So far, the design is nearly identical to the s22 plus just in a smaller body. At 6.1 inches its not quite as small as the iphone 13 mini, but it is one of the smallest high end phones. You can get right now. If i had gone back and said that same sentence, ten or even five years ago, you would have all thought. I was completely nuts, but here we are in a time where 6.1 inch phones are actually kind of small, comparatively ill. Tell you what, though it is nice and comfy in the hands, theyve rounded the corners and flattened the frame a little this year and the result is something that both feels premium and isnt unwieldy, theres, a gorilla glass victus plus back, and this matte black color looks Excellent, it doesnt pick up many fingerprints at all. I realize this statement is entirely opinion based, but i think this is the closest samsung has gotten to like a solid 10 out of 10 in the looks department. Everything on both this phone and the s22 plus is very well refined, theyve struggled with symmetricality in the past, especially on the front where the bezels are concerned, but this year the s22 has these very thin, symmetrical bezels all the way around this flat display and its Really easy on the eyes, the only blemish on an otherwise perfect front design, its just a little teeny tiny hole punch at the top for the front facing camera.

They havent fully made the move to the under display camera tech yet and im glad that they havent, because that technology still isnt completely ready for prime time. In my opinion, ive had a few phones with that kind of camera and it always turns out to be a muddy blurry mess compared to the hole, punch cameras that dont have to shoot through a display layer to actually take those photos. It does have an under display fingerprint reader, though, and ive got no complaints. The days where under display readers were slow are mostly gone at this point, except for pixel six. The regular s22 actually has a slight advantage over the s22 plus in the display department. Specifically when it comes to sharpness now they share the exact same size resolution 2340×1080, but since the panel on the regular s22 is smaller at 6.1 inches that pixel per inch count is a little bit higher, leading to a marginally more sharp screen. Overall, it wouldnt be enough to sway you to choose one phone over the other, but hey small phones should take whatever wins that they can. The s22 does fall a little behind the other two phones in peak brightness. This one gets up to, i think 1300 nits peak, whereas the s22 plus hits 1750 but again youd be very hard pressed to notice a huge difference. The s22 definitely still gets plenty bright for anything. Youd need it for its a very good screen in general theres.

A reason samsung is one of the top display manufacturers in the world. Theyre good at it. Just above that hole punch, is a teeny, tiny slot for the earpiece speaker, which pairs with the bottom firing. One for stereo sound theyre, not bad theyre, a little on the tinny side, so theyre usable in a pinch, but dont expect room filling balanced, audio or anything. The cameras on this phone are the same ones that youd find on the bigger s22 plus 50 megapixel standard, wide angle, camera 10, megapixel, 3x telephoto and a 12 megapixel ultra wide. Its pretty standard affairs for a samsung flagship photos are decently sharp and contrasty, and they look very vibrant on this oled panel, like i mentioned in my s22 plus video, the hdr does tend to be a little over aggressive at times with the rear facing cameras and Its a look that im not crazy about, but overall i think the s22 has a solid camera system, its nothing to brag about, but its reliable and does a good job. The front facing camera is a little bit disappointing at times, though, sharpness is fine, but if the rear cameras tuning is over aggressive with hdr, the front facing camera is not aggressive enough, which leads to blown out skies every now and again. Alright now lets talk about the elephant in the room. My version of the s22 has the snapdragon, 8 gen, 1 and performance has been solid overall, but ive heard some somewhat disappointing things about the exynos 2200 that some regions are forced into on the snapdragon side.

Everything is a okay. On my end, it feels as fast as a modern flagship should and ive had no real issues other than the fact that it gets a little bit hot when youre gaming for a while. But from what ive read online, the exynos chip falls behind. Admittedly, there are some conflicting reports here. Some say the exynos version actually gets better performance and better battery life than the snapdragon one and others think its just a massive lag and terrible battery life. I cant speak to any of it because i cant get my hands on an exynos version to test here in canada, but either way, if youre in a region that gets the exynos chip, maybe do some reading online to make a more informed decision. Speaking of battery life, the baby s22 has a 3700 milliamp hour battery thats pretty small these days and it kind of shows from time to time, ive gotten a maximum of about five hours of screen on time with the s22 just using my phone, normally its fine For my needs personally, but i can see how someone else might find that a little bit disappointing as usual with samsung phones, you need to wait at least like five or six days for the phone to learn how you use it so that it can then take That information that its learned and optimize its battery for you, if you find your battery life to be kind of bad for the first few days, just give it a few more and it should improve the s22 caps out at 25.

Watts of charging speed, which is solid, given the size of the battery, its not very big, so it doesnt need a crazy high charging speed to actually charge it up fast enough. You will have to buy a usbc charger, though, if you dont have one, because samsung is continuing, that trend of only putting a cable in the boxes. As far as what its like to live with, i like it a lot its the right size for casual phone use. The performance is good, it looks great photos are decent overall and ive got no major complaints, oh, except for the one thing that i find really annoying on a lot of new phones. Lately, the vibration motors. So the haptic feedback in this phone does feel nice, its not rattly or loud or anything, but its also, not very strong. Ive missed several phone calls when my phone was on vibrate and it was in my pocket because i just didnt feel the vibration and thats not a good thing, but other than that. The s22 is a great phone. In my opinion, msrp has it sitting at around 800 bucks us, but, as is common for a lot of samsung phones, you should be able to find a great deal at a carrier or even unlocked at this point.