If you fancy some of that, all for less than half of the price of one of those iphone thingies, so hopefully youve still got enough cash left to treat yourself to a pack of special brew and a big bag of pork, scratchings so heres. My personal pick of the very best budget phones that cost under 400 pounds as we skip our way merrily into spring 2022.. You can check out my full unboxings and reviews of all of these handsets right here on texpert. If any of them make, you feel particularly tingly in the trouserial department. Now, if you live in the states, and one of your priorities for your shiny new cell is the camera tech. Well, you can grab yourself googles fresh pixel 5a, but if, instead, you live here in the arctic plains of england youre on the google pixel choice of this sort of budget is the pixel 4 rear, because google never actually bothered to bring the 5a to blighty. All the same, the 4e would actually be my preferred choice because its pleasingly dinky at just 5.8 inches. So not only can i use it one handed, but i can also slip it into my jeans with relative comfort and pleasure. Youve got the same primary camera sensor as that snazzy pixel 5 flagship from last year. So you can capture good looking photos at any time of day. The only part of the pixel 5s camera setup that youre missing out on with the four ear is the ultra wide angle.

Shooter, which believe me is no big whoop packed into that dinky plastic frame is the snapdragon 730g, which still handles everything, including gaming. Without a grumble, the oled screen is a stunner and yeah. It is quite small, but id still happily watch a whole flick on this thing, and as this is a google upload, you will of course enjoy a stock android experience its already been upgraded to android 12. The latest and freshest version of the os with timely updates going forward for the next couple of years. At least youve also got a headphone, jack and nfc for your google pair shenanigans, but unfortunately, there is subtle micro, sd memory card support for expanding the storage. Unfortunately, the pixel fourier is proven rather troublesome to track down right now, as google is gearing up for the big launch of the google pixel 6 here in possibly just a matter of weeks, so you may find you have to hunt around a bit to procure one, But if youre the patient type, you can wait a little bit longer. Well, hopefully, the pixel 6a will be here soon now, one of the pixels most impressive rivals at this price point is the oneplus nord 2, which boosts the performance significantly versus googles budget, mid ranger. The note 2 is actually powered by a custom mediatek chipset, the dimensionally 1200 ai. This can absolutely blaze its way through any game out there. Even the mighty gentian impact is handled with neri, a bead of sweat, helped along by the dedicated gaming tools.

You once again have an oled screen, a 6.43 inch amoled with the added bonus of a faster 90 hertz, refresh rate plus a stereo speaker, setup and serious audio smarts. So the node 2 is just as great for kicking back with some netflix action or your favorite. Bold tech youve got a 4500mah capacity battery and full support for oneplus crazy, fast warp charge. 65 tech ill. Give you a full charge from mt in just 30 minutes, making it one the swiftest at recharging in this roundup oxygen os is as sleek and customizable as ever with the guarantee of two years of android, os updates and three years of security updates, and while the 50 megapixel primary camera sensor cant capture pictures as cleanly and capably as the pixel, its still well up to the job of everyday snaps and sharp looking horn movies and, if youre, an old gate like me, who used to play video games back when they were two Dimensional and came on floppy disks, the size of your house. Well, you might just fall in love with the oneplus nord 2 pac man edition this handset costs the same and basically sports the same specs. But now you have a funky retro gaming, design and themen. That adds a barrel of bonus charm, wakka, wakka, wakka, etc great times. Otherwise, if your budget cant quite stretch to the oneplus nord 2, well, definitely have a gander at the oneplus nord ce2. Instead, where the ce stands for core edition, its still a very capable we blower, but for a hundred quid less, the design here is downgraded to basic plastic.

While the stereo speakers are replaced with a mono setup instead, but you still get great sound and audio via bluetooth or that headphone jack and the amoled screen is another 90 hertz, full hd cracker. So media fans should be plenty stated that 4 500 milliamp capacity battery means all day play no worries and youve got 65 watt fast charging as well to get it juiced up again in a jiffy. The gaming experience is still smooth and satisfying on lighter titles like pubg and call of duty mobile and that dimensionally 900 chipset can even handle gunge and impact. As long as you keep the graphics settings reasonably low, helped along by that dedicated gaming mode im sure the 64 meg primary camera is fairly basic, but youll still get fine, looking picks if the lighting isnt cac and like the lord 2 and all the other phones. Here you can check out my full review of the oneplus nord ce5g right here on texpert now another impressive budget, smartphone youll, find around this price point. Is the oppo find x3 light? This upper blower is plastic around back, but gorilla glass, 5 up front with a small range of space, inspired colors on offer and at 6.4 inches its again, not as pleasingly compact as the pixel phone, but its not an absolute whopper, either. Now the launcher of choice. This time around is color os, which hopefully fingers crossed, touch and word etc, should be updated to the latest version 12.

