I have been using this phone as my daily driver without a pause for over a month, and i have experienced all the ins and outs of this product. So in this video we are going to review it. Look at the good, the bad and the ugly so lets dive in and get started right away and, of course i will drop a link down below to the s22 ultra. If you want to buy it, it is going for as low as 200. If you trade in your existing samsung galaxy smartphone, that deal may be available or might be gone by the time youre watching this video, but anyway lets dive in and talk about. The very first thing that i love about this product, and that has to be it, is something obvious, but it is that display. This thing has a rock solid display. It is the brightest and sharpest display on the market, so whether youre watching a movie, whether youre just browsing through your photos that you took with the phone or no matter what youre doing with this display. It simply looks absolutely stunning. Samsung is the pioneer when it comes to displays and when it comes to their flagship smartphones, they put their latest technology in here. So again, the brightest display on the market very easy to see anything on it, even under direct sunlight. As long as you blow up the brightness to its maximum and of course, as we have said, it is truly sharp and highly color accurate.

On top of that, it has a great set of speakers. We have stereo speakers so when youre watching a movie listening to music, it is just amazing and having that display, and the speakers together as a package gives you one of the best multimedia experiences with this phone, whether youre watching a movie or playing a game. So thats that stunning display great speakers, superb multimedia experience. The next thing that i like about this phone and we are gon na, come to what i dont like. But first i want to cover the things that are top notch and that number two is gon na. Be the powerful camera. Now it is a versatile camera system. You get the three cameras, you know you get the ultra wide wide and the telephoto, but particularly theres, two things that im absolutely loving with this camera. It is a flagship camera. It takes amazing photos in many lighting conditions, but it is almost unmatched when it comes to its powerful zooming capabilities. Last year, the s21 ultra and the year before uh, the note 20 ultra had this powerful zoom. But when you use zoomed in all the way to a hundred times zoom, you lost a lot of quality with this camera on the s22 ultra i can zoom in on a block of text. I can bring it 100x digital zoom closer to me, and i can read that text. It is crystal clear, not sure what they did with the algorithm with the software, but you just get amazing ultra zoom cameras.

This is one of the first samsung cameras. That is truly usable when it comes to 100 times extreme zoom and, of course it is years ahead of other flagship smartphones on the market, such as the iphone 13 pro max now. The next thing that i like is the video quality when youre recording with the main camera at 1080p or 4k at 60 frames per second, and i love the microphone quality of the built in microphones in the phone. So heres just one example: im recording this video with the samsung galaxy s, 22 ultra using the built in microphones, and you can see the sound quality is pretty amazing and usable even professionally. So here im outdoors and you can see that my voice is still pretty good and theres some wind here and the microphones do a great job of reducing that wind noise as im recording now its not too windy, but its a little bit. You might be able to pick it up or not, but you can see that i can use this phone to review a car, for example, that doesnt mean everybodys going to be making review videos with their s22 ultra. But it just goes on to show you that you can use this for some really nice high quality shots, so i can basically, as a youtuber, make a complete review video just with the s22 ultra. That means im getting great video and also great sound quality with the microphone.

So if, as a youtuber im satisfied with that, that means the average daily user is just gon na love this camera. When it comes to video recording uh record, your adventures record your kids, your pets, whatever youre, getting great video quality, stabilized video and also youre getting great microphone quality. So if youre talking as youre, recording everythings going to be crisp and clear and high quality, it really is a step up from last year and the year before. If you actually closely pay attention to the microphones, so love the fact that we have great video and great microphone and, overall, a very versatile camera, with multiple options and extreme options like the crazy zoom and even 8k video recording a great package. The next thing you want to be talking about is the s pen and s pen has been around for a long time, but this is the first time it comes to the s series with a built in slot. So, basically, anybody can experience the power of the s pen, precision handwriting. If youre an artist you can draw on it, you can use the s pen to navigate. You can take notes on the go immediately with many options when it comes to note. Taking the s pen itself is a bluetooth, remote control that can actually control your phone, so you can press the buttons on the actual s pen to control your smartphone. So, for example, you can put your phone on a tripod and take a photo of yourself from a distance using the s pen as a shutter button, or if youre doing a presentation, you can use the s pen to go next or previous on the presentation or You can control your music play pause next previous track, all thats great stuff.

