2 second generation special edition came out in 2020.. It has the body of the old iPhone 8 from 2017, but with some updated specs, Since apple recently dropped the iPhone SE 3 as a replacement for this one, its no longer available for grabs new from Apple, but that also means it got a significant price. Drop.. Now you can get it Renewed from Amazon for just 240, which is, in my opinion, a steal and thats a big difference compared to the original price of ‘9.. So is it still good today, in 2022, My name is Pedja. By the way, I do tech reviews and stuff., So let me know in the comments below if theres a particular smartphone. You would like me to talk about in the future., But for now lets start off with some basic specs. iPhone. Se 2020 has a 4.7 inch LCD display its powered by the A13 Bionic chip. It comes in three different storage options: 64 128 and 256 gigabytes. Single 12MP camera on the back 1800mAh battery IP67 water and dust resistance up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Stereo speakers, great haptics, as usual and above everything else home button and Touch ID.. That leads me to design.. Like I mentioned in the beginning, it has the body of the old iPhone 8 from 2017, with some updated stuff, but the body itself is basically exactly the same.. The only visible difference between the two is the color. Kind of .

.., Its actually still the same color.. With these two, for example, just a different shade of black.. Everything else is identical. Button placement that isolated mute switch, even the SIM tray. Everything is exactly where it was on the iPhone 8.. So if you really like that old school design with these thick bezels and that home button, then this one is a no brainer., Basically for anyone that has an iPhone 6, 6s, 7 or an 8, and you still want to keep that compact design with the home Button and Touch ID – this is a great choice. Now for me personally, it does feel a bit outdated in 2022 and hopefully, the SE 4 next years model will have the body of something like an iPhone 11. Maybe a XR, maybe even one of the minis, since those are going to be discontinued probably this year. So it would be amazing if we could see the iPhone SE 4 with the body of something like an iPhone 12 Mini., But hey thats, just my opinion.. Maybe you really like the old school design with the home button and thats what you came here for, in which case this one is great., And I can definitely appreciate having Touch ID, especially in the past couple of years, with the masks and everything. So it is a good option to have currently. When it comes to the display its a 4.7 inch LCD display with 625 nits of brightness resolution of 750×1334 and a pixel density of around 326ppi.

. Now this display … Definitely not one of the best out there. But Im guessing. You knew that coming into this video., It is a smaller screen, its not OLED, it doesnt have those deep blacks and it doesnt have a really high resolution, but on the other hand, for an LCD display. This one is pretty good.. You really cant compare it to something like an iPhone 13, but for what it is for what its expected to do. It does a great job. Colors are really nice and accurate, and even though its technically not HD, it definitely looks pretty sharp to me.. Since its, not that big, you cant really see the lack of pixels on it and its still pretty sharp.. It has a decent level of brightness now outside in direct sunlight. You may run into an issue here and there, but in most situations its a pretty decent display.. The display is one of the areas they had to bring down a bit and its basically the same screen from the iPhone 8.. Now, when it comes to performance, thats, a different story., A13 Bionic chip is still top notch. Its the same chip. You can find in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max and in 2022, its still really good., Its absolutely smooth theres, no lag, no stuttering whatsoever. It handles everything you throw at it really well and, like I mentioned in my 11 Pro review, this chip is actually in the new 2021 iPad.

, Not the Mini or the Pro just the regular iPad. So you know its still strong enough if Apple decided to put it in a new device that came out just last year.. So this one is still pretty fast and pretty reliable and, in my opinion, its going to stay like that for the next couple of years.. So when it comes to performance, this phone is no joke. Same story on the software side of things.. It runs iOS 15, just like any other iPhone does and its gon na be supported for at least three or four more years, if not more., So theres. Nothing. Much to say about that youre still gon na be covered and Apple covers their devices for longer and longer each year. So this one is going to be good for the foreseeable future. If the iPhone 6s from 20 …, I dont, know … 14 or something like that still has the latest version of iOS. You can bet that this one still has a couple of years left in it. All right, cameras., Like I said, a single 12MP f1.8 wide lens on the back records 4k video up to 60fps 1080p video up to 240fps and on the front you got a 7MP F2.2, camera that can record 1080p 30. Lets just get the front facing camera out of the way first. Its fine …. It takes selfies. If you point it at your face, its gon na take a selfie, and your face is gon na show up in the photo.

Thats, basically it. Its, not amazing, but its also not bad.. Moving on to the main one. When it comes to the main camera. Even though its the same old sensor from the iPhone 8, like everything else on this phone, is since it does have that updated chip, this one can punch out way better photos because of technology and algorithms and computational photography, and all that stuff., Basically, its a good, Reliable camera. Again not top of the line you dont get the ultrawide or the telephoto lens with this one, but still, if you give it enough light, its gon na do a great job.. It doesnt support night mode, unfortunately, but you do get portrait mode and still great dynamic range. Great colors, pretty sharp its like a basic iPhone camera with a couple of less features, but still it does a great job most of the times., Its still reliable, and what I like about the iPhones cameras is that you dont have to tinker too much with them. You just point and shoot and nine out of ten times the results are great without too much effort on your end.. So if you want to use it as your family camera, you want to use it on. You know taking vacations and just snapping some casual photos with your friends and family its going to do a great job. Now in the video department it actually holds up pretty well. Again no night mode and in pretty dark situations it may struggle a bit because it Is a smaller sensor than on the newer iPhones.

But, like I said, if you give it enough light its going to do an amazing job. Again dynamic range colors …. So if the 13 Pro is a 1010, this one is like a 7.9.. It doesnt have all the features of the latest flagships, but it still does a good job in most situations and you will be satisfied with results. Overall., Okay, so i had to come to this at some point. The battery. Now Im, really not a power user. I dont game a lot and all that stuff, so I might not be like the best judge of battery, but this one is okay. I guess. Definitely not great, but it does get me through the day. Now, if youre gaming, if youre using GPS a lot or if youre, using your camera a lot … Like I said to me, it gets me through the day and thats all Im asking for On a phone., Basically, what I use my phone for is social media and texting and emails and stuff like that, and for that use case, this battery is just fine., But if youre like I said, a heavy gamer, you use GPS a lot. You use your camera throughout the whole day. You might run into some issues with it. So definitely take the battery into consideration, depending on how much you use your phone.. It does support 18W fast charging, which will give you around 50 in 30 minutes or so and 7.

5W wireless charging.. So do I recommend you buying this phone? I dont know …, It may be. The perfect phone for you. Depends on what youre using it for.. If you put your phone through a lot of demanding stuff, then this one may not be for you mostly because of the battery capacity like I said, performance is definitely top notch, but battery is subpar in some situations.. So if youre, a real power user, you might want to skip this one. If youre looking for a compact device with better battery life, maybe go with something like a 13 Mini. But if youre someone that really appreciates this old school design with Touch ID – and you just want to upgrade because your old phone is starting to slow down and maybe lagging your battery – is completely useless after years of usage and stuff like that, and you just want Something thats familiar: you dont really want to get used to gestures, and you dont need a huge screen. This phone is a great choice. So, like I said it really depends on you. Its not the best out there, but its really fast, its reliable. It has a really nice camera and its small compact and has Touch ID., So if thats, something that youre looking for on a phone for 240, its definitely a steal in my opinion. Ill leave some Amazon links in the description. If you want to pick one up for yourself and help support the channel along the way.