Today. Comparison we have, for you is a redmi 10a versus a redmi 10c. Now lets get into it. Screen type bot device lcd, but theres ips, so its better than the tft in normal entry level device refresh rates both can only do 60 hertz brightness. Both devices are the same pixel density thats. The standard not gon na expect anything better resolution both are fully hd. Only that the redmi 10c is slightly bit bigger screen size for the resolution, because this is a 6.17 inches thats. The reason why, its better than the 6.35 in the redmi 10a protection gorilla glass. What were going to give the better screen to the redmi 10c? Now, for the hardware, the processor, the redmi 10c – is a lot better 35, not 35 or 33 percent better than the 14 in the redmi 10a chipset. This crappy elia, g25 and 10a are the snapdragon 680 in the redmi 10c thats. Better gaming disappoint, no youre not going to game on this device lets say that network bot device 4g out of the box android 11. battery youre gon na get a better performance in the redmi 10c. Both are 5000 milliamp charger. The redmi 10c can do up to 18 watts, but in the box youll receive a 10 watt charger, so im going to be better out there to the redmi 10c. Now for the camera, the redmi 10a only has one rear camera, which is a 13 megapixel, while the redmi 10c has a 50 megapixel.

Also a 2 megapixel depth sensor so were going to give a better camera to the redmi 10c thats, the rear camera video recording. Only fully hd at 30 frames per second selfie camera both are same five megapixel in low light, i wont say: oh its, not good. Video recording only do fully hd 30 frames per second im going to give the better camera to the redmi 10c. Now for the storage memory card both are supported, except for the redmi 10a can only hold 512 gig ufs warping 2.2 thats, pretty awesome in the redmi 10c ram, only 4 gig in the redmi 10c thats. What rightspit know about while the redmi 10a has six gig internal storage? Sport device are 128 gig, so were going to give the better storage to the redmi 10c. Now for the design. The 10c is 4 gram lighter than the redmi 10a thats, pretty good. So 4 gram thats a lot water resistance lets just say they are not ip rated, but they are water. Coated earphone jackpots are supported so no complaint from you. Radio, from our check, the redmi 10c has a radio while the redmi 10a is not available. Nfc. Yes is available in some country. Not all the red redmi 10a is not supported. Fingerprints are located on the back of both of these devices Music and for the bluetooth version. 5.0 were going to give the better design to the redmi 10c.