My name is pratik and welcome back to the channel uh. So in todays video im going to talk about a dji osmo mobile 5, its a mobile gimbal, but wait ive already done a video on that right. That was the unboxing video and in todays video im going to give my opinion about the usage about the features of you know: dji osmo mobile 5 uh. Is it really worth it to spend some money on this mobile gimbal? So basically its going to be a review, video and i have been using this gimbal from few days now and i have been taking uh. You know my b roll shot for some other products with uh with help of this gimbal. So is it really worth it? We will be uh, you know seeing that in todays video so do watch the video till then, if youre planning to buy a mobile gimbal so without wasting your time. Well, just start the video man. So this is the mobile gimbal, as we have already seen uh. My unboxing video, if not, then you will find the link in the description or on the i button. So you can just go and check the you know. Unboxing experience of this gimbal and ive also given some extra information in that video regarding the modes and what all uh basic features it has. So you can watch that video and then you can continue this video as well. So i have been using this gimbal from few days now, as i said earlier.

So what is my uh? You know initial experience with this gimbal. So talking about the looks it is compact, it is uh. Very you know, compact in design. It is very lightweight. It is a foldable design, so you know i didnt face any issue, usually while carrying it with me and as it has a magnetic back so as you can see, it has a magnetic back. So actually this really was very helpful because whenever i used to do shoot or something or even i get a call during a shoot or during using this gimbal, so you know i dont have to do that whole task that you know remove the clamp then take Out the mobile and then use your mobile so initially like i was like just taking it out and i used to use my mobile with back so yeah. This is a very handy thing and see how quickly it attaches to the gimbal and the magnet is strong. So there is no issue, there wont be any problem of you know. Even if your phone is heavy, it will handle it easily about the build quality. The build quality is pretty damn good and it is very stable. I must say it is a hard plastic, but yes, the build is very sturdy. The build is very good, so i didnt face any quality issues till now uh the motors are working fine. I didnt face any issue with the motors. Also, usually i didnt find any you know jerks in the motor as it ha.

It is a three axis gimbal so like this is the first rotation. This is the second rotation and the third one is this one. So each motor was smooth. There was no jacks in the motor, so yes that experience was good and due to the foldable design, i really you know, find it very easy to use coming to its modes. Ive already talked about the modes in my previous video, so i am not going to waste time on that. So well quickly. Go to the review section now like what was the shooting experience? How are the features in the application which application you basically need to use with this gimbal talking about the application we need to use dji memory, you will find it on placer or on the app store as well or even if you dont, find it on play. Store or app store, you can just scan uh the barcode at the back of the box, and you are good to go with the application and connecting this gimbal to the application is also very easy. You just have to turn on your bluetooth and youre good to go so nothing much about the application over there uh. When you start using the application, you will find many things over there. Like you have hyperlapse you have time lapse. You get an option of dyno zoom, so these are basic features in which you can, you know, shoot videos in different types, and i think that is the pretty good thing about the application that you know dont you dont have to do anything you just have to Select the mode – and you just have to press record and everything will be done so the quality of the the shoot quality.

Basically, the video quality which we get from the application is also pretty good uh. It has a 4k support in that 4k, 30 and 4k. 60., so uh all the footages you will be seeing in this video will be. All videos are shot on 4k, except, i guess hyperlapse has 1080p uh. Whenever you choose that mode, so thats it all. Other footages are in 4k uh talking about uh the shoot quality. Now lets lets lets start with the video lets. How lets see how the video quality is so talking about? You know uh, firstly about the sterilization, which is main part of this gimbal stability is good as compared to you know your inbuilt mobile stabilization. I must say i have noticed it very clearly uh during the shooting or during the test, about the stabilization um. I turned off stabilization, which is an image stabilization in the phones, so that some people who are using you know mobiles. They dont have stabilization to get a clear idea about the video, so i just shot on all the videos taken from handle. Shots are no stabilization in the mobile. Basically, so stabilization was off in the mobile and all handheld shots were purely handled. There was no stabilization in that and talking about the stabilization, as you can see in the video why i am, i was shooting with gimbal and i was getting pretty good stabilization over there. You can see. I was walking very normally and the footage the footage is basically not that much shaky and it is very good in quality, so you can achieve great quality stabilization from this gimbal, whereas, as you can see, i am doing an handheld shot.

So there is a kind of there is a bit. You know unstability in the video, so it might make some. You know bad experience while watching the video, so yes handheld shots can never be compared to a gimbal shot. The stabilization is good. Ive also done the running test. Ive, you know, handled run shot as well as ive done the running shot in gimbal as well, so you might be seeing that both on the screens right now. So this is how it went when, with the handheld shot and with the gimbal shot now talking about the tilt and pan movement of this gimbal, and this also, i have done a hand held shot as well as the gimbal shot, and you can see the difference. Uh, even i have tried to you, know, uh hand the shot which ive taken for with my hand, i tried actually tried to stabilize my hand – and i was you know, shooting the videos very slowly. So there wont be any issue. So you can see the difference between the handle shot and the gimbal shot for tilt, and pan movement now lets talk about the other feature of this gimbal. So basically, this gimbal comes with active 4.0 track and, as you can see in the video uh, it is quite simple. You just have to select video option over there and once the video option is on you just have to uh select an area where which you want to track, or you want to just select an object which you want to track.

