Shall we today im going to discuss with you whats in the box, the features the build, but first lets look at some test footage that we shot roll the clip Music, Music whats in the box. First, you have your gimbal folded up all nicely and compact. You have your tripod, you have a magnetic phone holder, it also comes with a case, a wrist strap, a charging, cable, thats, usbc and also a thin phone accessory and some pamphlets Music. The build of this beautiful beast theres, two different colors, this ones called athens gray. It also comes in another color, thats kind of like a pinkish white called sunset white, its very compact. Let me show you, so you can just take that off and when you fold it down its pretty much the same size as the tripod that it comes in, which is really crazy and then heres the magnetic phone holder. This is something that also came with the om4 and lets. Listen to that snap, its sturdy. I have a pixel 6 pro, which is really big, and i am not worried about this thing falling off of it. Not only is the build really nice, but i really like the ergonomics on this dji does make some pretty good gimbals theyve thought of everything. Theres, like a little crevice here for your index, finger to hold it really nicely, and i feel like all the weight goes into this section and then, if you need to like push the trigger here, you can get to it really really easily.

Let me explain some of the button features here. The power button is here its also the m button. So when youre in the dji memo app, which well get to a little bit later, this will switch between video and photo mode. You can also trigger the record button here with the shutter button or also take pictures. This button is cool, so if you record youtubes, for instance, double tap and you could get into a 16 by nine ratio, you want to record some tick, tocks or ig reels vertical mode, and you dont have to remove or move anything or even touch your phone. So the trigger here itll re center, the gimbal, if you hold it, itll, be in lock mode. So if you turn your hand, it wont move and then, if you triple tap itll get into sport mode and then this little dial here will zoom in and out for you and you have the joystick to move it up and down left and right. You could also turn it in burden mode to get some really low angle shots and then, lastly, something the om4 did not have – is this extension rod. I had a lot of fun with this. I was getting some really cool low angles, which was nice because i didnt have to like bend over too far. I also got some cool shots like through the trees and like some like fake drone. Shots is what i called it.

Some jib shots all with this. Little gimbal and there you have it for the build and the buttons dji memo app. You can download it by scanning the qr code on the box or just searching it up here. We are in the system, make sure youre connected via bluetooth and up top, you hit the camera button and you will access all the fun features and theres a plethora of features. I think the first most interesting one is a feature called shot guides and you can see various scenes from park to beach to city, so it shows you example shots that they already took and you just implement and create your own version of this itll show you How to hold the gimbal, how to angle it and all you do is push record, and then you can collect a couple of these shots and itll create a sequence for you, itll edit it for you, itll put music on for you, and you could also change Different editing, templates and aesthetics and export it and its already done conveniently theres one called picnic. So i recorded my own version of my picnic, but i also recorded a shot guys version two which ill play right now: Music, Music, other features are included, are dino zoom. So its kind of like a dolly zoom, i also played with panos they have this cool feature called clone me pano, which will take three different images of you and stitch it together.

So it looks like theres three of you in the one image, without any photoshop needed heres, just the regular panel, which is great if you want to get this like ultra wide lens. Look so for gestures, its great, if youre, shooting by yourself or youre, a little far away from your phone, and you want to trigger the shutter, and you can record yourself from far away either with a high five or a peace sign, whichever one you choose. Another feature on here, which is pretty interesting, is this like beauty filter if you want to play with those theres, also an ai editor. If you go to home screen over here, youll see ai editor here, and you can select your clips itll, also edit it for you kind of like how shotguides does it too theres other features on the dji memo app as well. Like time lapse, you can also do hyperlapse lots to play with there. For sure. Not only is the hardware with dji gimbal is pretty cool, but also the software is on point as well. So who is this gimbal for? Obviously, the go to would be travelers. This is really easy to pack up in your backpack, its great for people who are mobile, shooters, who dont have a camera, its also great for people who are just starting out on mobile, photography or videography, and they want to up their production value with a little Bit of camera movement, or they dont, want to carry like extra tripods and a gimbal and a selfie stick.

This is an all in one situation and what do i like most about it? I love the gestures and the active track on the dji memo app. I also love this extension rod because when i was shooting my picnic sequence, i was getting really cool like drone shots, some jib shots. I got some like really low angles because you could flip it upside down like so. I had a lot of fun shooting through stuff, with some foreground and going in and out because of this extension rod. I also turned on active track with certain things like brians hand and his watch when he was walking up to the picnic it was holding on to that position really really well, so you dont have to use active track just for peoples faces, you can use them For objects and keeping them in frame also – and lastly, i love this magnetic phone holder, because i can take it off really easily and i just love this snap sound its just so fun there you have it its a dji om5.