. It looks a good upgrade from its predecessor, the Galaxy A72, which wasnt so interesting, but had a certain unique feature which has been omitted from the Galaxy A73 this year, thats the Telephoto Camera.. Instead, it opts for a large 108mp camera while removing the headphone jack and also the accessories from the box.. It actually looks and feel a premium smartphone and packs great features, but somehow its still hard to recommend. Lets find out why My initial impressions about the Galaxy A73 were pretty much me asking. What makes this so special and different from the A53 aside, its Snapdragon processor and 108MP camera. After a few days using it. I could understand why to some extent. It has this nice experience overall, and I actually posted this tweet few days, ago., Maybe its the size. Maybe its the fluid and lag free experience, but its just there. But …, Like I mentioned in that tweet, its price puts it in a tough spot to recommend, especially since you can get some older flagships around the same price. It retails for around 550 for the Base version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Thats about 269000 naira in Nigeria.. Pretty steep pricing, which can be partly attributed to the exchange, rate. And more annoying, is the fact that you dont get a charger or any accessory in the box, except for the USB cable, which you need. A new 25watts Samsung charger to use. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy A72.

This can be considered a good upgrade as that wasnt much different from the A52 aside, the Telephoto Camera.. While we dont have the Telephoto Camera on the A73, we get a larger 108mp main camera and a better Snapdragon 778G processor.. These are probably the major selling points of the Samsung Galaxy A73., But whats funny is that the Snapdragon 778G can be found on the way. More affordable, A52s 5G and the 108mp camera on the A73, while being wider doesnt seem to be much better than the cameras on the A53. Interesting stuff, and you should probably look out for that comparison. Video between the A53 and A73 really soon.. So you should definitely subscribe. But lets focus on the A73 and why its a great device in its own right., First off with the design you can easily tell its a 2022 A series. Device. Samsung went with a uniform design across the major A series devices this year, such that you can buy the A53 or A33 and say its the A73, especially from the rear.. The Galaxy A73, though, gets the bigger 6.7 inches size, which I surprisingly found quite convenient to use. Aside its bigger size. What separates it from say? The A53 is the slightly slimmer bezels on the display and a larger cut out for the selfie camera.. Its display is still AMOLED like the rest, but this one is called Super AMOLED Plus., Not sure how much different it is from that of the A53, but it is certainly a gorgeous one.

With quality weve come to expect from Samsung.. It gets 120hz refresh rate on the display, which Ill say is really fluid and makes the device interesting to operate.. Unlike the other, A series devices for this year, the A73 gets just 3 colours, thats, Gray, Mint and White.. The Gray and Mint is distinct to the A73.. The build quality here is solid, with that good quality, matt plastic rear and gorilla glass 5 protected display.. While you might argue that the competition offers more premium, build with glass rear, we all know which is the more durable in practical terms.. We still get that IP67 certification for water and dust resistance.. Correct me if Im wrong, but I think only Samsung provides that for midrange devices at the moment.. The Samsung Galaxy A73 gets good sounding stereo speakers, like its predecessor, which makes for good media experience., As we already know, theres no headphone jack on the A73. So talk about paying more for less.. The fingerprint scanner here is an optical one placed on the display., Its responsive and works. Quite well, though, still with that slight delay. Sometimes. Software here is Android 12 and One UI 4.1 easily. The best software experience you can get at this price point and Samsungs dedication to 4 years of major OS upgrades makes this a device relevant for a long time. Thats, something you wont get with an older flagship or a last year, midrange device for that matter. Samsungs Implementation of Material? U, while not on the same level as stock android, is pretty admirable.

