S21. Im sure it looks a wee bit more premium, but many of the features will give you a serious sense of deja vu, even though the camera hardware has been overhauled and samsung has tweaked quite a few bits here and there. So the question is: is the galaxy s22 worthy of a place in your pocket purse pants wherever you decide to stash it? Well, ive had my sim in there for a full week now using it as my full time smartphone so heres my in depth, samsung, galaxy s22 review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and hit that notifications bell cheers now. One of the few aspects of last years s21 that im really glad carried over to this years model is that dinky design at a nats pube over six inches. The galaxy s22 is comfortable to stash in your jeans all day, long and easy enough to use one handed, especially as theres actually a one handed mode, and i found i had absolutely no problems when it came to usability. Even when i was lounging back in bed, because that screen doesnt cover on the edges of the smartphone, that means that your palm flesh doesnt cause merry havoc. Whenever youre clutching the phone really tight and while yeah the s22 does lack any kind of real flair. I do kind of like that simple design, and i am a fan of how that dinky, camera chassis now blends in with the rest of the back the front and back ends of the s22 are protected by gorilla glass invictus with samsungs armor, aluminium frame sandwiched in Between i do get a little bit worried wherever gorilla, glass, victus is concerned, because, while it is more shadow resistant than previous versions of gorilla glass, i found that it also scratches up rather easily just with everyday wear and tear and panic levels were at maximum.

With the s22, as well as theres, no pre installed screen protector on there, but thankfully touchwood so far, no scuffs or little nicks, anywhere to speak of and the only way youre gon na put a dent in that edge in there is, if you actually drop the Galaxy s22 onto a hard floor from quite a height as well. I should know because ive actually done that youve also got full ip68 water and dust resistance here as well. So no worries if you want to rock at the shower the bathtub jacuzzi, whatever you want to do and right now, samsung is offering the s22 in a small selection of colors got ta say my favorite models are that shiny white effort and this here, moody green Version two, i think of the two i am leaning towards this lovely green effort, as that dark finish, does hide grubby, prince and grime rather effectively, and it just looks rather fetching i cant see. I really have much complaints when it comes to the software running on the s22, the latest freshest android 12, of course, with samsungs one ui, 4.1 launcher squatting. On top of it and yeah. I can see its been a flawless experience. Ive seen a few weird little quirks and bugs here occasionally, i would type in a notification and absolutely bugger all words happen. A couple of apps ive just said bollocks to i cant, be bothered anymore and shut down in the middle of me using them.

But you know a few little moments of micro. Frustration aside, this thing has been well behaved, however. I got ta say the galaxy s. 22S haptics are weak source, probably a consequence of that shrunken stature im not even kidding theres more power in a cockroachs pelvic thrust than there is in this weedy little motor. Still one ui serves up pretty much all the features youd hoped for in a flagship phone, including plenty of opportunities for customization a fair few time. Saving tools like bixby routines and the usual security smarts, add an extra protection on top of android and that ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is a winner as usual, its not bothered one little bit at all. If your thumb is sopping wet, although were gon na say, the face unlock is a bit all over the place here on the s22. Sometimes this phone acts, like my so called mates when i bump into them out on the street, just pretending its got. No idea who the hell i am but kudos to samsung, though, for offering four four os updates over time with the galaxy s22, so thats got you supported all the way up to android 16 and youve got even longer on the security update as well, but anywho. If youd like to know more about the various one, ui features here on the s22, well definitely check out my video all about one ui4. It is rather spiffin by jove theres a bit of a shame, though, that, like most of the premium expensive flagship smartphones here on the galaxy s, 22 theres, no expandable storage, nor micro, sd memory card support at all and thats, especially annoying.

