How are you doing its april tech review uh? This is common 18. So i want us to do unboxing for this common 18. If you havent, uh seen this, it was released in previous months, but you can do unboxing. You see the best features on this so before we do unboxing lets first talk about the packaging, so in the packaging we have here the written common 18. So under this company, which is techno, then to see on its features which are written on the packaging, we have 128 gb, rom, plus 4gb ram yeah its made in china. It comes with a uh android 11.. So lets go ahead. We do unboxing uh. We see the best features for this, so this the packaging comes with sale. This is the seal. So if you are to do unboxing, you have to first check this here, uh for the for the box to know that its original then, once we go ahead, we see that it comes with 48 megapixel chip on triple camera. Then the size is 6.8 screen display. As you can see, the packaging is very big, which shows that the phone inside is very big, so lets go ahead. We first cut this so Music, Music, so Music, good, Music, yeah guys. So this is the phone it comes under the packaging. It has the phone and the the headsets lets check the type of the headsets. These are the new type compared to previous headsets of techno.

These are a bit nice. We shall check the sound quality later, so it has the cable. It comes with a usb type c. As you can see, this is type c yeah and then it comes with a 18 watts charger super charger. So this one is compared to other. This one is too fast charger yeah, so it comes also with uh. This uh plastic cover your phone cover, so lets go ahead. We check the phone, so this is the phone, it has 48 megapixel uh rear camera and the 6.8 screen display and the this one is the the helio g80 extreme performance then and 5000. The battery with supportive over 8 watts fresh charger. Yes, so lets go ahead, so this is the phone. This is the phone before we switch it on lets first check its design. So this is the this is the camera. It has led flash and a 48 megapixel. This is 48 megapixel and the this one is a 2 megapixel with a 2.4 frames, uh sorry uh focal length, 2.4 micro and a 2 megapixel 2.4 for current depth. Yeah then this one is error. 8D. Then, to talk on this design, this one its a glass. It was given a glass backside and this one is like a minion but covered with painting uh yeah, so lets go ahead and switch it on. So as its going on here on the right side, it has the volume buttons and has a fingerprints embedded in the power button.

As you can see, yeah then below it has the speaker and the uh. What we call this one is a type c port. It has the mouse piece here and the 3.5 headphone jack 3.5 headphone jack. Then here on this side it has the sim card slots. So lets go ahead. We check the sim card slots, we see whether it supports uh, two sim cards. So once you check this one, as you can see, it supports two sim cards and the micro sd card. Okay, so lets do the setup as we go ahead. Lets do the setup from here: Music yeah, so guys. This is it uh, and this is the display of common 18. It runs with a android 11 compared to to other previous uh technology. So this is a common 18 with hrs based android, v, 8.0.0 android 8 and the chipset of helio g8. Then the front camera it has a front camera of 16 megapixel and the rear camera megapixel. That makes the camera more standard than the previous uh commons. Then the battery the battery was more enhanced and they improved. If you can see the size, it was increased to 5000 and a screen resolution of 1080 times 2460, which is 2460. Yes, then, if you go ahead, okay, then guys if we go ahead and we check on the storage, this comes with a 128, but you can also increase it by using a sd card, or you can also uh buy the one over 6 gb rom.

This one is 4 gb rom, but you can go ahead and you buy a wonderful six four of 6 gb ram. It also supports a uh rota, which is a 4g network. It has two sim cards, nano sim card and the ideal standby yeah. So then, the camera it records the picture. It records the video at 1080 at 30 frames per second. So if youre someone who wants to videography the camera can assist you as we have seen its move natural yeah so guys that is it thats the only and the unboxing that you can do for this common uh 18. But if you want to, if you want to watch the next video which will be about the review, you can go ahead and subscribe and like the video so that you dont miss the next review of this common 18.