Is it the right choice or is it not well tell you all about the nokia d21 youre watching bgr india, im, shruti, sharma and lets get started the price first, the nokia g21 is priced at rupees 12 999, which is 13 000 rupees worth it to give 13K for this phone lets find out so lets get started with the design first and, as you can see, the design of the phone is nothing out of the box, but its still decent at the price point that it offers. The display is quite big. Its 6.5 inches, so a longish display, which is good because bigger display better the view uh yeah, the phone is uh plasticky and the build quality. Well uh. This just quickly check the build quality here: Music phone code, the build quality, is good. But yes, having said that, the phone is plasticky, it has a pattern at the back, which, though, gives a good grip to the phone, so its not slippery at all, very comfortable and very easy to hold and even very easy to fit in pocket and carry it. The whole day, long, okay, now uh, we spoke about the design now its time for the display, okay, guys for nokia g21. The display is a bummer here. Also, that 90 hertz of refresh rate is pretty good at this price point and the phone was pretty fast to use in terms of uh ui. Also, having said that, the display over here is not very impressive.

When you go out in the sunlight, its little them, it could have been brighter, but overall quality of the display is decent but not immersive. Now the battery the battery here is mah. Now, theres no fast charging here we werent asking fast charging or super fast, but a decent, fast charging would have been better at this price point. But even that is missing so say about 0 to 100. The phone took good three hours to charge, but yes, after the single charge, it lasted me for good two days, so the battery backup is good, but the charging here is a problem. Also, one thing that i noticed while i was using the phone uh binge watching playing a bit of games which was okay on this phone. The battery did go down in a very steep manner now talking about the cameras here, uh its quite a good job here by nokia. But having said that, a 50 megapixel camera with a 2 megapixel macro shot and 2 megapixel of depth sensor. We do not have an ultra wide here, which is missing uh. Yes, it could be an okay thing for some, but yes, some do require the ultra short lenses for simple reason that if youre carrying along a phone and youre traveling, you would need some wide shots to be clicked. So the ultra wide lens is missing. Here, 50 megapixel at 13, 000 price point is pretty good. How does the camera face lets just take out some pictures and tell you all about it.

So you can see the pictures. The 50 megapixel pictures clicked by nokia g21. The colors are bright. Its quite colorful picture and has natural tones struggle for quick focus. Yes, the quick focus was a struggle here, close shots. Uh. There was no sharpness and detail, they were just about. Okay, still, shots were easy to capture but uh. When we captured the moving object. It was blurry main camera again, daylight was an excellent shot, but it had to struggle in low light. Also, one more thing that we noticed in the night shots is that it had more noise, besides main camera. The other two also didnt impress us much. So if we see the picks a little closer, the clarity is missing, the sharpness is missing and the colors are a little faded here. Uh also talking about the portrait mode. Uh the blur works fine, but the edges, uh uh seem to be patched on uh background and doesnt. Give a real depth effect that it should actually do talking about the selfies here. Selfie was uh good enough again: uh, not the perfect shot, but decent. So, overall, camera quality is not anything wow, but it just performed decently. 50 megapixel was decent, but again, like i told you, the night shots still remain a problem here. The other two lenses were again: okay, it could have been better, so that was about the still shots talking about the video recording here, its a 1080p at the 30 frames per second – and you have the ozo audio here, but theres an option that you switch it Off or switch it on, it actually captures the surround sound.

So thats, a good thing here and hows. The video quality well well, show you a video and youll be Music of the nokia g21. It has a processor which is a unisoc t606, with storage of 6gb ram and 128 gb internal storage, and you can expand it also to about 512. uh gaming. I did play a game and it was decent, its not wow, and i wont uh kind of recommend it to gamers. So not the hardcore gamers, at least the normal gamers can, of course play games on this and uh best part about this. Phone of course, is like for any other nokia phone. Is that its a stock android? So you get two years of os update and also three years of security patch thats. The best part trust me other things: uh worked, fine, we didnt experience any lag and a good phone to actually use on everyday basis and its pretty decently priced also and now lets get to the final part. Nokia, g21, so ill quickly. Tell you the verdict of the smartphone first up uh, the battery is amazing. 5050 mah battery at this price point is very good, but there is no fast charging, so thats bad, also hd, plus display at this price point is not good at all and it has single speaker, so the audio quality could have been better with at least two Speakers that should have been given in this, so these were the bit of downers here, but the plus point is that the design is decent.

The display that you get here is pretty big and quite nice performance wise. There was no lag so decent for everyday usage, and if you have the nokia g20, you could upgrade it to g21. So i would recommend this for the g20 users at least, and overall, 13 000 is a decent price and in case there is any offer. You probably should avail it because it might just cost you less than 13 000 also. So, overall, if i have to sum it up a good job by the company, a good upgrade, but they still have to do more to let this compete with the competitors out. There, yes, theres lot left if we compare the phone with other brands, so its like you are in the game, youre playing the game, but you might not be the winner here. This is shruti sharma, signing off anything else that you want to know.