If, like me, youve got the basic 128 gig model of the s22, because already after just a week of use, im close to filling two thirds of that internal storage, not helped by the fact that the system files are friggin massive and i havent even downloaded any Movies or shows to watch on that slick 6.1 inch, dynamic, amoled display when im out and about that screen, is very similar to the amoled panel found on the older s21, except now its a wee bit brighter easily bright enough to comfortably see stuff while youre wearing Shades on a sunshiny day and it could also drop to a lower refresh rate now to save on juice, although, as we will discover later in this review, that doesnt really seem to have much impact on the galaxy s22 staying power, no mourning or griping about the Picture quality: here, though, the full hd plus resolution of this compact screen means fine detail packed into every frame and, as usual, you can expect vibrant visuals that properly punch you right in the chops, samsungs new vision. Booster feature is on board and this apparently tweaks the screen, color and contrast to match environmental light, so darker images are easier to see. Personally, i cant say i noticed much difference at all over the s21, but even when i was kicking back with some moody marvel shenanigans in a brightly lit room. I wasnt scratching my head over what was actually happening on screen contrast is absolutely beautiful.

The viewing angles are perfect, as youd expect from an oled display as well so top notch stuff, and i have heard some people complaining that the samsung galaxy s22 display is too small to comfortably enjoy a movie or a show on. All i can say is that my eyes are – and i had absolutely no issues – kicking back for a couple of hours watching a film on this thing. Try streaming an entire movie on a bloody iphone se, and then you can complain about size. Alright, those stereo speakers are crazy loud on top volume, although the sound quality isnt too clean once you do hit those highs, i did enjoy streaming music to my headphones and true wireless buds using bluetooth 5.2. However, with full codec support for zero latency and the best possible audio experience now, the galaxy s22 is powered by samsungs own fresh, new four nanometer exynus 2200 chipset, or at least it is here in the uk and certain other regions, and over the past week, the Performance has been absolutely fine, apps seem to stay open for absolutely ages in the background, and even with a couple dozen running at once, its really rare to see any kind of juddes or jitters. This said, the top end of the s22 does get a bit toasty at times, for example, when downloading files and streaming music simultaneously, and also, if you are gaming, for a good long while on something like gentian impact, you can expect this phone to properly warm up.

Your fingers, thankfully i didnt notice any throttling, even with the graphics settings maxed out and while the s22 isnt as capable as many snapdragon agen1 rivals. It still packs enough grunt to see you through whatever you need. That screen may be quite compact by 2022 standards, but its still sizable and sharp enough to give you a clear view of the action when you are gaming online with effectively zero touch lag, at least none that i noticed anyway. Of course, samsungs dedicated gamer tools, arent as finely crafted or as easy to use as those found on many other phones and also sami, has promised big things from its x clips gpu, which is integrated into that exynos chipset, including full ray tracing support for mobile games. In the future, but how many games actually take advantage of this technology still remains to be seen. No complaints on the connectivity side, though you got full wi, fi 6 support on 5g naturally, and i had absolutely zero issues whether i was connecting to wi fi networks or 5g mobile networks. Over the past week, however, the galaxy s 22 suffers from one crippling weakness. As bad as a dodgely designed vent on a death star and somewhat annoyingly its the exact same reason, that meant i couldnt recommend last years, galaxy s21 flagship smartphone you see packed inside of the s22s compact frame is a very small, 3700 milliamp hour capacity cell. So once again, its been non stop battery wars.

Here on the s22, every single day of this past week, ive been using this as my full time phone its been dead by about 9 10 p.m. In the evening, its never lasted a full day on a single charge and its not even like ive, been playing gentian impact non stop on this thing even days where ive done absolutely no gaming whatsoever. Only done you know a little bit of camera action a little bit of video streaming. It still generally dies before im all tucked up with teddy thats around four to five hours of screen on time and yes, a lot of compact smartphones, unfortunately, do suffer from the same battery life wars. But you know, if you do want a compact handset that can last you a full day easily, then definitely check out something like the xiaomi 12, which easily makes it through a full day, even with plenty of hands on action and, as usual, the charging speeds arent. Anything to write home about here on the s22 youve got 25 watt wide charging 15 watt wireless charging, so pretty poultry compared with a lot of big chinese rivals, certainly which tend to offer more, like sort of 66 80 100 watt charging these days. Now, if that hasnt completely put you off youre still intrigued by the s22, well lets check out that main camera tech, which is now a fresh 50 megapixel sensor that camera hardware may be different here on the s22 now versus the older s21.