Sooner rather than later, though, upper smartphones dont tend to be the fastest when it comes to getting those updates. So patience is definitely a virtue and i have fully covered coloros version 12 and all the spangly new features it brings in a separate video. So i wont bang on about it again here and sadly, just like the pixel. The oppo f5x3 light does not have any support for micro sd memory card, so youre stuck with whatever storage you go for which definitely sucks more nuts than a toothless squirrel. However, that 6.4 inch amoled screen is an absolute cracker, spaff and sharp visuals with crisp contrast right at your peepers youve got 90 hertz refresh to boot. The speakers are perfectly fine, but you also get a headphone jack for enjoying your tunes and gamers are well served by the snapdragon 765g chipset, backed by eight gigs of ram, which can blizz, through all of the usual titles complete with a dedicated gaming mode for giving You the edge over those filthy, school kids and their obnoxiously youthful reactions. The oppo f5x3 light also boasts full 5g support, as well as all day battery life, and there is 65 watt fast charging support in there as well, exactly the same as the oneplus node 2., and this little delightful package is rounded off by 64 megapixel primary camera Sensor, which is more than up to snuff, for your everyday family snaps. Now, if you are all about performance, you should definitely be well tempted by the brilliant poco f3.

This can generally be nabbed for just over 300 quid, although you will find it cheaper in a sale. If you time it well and either way, it is an effing bargain. Now what you got on this thing is xiaomis miui launcher in a slightly pockified form, and what this delivers is a mostly stock android experience with a few bonus features thrown on there for good measure like that nifty all encompassing control center. I really cant get enough of, but its the snapdragon 870 chipset that really stands out here, offer an impressive grunt for gaming. You can even run the mighty memory guzzling gentian impact on higher detail settings with next to no judders helped by the poco f3s dedicated coolant tech. Meanwhile, the battery life seems to have actually improved with age while that 48 megapixel primary camera sensor can spaff our good. Looking shots at almost any time of day and youve also got full 5g support. On top of wi fi 6 connectivity hazard poco has packed in a 6.67 inch oled screen with 120hz max refresh and full hd plus resolution. Although the sheer size of this display means the images arent quite as crisp as some rivals, but you still get incredible contrast. Full hdr, 10 plus support and colors are proper poppy on that vivid mode. Vibrant movies and photos will absolutely knock your socks off the poco, f3 isnt, absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, theres no headphone jack on there, theres, no stereo, speaker, setup, theres, no micro, sd memory card support and me ui.

Unfortunately, doesnt tend to get updated with any sort of sense of urgency, so, for instance, the time i shot this video, the poco f3 security update, is already three months behind. If you dont think those issues will bug you too much well, you should get on very nicely indeed with the pocket f3 at this sort of price point. It offers stunning value for money and ive shot you a full nine month. Re review, which has just gone, live so check that out for more another, solid smartphone choice at this budget price point is the xiaomi redmi note 11, pro plus 5g hell of a clunky name, but it is a decent handset boasting smooth performance thanks to the dimension 920 chipset that mediatek brain can breeze through games and ginger impact on regular settings. While the battery life is also decent and if you do happen to find yourself running dry throughout the day. Well, no worries whatsoever because the pro plus supports ludicrously fast 120 watt charging, which is just mental. The massive 6.7 inch super amoled screen is a stunner support, an hdr10 streaming plus 120hz refresh for any apps that can hit those highs. Youve also got a stereo speaker arrangement: youve got a headphone jack, expandable storage, all the goodies. We love to see on the software side. Unfortunately, you got creaky old, android 11. On this thing. Still with me, ui 12 slapped on top there complete with all of its usual tardy roll out.