. The A73 comes at a base, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, and you can expand by SD card using its dual hybrid, sim and SD card slot.. You get the new RAM Plus feature which allows up to 6GB of extended RAM. Should you ever need it. The Snapdragon 778G powering the Samsung Galaxy A73 is a solid one and works great here to handle anything.. The only problem is that this is the same processor. On the more affordable Galaxy A52s from last year, so that means we get to say the A73 shouldve gotten something better, though Im not sure what that would be. An older flagship processor would not have been a bad idea, but then again do we really need all That processing power for a midrange device – I guess if we can have it, why not I mean we have the affordable Poco F3 of last year with the Snapdragon 870.. Maybe if Samsung was adopting the older flagship processors for this level of midrange devices, we wont be so keen on opting for two year old flagships. Instead.. Let me know what you think about that in the comments. Back to the device in focus. If were not considering higher benchmark scores and competition, the Samsung Galaxy A73 is definitely powerful. Enough. You get the Adreno 642L for its GPU and you can expect solid gaming experience. Here., As far as android processors go, the Snapdragons get the best optimisation for games.

. You can expect to play heavy titles like Call of duty, mobile on max frame rates and very high graphics settings.. All of my gameplay sessions were enjoyable and I really didnt have any major lags or heating concerns.. The A73 gets a 5000mAh battery which, in my experience, is well optimised and can get you a full day of normal use on a full charge without reaching for your charger., Its 25 watts charging really isnt the fastest. At this price point I mean we have 120 Watts on the more affordable, Redmi Note 11, Pro Plus and 67 watts on much cheaper devices, but I guess 25 watts is safer for the battery in the long term. With that said, dont expect 50 minutes of charge. Time on the A73., It takes about an hour and 15 minutes or slightly more to get a full charge when drained. The cameras of the Samsung Galaxy A73 is probably a major selling point precisely the 108MP main camera, which is a first for Samsung, mid rangers.. Not even the Galaxy S22 gets a 108mp camera, but if the iPhones or Pixels have thought us anything, it really isnt about higher megapixels but good image processing.. For some reason, Samsung ditches the Telephoto Camera from the A72 and opts for an unnecessary 5MP depth. Sensor instead.. I dont even know what to say about that. With that said, though. The Samsung Galaxy A73 doesnt really lack in that aspect of good image.

Processing.. It takes good photos and I barely ever needed to switch to the 108mp mode for super high resolution. Photos as the images were sharp and detailed. Enough. Colours are well represented and with good HDR processing. On human subjects, with the rear camera the photos look great. On portraits from the rear camera, while not on the same level as the flagships. Edge detection is decent. Indoors, with less ideal lighting conditions. Images look well processed. Night, shots actually look like night shots and the photos are sharp and well processed.. You can take decent macro shots with its 5MP macro camera. If youre into macro photography. Switching to its selfie camera, we get the same 32MP camera from the A72 and I dont have any complaints here.. You should be satisfied with both the regular and portrait selfies from the A73.. It gets optical image, stabilisation for its main rear camera and it is able to shoot videos at 4K 30fps from both the selfie and rear cameras.. I say its 4K video looks great. Okay, so this is a video from the selfie camera of the Samsung Galaxy A73.. Its a 32MP selfie camera and it can shoot at 4k 30 frames per second uh. It has dual microphones. So let me know what you think about the camera quality.. Should you spend your money getting the Samsung Galaxy A73? Well, if you have the cash to splash its a great device, but for this price there are great options even from Samsung.

. You can get the S20FE, the Galaxy S10 plus or Note 10 Plus., Theyre, probably better, except for the fewer software updates left and the lack of high refresh rate on the Note, 10 or S10., Or if you dont, want to get an older flagship. You can get the more affordable Galaxy A53, which is just as good and has cameras that measure up to the A73 and probably even better., Or if you dont like Exynos. Then there is the A52s 5G, which is basically a slightly smaller version of the A73 is cheaper and only lacks the 108MP camera. Same Snapdragon. 778G processor has the headphone jack and a charger in the box.. There are also options from the competition like the Poco F3 or even the recently released Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 powered Poco F4 GT., The Samsung Galaxy A73, just doesnt offer enough to separate it from the A52s and the fact that it dropped the telephoto cameras from the A72 has not helped its case. Dont. Get me wrong, though. The A73 is a solid device. Ive definitely enjoyed using this and Ill be keeping it for longer.. You will be satisfied with your purchase if you dont mind splashing the cash. Youll get more years of software. Support than an older flagship or any of the competition at this price, point. So thats it for the Galaxy A73, be sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications. So you see the comparison with the A53 and possibly how it measures up against the flagship.