Basically, and then everything is done. Is by gamer you dont have to do anything, you just have to press record and whenever you move in any direction the gimbal will start following you and, as you can see in the video i was walking uh left and right. So the gimbal was following me very accurately. I was almost in center in each frame. Even i tried running for out of the frame, but even at that uh. You know that particular moment. The gimbal tracked me very quickly. There was no issue and uh. I didnt face any issue where you know the gimbal lost the track. I was always in the frame and i didnt face any issue in active 4.2 track, so that was a very good experience for me at that time. So, even when im alone at shoot, uh when i, when i want to shoot a pan shot, i dont have to depend on someone i can just set my gimbal. I can just track myself and im good to go so active track. 4.0 was very great. Now talking about its other features, as ive told you earlier, it has hyperlapse time lapse and dino zoom. So the following videos you will be seeing uh is all about the hyperlapse time lapse and dyno zoom. So do watch that video. I hope you like that. Hyperlapse short and time lapse as well and as uh you saw how the other dino zoom uh function works.

How the features are. It is very simple: user in diamond zone. You just have to select the person and you have to select the option, move out or move in and youre good to go, so everything is given in the application itself. You, even if you dont, know anything how to shoot the application will guide you accurately and your you can just select the feature or just more you want and you can just start shooting. So i find application very easy to use. There was no problem in the application as well uh. The only thing was extra. I would say that was more different than other applications or other gimbal applications was the story option. I find it very amazing. Basically, because uh you get different types of templates and there are multiple templates in story option and you can select the story as per your requirement and when you stood when you like tap on start uh, it will guide you how to take a shot for how Many seconds each particular shot will be, and you dont have to do anything. You just have to shoot it and if you dont like it, you can take, you can do retake of that particular shot itself at that time. Only so yeah. That was a great option. You just have to shoot a video in parts and at the end, when you click on preview uh, it will edit automatically so you dont have to edit.

Also the ai. The integrated ai in the application will edit the video for you and it will create the whole the video which you have shot in parts. It will create a good quality video at that time and, as you can see, i have created one and i didnt find any issue uh, while shooting in parts also the application guided me so well, and this was a one take shot. I know i dont have to take multiple shots, so now this shot was not great or something the shots were great. It just took me five minutes to do the shooting and the video is already created. I dont have to edit my video i dont have to put music or something you can do it on manually, but that is a good option. If someone wants a quick video, this is a good option. You can select multiple templates from that and you can just use as per your requirements. Thats it thats a that story, option i loved it. Uh ive also uh. I also checked out basically the panorama mode in this one and it was awesome, see uh like youre, seeing on the screen. Now i was uh just selecting the option and the gimbal used to take or the gimbal will take nine photos basically, and it will stitch each and every photo and at the end it will create one single photo and you wont find any stitches in the photo.

Like the photo quality is so good, you wont find that there are nine multiple photos in one single photo. It was very awesome. The panorama shot from this gimbal is great. I must say you uh youre, already seeing on the screen, how the outcome is and how the video quality is how the image quality is uh, but there is basically nothing to complain about this gimbal. For now, the only thing which concerns me is uh. Its price point like uh: it is not a budget friendly, uh gimbal uh, even if it is compact uh, it is uh. You know it has multiple features. It has an extension rod. I forgot to mention uh. It has an extension rod and extension. Rod also can help you in many ways like i have to take some higher shots. Im not able to you know reach at that particular point so, and i dont have to do anything. I just you know, extend the rod and im good to go. So it is also a very handful or a very handy feature, and yes, it is a very good quality gimbal. I would say i am pretty much happy with the gimbal till now i didnt find any issue in the motor. I didnt find any issue in the application. Application was smooth and i was able to achieve a good quality footage from the application and from the gimbal. I love the stabilization and yes, im not doing any handheld shots anymore.

I will be using gimbal only. I have been using gimbal because i already have a small gimbal, which is hohem i steady x, which is not that costly uh. Now talking about the price, i forgot to mention the price in my last video i guess uh. This particular version comes around 14 000 rupees on amazon uh and the same version in gray, color. It comes in sixteen thousand. I dont know why there is so price difference just because of the color change or something. But yes, this particular color, which is sunset white. It will cost you around fourteen thousand on amazon, so links will be in the description. If you want to purchase this gimbal, you can just click on the link in the description and you can buy. I know it is not that budget friendly, but considering what this gimbal offers you i think, 14 000 is a very reasonable price for this one and with the amount of features you come like you get a magnetic clamp with this one. Even if you get a call, you know you dont have to do that all process like to just remove from the camera you just you, can just pull your phone out and youre good to go. So this one is a very handy feature. It has an extension rod. Everything is great. You have different modes, you have lock mode, follow mode everything you can shoot in portrait as well as in landscape.

Application is good. You get plenty of option in the application. So for me, if you are, if you dont, have any problem with that 14 000 budget, i would definitely recommend you to buy this gimbal if you are doing some shootings. If you are, you know, excited for your doing your own stuff, you shoot videos. I think this one is the best option for you. If price is not a big matter for you, so yes uh thats, pretty much it for todays video, its a go from me for this game, but thats for sure and thats it. I hope you liked the video, if you do like the video, then hit that thumbs up and if you have any question regarding this gimbal or anything, you can just write it down. In the comment section, i will try to answer all the questions and thats it. I will see you all in the next one.