it as my primary phone. I love this one so guys this is a fantastic samsung. Galaxy s22 ultra.