So much has been said about this phone already. Some called it the middle child thats not getting as much attention as its flagship ultra sibling. But having used this phone for about a few weeks, the reason why i actually prefer this phone compared to the more expensive s22 ultra is because ive never really been a big fan of the nodes form factor. I dont really dig the sharp angles it doesnt feel. As comfortable in my hands and when i put it in my pocket, the s22 ultra feels like it might cut into the fabric and tear open some holes, as if my pocket doesnt have enough holes already. Yes, its got a more powerful camera layout and that s pen, which wow i did enjoy using on the note 20 plus, but for day to day usage as something i carry a lot with me. The s22 plus just feels nicer and in a lot of ways it doesnt feel like much of a compromise. The screen is fantastic, its very zippy, its a 6.6 inch full hd amoled display, so its got great contrast and sharpness running it up to 120 hertz with a peak brightness of 1750 nits thats extremely bright about 30 brighter than even the iphone 13 pro max. So youre not gon na have a problem even under direct sunlight or if you use your phone right next to a window, its not an ltpo display, which is a pde because thats technology that is supposed to help you save battery by varying the screens frame rate.

But even without ltpo, its got a healthy 4500 milliamp hours of battery. So i was able to get about a full day of use without charging charging can be quick or not, depending on whether you have a 45 watt charger on hand, because it does support 45 watt fast charging. It doesnt come packed with the charger, though so youre gon na have to use whatever you have on hand, or you got ta buy that 45 watt charger separately. The s22 plus is powered by a four nanometer processor, and what i really like about one ui is that its very close to stock, android and samsung has also taken out most of the animations. So even things like fingerprint unlock feels very snappy. You can even unlock your phone without rigging the lock screen, theres very little bloatware, also and apps open almost instantly. So to me, one ui is now the definitive android experience. Some have even said that its actually better than googles very own stock android experience on the google pixel 6. for watching videos in landscape. Its got two speakers, one on the bottom and one on top and theyre very loud whats different about this video. Compared to my previous microphone tests is that this time, im gon na test them in a public setting doesnt have any bass? Yes, but somehow its also managed to make vocals sound, full and enjoyable. Its also got decent clarity and spread. So the sound staging feels very open and, as far as i know, there is one thing that nobody talks about and that is its internal audio latency.

The s22 plus has one of the lowest latencies that ive ever seen in a phone even lower than last years. S21, ultra, even with real time content like gaming, audio from the speaker, seems to sync perfectly with whatever is on the screen Applause. This is important because, if youre using wireless earbuds, that itself is gon na add latency to your device because of the way bluetooth works and that in turn, is going to increase the lag between the audio from your earbuds and the screen. So if we can minimize the latency of the phone itself, youre gon na get less lag with wireless earbuds or headphones period, and so far to my knowledge, the s32 plus is one of the best phones for that with an internal latency of only up to 62. Milliseconds Music, of course, when were talking about phones, camera quality comes up a lot on the back of the s32 plus weve got a 15 megapixel wide angle, a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 10 megapixel telephoto on the front lives a 10 megapixel selfie camera cutout. Now i might do another video going really in depth into the camera quality because ive shot a whole bunch of photos and videos with the s22 plus so make sure youre subscribed. If you want to see that, but suffice to say that in many ways i love the photos and videos coming out of these lenses. Samsung has made great strides with the processing that goes into making photos taken.

With these cameras, looking sharp detailed and less grainy ive shot pictures with all the lenses from ultrawide all the way to 10 times telephoto and something ive noticed is that even in the default mode, you can see that theres a lot of anti aliasing and smoothing applied To the pictures, which becomes all the more obvious, the closer you zoom in even at 10 times telephoto, this sign over here appears to be touched up a lot. Some people may like that, because the photos look cleaner. Others may feel that, because of this level of processing, it now looks less natural. I actually do like it, because i do prefer a clean image, and this is also something that youll see a lot more of when shooting in night mode. The algorithm measures together a bunch of images to create a composite picture. Then it applies further smoothing so that pictures shot in low light looks much cleaner and better exposed in terms of the color profile in typical samsung fashion. Youre gon na get a bit more saturation than what youre actually seeing with your own eyes, but its not off by a whole lot when speaking of white balance and color temperature. Its very close to the actual thing, which is what i describe as not too cool. Not too hot, just nice when shooting selfies in portrait mode, i like how this phone handles scene brightness, even when im under a shade. I look very well lit and detailed while the background doesnt look overexposed, retaining all the details and color of the apartment blocks behind me.

Of course you can also control how much background blur you want to have in your picture. Do you want your background to look more creamy to get that bokeh effect, or do you want more detail in the background its entirely up to you, you can even adjust that, after taking the picture, which is a feature thats becoming quite common now when shooting videos There still is a lot of sharpening going on, as is typical with phone cameras, but the s22 plus handles stabilization like a champ, even without the super steady feature, something that only works when shooting 1080p 60 video. This footage shot when im walking looks pretty smooth its only when shooting 8k 30 video does stabilization become a lot weaker, but if youre shooting at 4k or 1080p youll be sitting very pretty auto framing now. This is a feature which is kind of like apples. Center stage and i find that its a hit and miss as you can see in this video, its quite sluggish. So if the subject moves too fast, it cant react on time its only when theres not much movement across the frame that auto framing works. Of course. Well be looking out for any software updates that may improve this feature, but for now it feels have baked so thats the camera array. In a nutshell, some things work very well, some things dont, but as a complete package, the s22 plus is one of the best phones.

Samsung has ever made its true that in such a crowded landscape, it doesnt feel very special because samsung didnt take any big chances with it.