But not much has really changed up in terms of the actual photo and video quality for your photos. Yeah. The s22 does still occasionally boost those colors to make a scene look more appealing, but not as bad as some samsung blows of the past. This phone is fantastic when it comes to capturing action, shots of kids, cats and other mobile subjects. The shutter speed is generally fast enough to tap and snap lots of picks in quick succession unless youre snapping away in low light. That is, in which case youd be waiting a good couple of seconds for each image to be captured and processed still. The galaxy s22 generally cops well with strong light and contrast. I only really saw any real saturation when i was practically shooting into the sun and when you move indoors or to darker areas, the s22 still copes well capturing enough finer detail. So your photo will look good when you chuck it up onto a tv or monitor. Tin is good in low light, as the pixel 6 series, smartphones or the oppo find x5 series as well, but itll do the job. The primary camera sensor is once again joined by a 12 meg ultra wide angle lens, which does as well as expected, proven up to the task of snapping, more dramatic results and while the 10 meg telephoto shooter with a three times optical zoom isnt, a patch on The ultras space zoom shenanigans its still very handy for getting closer to your subject without disturbing them.

But of course, this wouldnt be a samsung smartphone without like a gajillion different bonus, camera modes, that portrait mode is as impressive as always allowing you to adjust the severity of the bucket after you take the shot, although the edge detection does occasionally get a bit janky. My personal favorite, however, is still that single take mode, which is great when your kids or pets are up to something. This not only captures a short video clip, but it also serves up a variety of filtered picks and comedically bizarre gift style efforts that are highly shareable standard. Video can be captured at up to 8k resolution, which is a hit and miss affair. I prefer keeping the s22 at ultra hd level, with a choice of 30 or 60 frames per second filming picture. Quality is really great, even with lots of motion in the shot and once again, the visuals arent, too troubled by tricky conditions like high contrast, scenes audio is clearly captured from all directions and even when things were a bit breezy that sound wasnt distorted much at all. Overall top stuff, although the oppo find x5 still has a beat in low light and last up, the s22 serves up another 10 meg selfie cam, which may have a low megapixel count compared with many rivals. But i was happy enough with the results. Processing times are again long in low light, but you dont end up with much grain and theres enough room to fit in plenty of heads when needed and yeah.

You could shoot up to 4k resolution video using that front facing selfie camera as well. The uh video quality doesnt quite look as good in 4k, as does from that rear camera, but its certainly possible for just a simple bit of vlog action or whatever, and the audio pickups pretty good. Even outdoors the wind distortion isnt too bad at all. So all right, theres, my full final, frank review of samsungs, fresh galaxy, s22 flagship smartphone and i got ta say it does feel like a serious case of deja vu, not just because its an incremental upgrade over the s21, but also because that lackluster battery life makes The s22 about as appealing as satans, armpit, okay, so thats, probably a little bit harsh on the galaxy s22, its a perfectly fine flagship smartphone. I did enjoy using it this past week when it wasnt dying on its arse. I got ta say, though i do prefer the xiaomi 12. yeah xiaomi doesnt offer the same level of software support as samsung or the same great range of security features, but its just as delightfully dinky and the xiaomi 12 also boasts flawless performance and much better battery Life so anyhow thats my review. What about you guys have youve been using the s22 as your full time? Smartphone itd be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below, especially if youre, using that snapdragon model which you get over in the us uh versus this exynos model.

Ive heard the snapdragon model is a bit better when it comes to the battery life, so that would be great here. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest second, have yourselves a bloody lovely rest of the week.