So you better be the patient type. If you are waiting for a bit of android 12. and while the 108 meg main camera sensor, cant quite hit the highs of the pixel smartphone, it does a very respectable job at this sort of price point definitely check out my full unboxing, where i also compare The pro plus, with the redmi note 11 and the redmi note 11 pro and another solid choice at this 400 pound price point or just under this 400 pound price point is the fresh new samsung galaxy a53, which proves that sami is just as good at spunking Out capable mid range mobiles as it is uber expensive flagships for just under 400 quid youve got a choice of four colors, including this here awesome blue model, its more of a rather nice blue than an oh, my god. I cant actually speak because im so utterly in ore, but that design is sleek and bright and proper yeah nice, and i also love that the galaxy a53 is ip67 water and dust resistant as well. So a nice bit of added peace of mind. If you do want to take your smartphone into the shower into a nice hot bubbly bath, whatever samsung fans should enjoy the feature filled. One ui experience, which isnt too different at all from the s22 flagships. Well, as usual, sami has promised that a53 owners will enjoy several years of os and security updates for that extra bit of peace of mind again, the 6.

5 inch 120 hertz super amoled screen gets a massive thumbs up chucking out sharp full hd, plus images complete with Samsungs trademark colors that really positively pop, although you can always opt for more natural output in the display settings, if you like its definitely a good end for your netflix and your disney plus and despite the lack of hdr streaming support, you got microsd memory card support. You can expand the available storage youve got nfc if you contactless payments, but sadly boo hiss. There is no headphone jack on the a53, unlike last years, a52 and a52s. Theres 5g support thanks to that exodus. Chipset thats stuffed inside, but this doesnt handle gaming as well as the snapdragon chipset bundle inside of last years a52s. So any gamers will want to look there instead, while the epic sized 5000 milliamp capacity battery will keep you going all day. Long no worries at all and last up theres that feature packed 64 meg primary camera, which does a pretty good job again across a range of conditions, not quite up to that pixel, but pretty solid with loads of bonus. Mods, like single, take, which is just an absolute blinder now my final mid range smartphone recommendations at this sub 400 pound price point come courtesy of real me, starting with the real me gt master edition. You can snap snaffle one for just over 300 quid now in the uk and at that price, its an absolute bargain.

This slick looking 6.4 inch, blower busts many of the same advantages as its peers, including a gorgeous samsung. Crafted super amoled panel with 120 hertz, refresh its a proper bit of eye candy when youre streaming endless, netflix or blasted through your favorite games, which, by the way, should run pretty bloody. Well, thanks to the snapdragon 778g chipset and that dedicated coolant tech youve got full 5g support here, as well as a good bit of wi fi six action as well. So you should see absolutely zero buffering when youre just kicking back enjoying a good bit of tentacle hentai action did i say, technical hentai action. Obviously i meant classic episodes of uranus lords on brick box yeah, the 4 300 milliamp battery isnt as big as some others. In this budget rounder, but you shouldnt struggle to last a full day on one charge at all, while theres also 65 watts super dark charge. Support, if you do need a quick top up and real mean 64 meg rear camera sensor and 32 meg selfie shooter are perfectly fine, theyre respectable enough for this budget price point, but dont expect the moon on a stick for a similar bit of scratch. You can also grab real mes 9 pro plus, which boasts superior camera tech. To that master edition, sonys imx 766 sensor has been stuffed inside same as the real me gt2 pro flagship phone which just launched. So you can expect good, looking picks both day and night.

Battery life is once again rather splendid. Youve got a slightly bigger. 4 500 milliamp capacity battery stuffed in there, and this supports the almost as good 60 watt super dart charging and while the display is now 90 hertz, rather than 120 hertz thats still just as buttery smooth to my knack at all peepers and its super amoled tech. So you can expect more crisp poppy visuals, whatever youre up to the real me 9 pro plus packs a punch for games this time powered by mediatex diamond city 920. Just like the redmi note, and quite a few other phones around this price and yeah youve got viper chamber coolant. So even gentian impact fans can keep on smashing goblins and slimes for hours. At a time, youve got 5g support across two sims. Simultaneously, youve got a stereo speaker setup. Honestly. This thing is the mutts nuts and its even all, wrapped up in a rather funky color changing chassis, which turns a sparkly red hue whenever sunlight strikes the surface, admittedly, here in the uk, would have been slightly more apt and useful if the color actually changed when The phone was drizzled on a bit, but here oh its, always a nice surprise when it does turn red and that my lovelies is my pick of the very best mid range mobiles. You can grab right now in spring 2022 that cost under 400 pounds did. I miss out your favorites definitely hit me up in the comments down below dont.

Be too rude, though, of course, like all the featured phones in this roundup, which ive personally played around with myself check out my other run ups as well, for the best stock, android, smartphones, best budget phones under 300 pounds and 200 pounds, etc, etc.