This is a refurbished smartphone, its in white color, its very shiny and nice lets get right into the video and well see how this goes guys. This is the phone right here. You can see extra cover, always on warranty. This is the website from it which i ordered lets open the box. They say they have 20 years of experience, lets see if thats, true, you get a phone in a plastic pouch like this zip, lock, pouch lets see what else we get Music. First, you get a warranty with terms and conditions, no one really hates that. Then you get the charging cable and the brick, which is actually very used very rough. You can definitely feel that its used, but my first impressions on the phone i have already set up this phone. The phone was, i felt that the phone was little bit. Dirty means, like some dust, has been there on the outside thats due to the packaging and stuff, but when i just rubbed it clean with the cloth, it just looked like a brand new phone. Unless and until, if you just uh analyze it and look it thoroughly. Like when you look thoroughly, you can see minor scratches in the white area on this phone, and here also, this is the sim tray, which is an off white color, and the top button is also an off white color. But if you dont analyze its still a pretty good looking phone here, you have the volume rockers you have like the mute alert slider your headphone jack, which is very hard to find in iphone your primary charging port and your speakers here at the back.

You have an 8mp camera, a secondary microphone. A microphone is located at the bottom here also, and the flash lets turn on the phone. You also have a 2mp selfie camera well, be checking everything first lets go to about lets, go to general lets, go to Music about, and you can see its running on ios 10.34, its a 32gb storage version out of which i have left 26.4 gb lets test. The camera quality once let me just take a photo, you can see the camera quality is adequate means its like. Okay, you, you can just take a photo whenever you want to capture the memory, but its not the best camera you see in nowadays, smartphones. You have one zero, eight mp camera and everything so yeah at that time. This was a really good camera lets. Go to your chrome. I have opened youtube here. Lets try to play a video with full volume, Music. The video! Let me try it again. This video is taking so long. The processor here is a7 processor, obviously its a little slow processor but um Music. The sound quality for this smartphone, its actually good for this teeny, tiny, smartphone so cute to hold in your hand, you have the apple logo here, but its very much fingerprint uh when you like use it for a longer time. It becomes so dirty and uh. Full of fingerprints, obviously, because its so shiny lets, try to play a game here.

I have downloaded a simple game like going balls: Music, its a game, its taking so long to load and trying on the game. This is some kick the buddy a game. I have downloaded lets, try whether it works. I have played a gay other game mini malaysia, also, which was actually working pretty good, its asking so many stuff to accept. As you can see, it takes really really long to load, but other than that. Once you get into the game its actually pretty smooth and yeah, this is the phone. Now i will be talking about how to buy a refurbished smartphone and which you should buy Music. Now i will be talking about how to buy refurbished smartphone. Basically, what do you mean by refurbished smartphones, the purpose smartphone or any refurbished device basically means a component in it has been repaired, so it has been replaced with the newer component so lets take. For example, this phone had a very bad battery life, so they would have replaced it with a battery which can hold more capacity of battery to the full maximum extent. So this is the website extra cover refurbished smartphone website, but you they also have services like extending warranty. You have to pay a certain sum of money for lets say for like two years and within that two years, whenever your smartphone or any electronic gadget like your washing machine, your vacuum, cleaner, uh, your oven, your toaster, everything it gets damaged, they will come home and Repair it for free.

Obviously, you are paying some money, so it wont be free and there are three categories of buying refurbished smartphone. The first one is super refurbished. Super refurbished means this phone. You can see it looked very, very brand new. So this is a super refurbished smartphone brand new and the everything was working. Uh pretty smoothly means i would. I was able to do my daily tasks like watching some youtube, some netflix and everything smoothly without any uh discomfort, so that is super rebuffing, smartphone, very good. Refurbished smartphone means the same. I can do all my daily tasks in this smartphone very peacefully easily everything is new, but you can see visible, wear and tear outside like some minor scratches. The display would have some scratches at the bottom here also, and the camera quality would be little bit low. Something like that. Then there is good refurbished. Good refurbished means you can see visible, wear and tear plus the smartphone is a little bit slow. You can still do your tasks, but it will be slower than usual. So then i also found some fake websites from which you should not buy This is a recently a new website which launched, and most of you would know it. I think so they sell iphone 13 pro for 5000 rupees. Can you believe it? Of course not, and many people have ordered it from it. Also, i even saw uh in youtube a video, a reviewer put it and some people even ordered it and uh.

It was fake website, so you shouldnt order from that how to check it is fake website. First, you have to check whether it has cash on delivery. If it does not have cash on delivery, then okay, then you can just go and check whether they have social media accounts and check that if the social media accounts are real and also try calling their contact number and try emailing their email id. If this both doesnt work, then definitely its a fake website, because if its a real website, you should be able to contact them. I, when i tried contacting that websites contact number and it always showed switch off and the email id showed that there is no email id existing such that and they didnt even have any social media accounts and they also did not have cash on delivery. So definitely it was a fake website. There are a few websites like this. You can check and genuine websites i found for buying refurbished items are the first one is extra cover. The second one i found is flick, sale. How i found it was genuine because it was registered by the government. They even posted the legal document in their website and the other another website is yell phones. I tried the contact number first. I thought it was a sketchy website, but it had their social media accounts, your youtube uh and everything, and they even called me back. So, yes, that is a real website like sharon subscribe to heavenly stuff, to see more amazing videos like this ill be back with another video.