So when realme sent over their new gt2, i thought how can this be any better? Well, today, ive got the phone with me and, having spent over a week with it, i only have two words for this phone underrated legend. But before i tell you why i gave this phone. This name dont forget to hit that like button and do subscribe to the editorg channel as well. Music, like the previous gt realme, has made the gt2 a real head turner and in this paperwhite variant it looks quite unique. It does share its design with the gt2 pro, including the signature of its designer naoto fukasawa, who you might remember from our gt master edition review as well anyway. This textured finish on the back isnt. All just looks it feels almost like paper. Hence the paper white name for the variant it isnt actual paper. Of course, its biopolymer thats been derived from renewable sources like paper pulp and claims to reduce carbon emissions during manufacturing. That, i think, is a better way of claiming to save the environment. Then lets say not including a charging adapter in the box, but back to the phone for now, which is fairly lightweight, considering its hardware at 194.5 grams for this particular variant, its also decently slim at 8.6 millimeters and feels really nice to hold in the hand. Thanks to the textured back, i will say this that, even though this white colored phone did not seem to pick up a whole lot of dirt and dust during my usage, i dont know how well itll hold up in the long run.

So if you want to protect it, you can use the high quality phone case that real me includes in the box. In terms of display, the gt2 has been upgraded with a 6.6 inch samsung e4 amoled panel. Its got an fhd plus resolution with brilliant colors, good viewing angles and a super smooth, 120hz high refresh rate. It honestly offers a great experience whether youre watching content on otd platforms or just scrolling apps endlessly. This display is an absolute joy to use. There is widevine l1 certification for netflix, but hdr is limited to apps like youtube and amazon. Prime video. The screen is completely flat, which i like, but the bezels arent as skinny as the gt2 pro with a slightly more pronounced chin. One handed operation is just about manageable, but you will still have to shuffle your hand to reach higher parts of the screen. Music. Now cameras have always been a bit of a weaker point on drill me phones, but the brand has made some strides in that area and it really shows with the real me gt2, for instance, it sports a 50 megapixel sony, imx 766 primary sensor for high quality Images and better colors than usual and also features optical image stabilization. The ultra wide lens remains the same as the previous model, though, with a 119 degree field of view and an 8 megapixel sensor. And, of course, no real me smartphone would be complete without that tanya mirchi 2 megapixel macro sensor, which kind of looks out of place on a phone thats, otherwise so capable.

Unsurprisingly, the main 50 megapixel sensor is the highlight here and takes good pictures in well lit outdoor scenarios and when youre in mixed lighting conditions, the hdr works pretty well too. Colors are sharp and punchy enough across the range, but not over saturated the sky. In some images did not look extremely accurate, but overall image processing is a big step up from the realme gt. The 8 megapixel ultrawide performs, as expected, offering a wide field of view and colors that arent too far off from the main sensor, which is appreciated. However, due to its significantly lower resolution, there is a visible lack of detail, its a similar story with the 2 megapixel macro, which mostly offered inaccurate, colors and pictures that werent, always the sharpest honestly. The main sensor packs enough pixels to use at 2x to get close up to objects and id suggest using that, instead, in terms of low light performance, the realme gt2 gave me good results. As long as i turned on the dedicated night mode, it still did a decent job without it, but turning it on just made things a bit sharper and better exposed light sources in the frame. I will admit, though, that the camera had a habit of picking up lens flare in low light images with stray light sources which i wasnt. A fan of the night mode was even more helpful with the ultrawide sensor, adding light sharpness and color to low light ultra wide images when it comes to video the gt2 shoots at a maximum 4k at 60fps, but the eis caused noticeable jitter in the frame.

At times, auto exposure also tends to be quite aggressive, sometimes causing a loss in color accuracy in the hole. Punch display lies the front facing camera with a 16 megapixel sensor that captured good selfies in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. Skin tones were mostly accurate. There was more than enough detail for social media use, and the edge detection in the portrait mode was also surprisingly accurate. Its worth noting that the front camera shoots videos at up to 1080p, and i would have liked to see a 4k option here. Performance is perhaps one of the only areas on the gt2 where there isnt a massive upgrade, because it runs on the snapdragon aaa chipset same as the gt5g. It also gets up to 12gb lpddr5 ram like the previous generation, along with up to 256gb of ufs 3.1 storage. Now that isnt to say that i missed having a more powerful chipset. The triple eight is a very capable flagship, chipset that holds its own and no matter what workload i put the gt2 through it performed without any issues day to day tasks, apps, switching and multitasking caused no stress to the phone and even graphic intensive titles. Like call of duty mobile ran optimally on the gt2. Even gaming for extended periods of time did not cause any major frame drops or lag, and the phone didnt really heat up to uncomfortable temperatures. During my usage now the smooth user experience is also helped by android 12 and real me ui 3.

0, apart from some bloatware, which you can easily uninstall or disable. The software on this phone is great and snappy to use ui animations are quick without stutter buttons. Are the right size and theres plenty of customization options and handy features? I particularly liked background stream, which lets you run apps like youtube in the background, without needing to buy youtube premium. Moreover, realme has promised three years of major os updates and up to five years of security updates on the realme gt2, which is good to see the realme gt2 has gotten a bump in battery size over the last generation, now sporting, a bigger 5000 mah unit, it Mostly gave me a full day of battery life, even with the 120 hertz refresh rate and heavy usage patterns and with moderate usage, you should be able to make it last even further. The battery still charges at the same fantastic 65 watts and the included 65 watt adapter should get you from flat to full in 35 to 40 minutes. There is one omission compared to the gt5g, which is the lack of a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the gt2. To be completely honest, im not a stickler for high fidelity, audio and ive moved almost entirely to wireless audio, so its not a huge deal breaker for me, but its still worth pointing out for those that care theres. Also, no micro, sd card expansion, just space enough for two nano sim cards and while theres no official ip rating there is a rubber gasket on the sim tray, which is reassuring omissions aside, the real me gt2 does get a super fast and accurate in display fingerprint Scanner, along with loud stereo speakers and theres, several 5g bands, for whenever the high speed network rolls out in india.

So i began this review by calling the realme gt2 an underrated legend, and if you look at everything it offers at its starting price point of around 35 000 rupees, it really lives up to that name. In fact, it offers more value for money than most of its rivals, including the likes of the oneplus 9rt. Its packed with killer looks a large battery, a vastly improved camera and all the performance you could need in 2022..