We will be uh focusing on this oppo a 96. Yes uh. We are going to give a full in depth review about this device uh. How good is it? What is the pros? Was the cons? Okay, so uh lets not waste any more time and lets start. The review lets kick off. Staying with the design on this oppo a96, so uh lets check the overall design on this uh oppo, a96, first, okay, so on the left, you get the volume rocker and then on the top. Here you get the sim card and micro sd card slot tray here. On the top you get the microphone uh right side is a fingerprint scanner with power button as well, and then a 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack mic, usb type c charging port and then one of the stereo speaker here, yes, theres, actually a stereo speaker set up over Here, but more details on that on the audio and display category and at the back here is actually using oppo glow design. Yes, so oppo glow design actually helps to give the users a smooth to touch and anti fingerprint scratch and dirt resistant. Yes, uh yeah. I actually do agree that its very very smooth to touch, and you really hard to see any fingerprints, smudges uh. You can actually do notice it. If you really uh, try to pick it. But if you dont, really pivot yeah, you dont really notice it, and then this time the new camera bomb yeah its already a little bit more different right now, because this time it has a two uh camera module at the rear right.

But overall i would have to say, the design is very opal generic feel so heres, the oppo a95 okay, so yeah its actually not much of a different. You know power button on the right volume rocker on the left, sim card tray slot on the left as well top you get the uh Music all right. So this one dont have microphone. This one has a microphone and then here yeah, basically, you cannotice its running. Really a generic design setup, but overall uh its really really feel nice to touch partially thanks to the uh thickness of just 8.4 millimeter on this device and also this device just weighs at 190 Music gram. So i was just rounding up – maybe around the uh 191 gram. Yes, so making this device really really nice to hold for a long period of time or you want to put inside your pocket bags pouches, not a problem with this uh oppo a96. Overall on this design department, i would say: oppo is just going that philosophy where, if its not broken, dont fix it. Now we are moving over to the performance department on this device. So uh lets talk a little bit about the specification on this device. First, okay uh: this device is running the latest snapdragon 680 chipset, which is a 4g chipset, and then it is paired with 8 gigabytes of ram theres ram expansion as well on this device. You can add additional up to 5 gigs of ram over here, but out of the box is just standard at three gigs of ram, and if you want to change it yeah you will have to restart the phone okay and then the internal storage for this device Is 256 gigabytes? Yes, its very, very large, and you feel that its not enough, you can even expand it while the micro sd card, which it supports up to one terabyte yeah.

So overall, the specification here is basically uh good for casual users day to day user. Okay, but uh the performance here i wouldnt say, is really absolutely good for gaming, because if you really want to game on this device, i would definitely say that you have to lower the settings a lot uh, especially like game titles, uh, ganshin impact yeah. You might need to lower the settings to lowers or low in order to achieve a really stable 30 frames per second. But if you are a light casual gamer, yes, you still can play games on this device so moving next uh is the display and audio department. So lets introduce the display first: okay, uh, the oppo a96 rocks a 6.59 inches ips lcd display that supports 90hz refresh rate, and it also produces 96 ntsc wider color gamut yeah, and it has 180 hertz touch sampling rate as well, and Music. Oppo has put a lot of display features on it as well, so such as all day, aii comfort, yes, theres, vivid mode and gentle mode. So, as you can see over here, theres really a lot of settings you can play around on this display. So you can also adjust the screen refresh rate as well. Out of the box is auto, select uh. If you want to have uh 90 hours smooth all the time, then you need to select it manually. Okay, and if you need uh lower the power consumption, you can always go to 60 hertz.

The screen here, to be honest, uh indoor, is bright enough, but uh during outdoor yeah, its a little bit suffering a little bit and now for the audio okay uh. So this time this a 96 uh spots, a stereo speaker, setup, okay, so here one here, one: okay, uh! The speakers are really really loud. Okay, i i will have to say that its loud but uh its really slightly lacking in terms of the uh base section. Yes, the bass is a little bit lacking so heres a sample of the display and the speakers in action. Applause no problem now, moving over to the uh battery department, this oppo a96 actually rocks a 5 000 milliamp battery, which is good enough for a day of usage at the very least a day of usage, if youre a casual day to day user okay. However, if you are someone that is heavy on gaming yeah, you might have to expect this device to maybe to charge a little bit earlier as well. But if you are a day to day casual user uh, i say a day to a day and a half is quite possible with this 5000mah battery and when you need to juice back up the battery, it supports 33 watt superbook charge. Yes, the 23 watt super book charge here allows uh yugu to charge to 55 in just 30 minutes and if you want to charge 200, it only takes 71 minutes heading over to the camera department on this oppo a96.

So, starting off on the rear cameras, it supports a dual camera setup, featuring a 15 megapixel mini camera and a 2 megapixel bokeh camera and on the front theres a 16 megapixel selfie shooter that does all your selfie photos and videos. So yeah practically theres. Only two cameras: you are going to use the 50 megapixel main camera and the 16 megapixel selfie shooter for the photography on this oppo a96. I would definitely say its acceptable for an entry level. Mid range, smartphone. Okay, the photos. Look quite nice uh. If you want a much more saturated photos, turn on the ai mode is going to make the photos even much more popular but uh. Even you just turn it off and just let the hdr turn on photo or fully on yeah. The photo still looks amazing, uh youre hardly going to find any fault here, but the only thing that is uh really missing for me is an ultra wide angle, camera on this phone, yes uh, if only it has an ultra white camera. Here, i would say, the photography experience here is really really good and the selfie camera yeah. It just takes a quite okay selfie photos. As for video recording on this oppo a96, its only able to capture up to 1080p 30 frames per second on the front and rear camera video quality here is uh, i wouldnt say its amazing or whatsoever its just barely okay uh. If you just want to capture a casual video yeah, you can use it, but for content creation not really and on low light condition.

Yeah the video even suffer much worse, uh, with a lot of noise appearing on the video okay, so check out the uh sample. Video clip i have uh recorded with this oppo a 96 in 1080p 30 frames per second for harry ryan. Mr yes, Music now lets wrap things up with this oppo a96 review with my final video, so this device has already been launched in malaysia is priced at 1299. Ringgit, malaysia, yes, uh! To be honest, the price is a little bit expensive, in my honest opinion, but the specification here is actually quite well because you are actually getting eight gigabytes of ram and then you have 256 gigabytes of internal storage, and you still feel that its not enough. You can expand it via microsd card up to one terabyte. I think this device will serve for those users who want to use an entry level mirage smartphone for a very, very long period. They definitely wont go wrong over here, but if you are planning to buy this device for gaming or content creation, unfortunately i say uh skip it. You can forget this device for gaming and content creation, so basically thats it yeah uh thats the review for the oppo a 96. So a special shout out thanks to oppo malaysia, for providing this long review. You need for review purposes. Well. This is not a paid content devil. There is no creative input. No final approval is needed on this review.

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