It just brings a whole other dimension of functionality to every single s user. In the past, only people that had a note smartphone were able to experience this. Now everybody can experience it personally. One of the things i like the best is when i take a screenshot or if i want to edit a photo, i can use the s pen and just take precise notes or draw precise shapes on it, no problem, and then i can share that screenshot with Somebody so powerful s, pen the fact that its inside the phone is amazing and the good news is compared to the s21 ultra from last year. The price has dropped a little bit and youre still getting the s pen so thats. Another positive, even though i do think the prices on these phones are getting a little bit too much so thats. Why? If theres a good deal, i always let you guys know its best to buy these phones when theres a great deal and thats another. Just a positive on the samsung, they always are willing to give you a lot of trade in value for your existing phone and some free gifts with the new phone that you buy at a lower price. So use that to your advantage now, one thing that im not that happy about its not too bad, but the design of the s22 ultra from the rear from the front. It just looks fantastic super futuristic, super modernized and from the rear.

It does look very clean. Dont get me wrong, but it feels like they took a step backwards with the design, because the s21 ultra in my opinion, looks a little bit better than the s22 ultra when it comes to the actual design. So maybe they just wanted something different, but they did take a step backwards. It is a little bit of a subjective thing here. I may like something you dont, like you may like something i dont like, but i do believe the s22 ultra, even the note 20. Ultra had a better rear design, something that looks a little bit more expensive than the s 22 ultra, so thats one of the bads, not too bad, but it is a bad now. One more positive i want to mention is the software performance and software features. So we do have a fast and snappy performance, at least on the snapdragon variant. I never had experience with an external version with the s22 ultra. So cannot speak about that, but you can. Let me know down below what you think about that, but the snapdragon version is super fast snappy no lag hyper fast. Now software features extremely rich software experience. This thing has so many features that i can make videos every single day covering the features of this phone or any samsung phone with the one ui overlay. You have things like the secure folder in which you can hide your private files and your private photos.

Videos, data files, whatever you want under a complete lockdown, its built into the phone. It is a feature that i encourage you guys to use the secure folder. It also has the samsung dex functionality, so you can take this phone and project it wirelessly to your high definition, tv in the form of a computer. So not only can it be used as a phone, it can be used as a backup computer, so it transforms itself into a computer. Then projects itself onto your high definition, tv. You can attach a keyboard and a mouse and use it as a desktop computer. Do word processing check your emails whatever you have that option because of the rich software functions, and then you can actually project your actual phone display onto your computer and just control the phone from your computer and that only works with windows pc, but it is doable. So theres a lot of software features and overall fast and snappy performance. All that stuff is fantastic, now theres an ugly side here and thats the battery life. But there is a caveat and ill tell you what that is when you first buy the phone for the first, maybe two weeks three weeks, you may actually experience bad battery life, meaning its gon na run out faster than you expect it to run out. But i noticed that the phone is optimized that way, so it learns your usage patterns and then prolongs the battery based on your usage.

So you may not see great great great battery life youre, still gon na get full day battery life even with a brand new phone, but its not gon na, be like the iphone 13 pro max that almost can last two days so the first couple weeks, you Might see bad battery life relative to other smartphones, but after a couple weeks of use, it learns the way you use the phone and you actually start getting better battery life. So, for example, i just charged my phone this morning when i woke up and right now it is night time and i still have over 50 charge and by the time i go to sleep ill, probably still have 30 percent charge thats for me, thats pretty good, But in the very beginning the battery was at 10 or 5. By the time i was going to sleep, i do use my phone medium to heavy but thats. Basically the things i want to talk about in this video thats. What standouts for me are great, powerful camera, superb zoom, great microphones, great video recording capability, super display and speakers, powerful s, pen capability and pretty good overall design with great software, like i said the price on these things a little bit high. I think so only get it when you are getting the best deal, never pay full price for a smartphone, especially a samsung phone, because they always run sales, but sometimes they dont a week or two.

They might not run a sale thats, not when you want to buy the phone, you want to save money, and then we talked about the initial battery. Life may not satisfy you uh, but its gon na get better in a couple weeks and thats. Basically, my overall impressions in the first couple months – this is this – is a probably the best phone on the market right now. The other contender would be the iphone 13 pro max. This is the other one. In my opinion, this is a little bit better. Its got more features than the iphone 13 pro max, for example, its got the reverse wireless charging, the s pen and all that stuff for similar price. So, in my opinion, this would be the best smartphone on the market right now, if youre looking for for a flagship smartphone, this is one to consider all right.