It comes in either four gigabyte or six gigabyte of ram that can be expanded. It has a 6.82 inch display, with a refresh rate of 90 heads, a 5 000 milliamp battery dual stereo speakers and its running android 12 out of the box. The infinix hot 12 is a fun and fast smartphone at an affordable price and im going to tell you everything there is to know about it. Opening the box, the first thing youll see, is the smartphone. The color i have here is called racing black. It also comes in legend, white, origin, blue and lucky green back to the box. It comes to the customer service card, a sim ejector tool, warranty card that says you have 30 days broken screen protection for free. What that means is, if you happen to break your display within the first 30 days of activation, it will be replaced for free. It comes with an expat pamphlet, free fire stickers, a 25 free fire gift card, voucher, 1x gold. Note a free fire plastic case. That looks amazing, an 18 watts charger, a usb type, c, cable and earphones now for the built quality. The infinix hot 12 has a plastic rear plastic frame with a flat edge, design and glass at the front. It doesnt have an ip rating, but if you happen to drop it inside water for a few seconds, it should survive. Please do not try this at home. Moving to the external features, it has a dual sim card and memory card tray at the top theres.

Nothing moving to the right side. It has the volume and power buttons. The power button is also the fingerprint scanner and it unlocks the smartphone instantly to the bottom. Theres, a 3.5 mm audio jack, a microphone, a usb type c port and one of the speakers, the other speaker, is located at the yes slit and as for the sound, its all right, its a bit tinny, it lacks space but its all right. Moving to the ray, it has three cameras: thats, not a camera. By the way and out of the three cameras, only one of them is usable. It also has a flash led light to the right side of the camera sensors. Now, turning the smartphone around it has an 8 megapixel front facing camera and a dual flash led light. The led light doesnt come on for notifications, but when you charge your smartphone, one of them would come on now. Lets talk about the display, its a large one. At 6.82 inches, but it doesnt feel big when you hold it its an ips lcd panel with a resolution of 720 by 16 12 pixels, its a 720p panel that has a refresh rate of 90 heads and a touch sampling rate of 180 heads. The 90 head display refresh rate, makes scrolling on this smartphone smooth and moving around the user interface is fluid for the quality of the display. I had to triple check because it doesnt look like a 720p display.

The colors look good on this display, but what bothered me was the brightness level i was able to get a reading of around 280 nits, which means using this smartphone outdoors under direct sunlight will be a struggle, but was it like using this display to consume media? Well, its good. As i said, i had to check the resolution of this display because it looks very contrasty and sharp the poncho front. Camera doesnt interrupt what youre watching and you would even forget its. Even there now powering the infinix hot 12 is the mediatek helio. G85 processor, its a two year old gaming processor, but its no slouch and its a capable budget gaming processor. He gets sustained performance with it and smoother gameplay. Now i ran some benchmark applications and hear the results. It has an total score of over 200k heres. Also, the geekbench score and the 3d max score now pushing these numbers aside, lets see if the infinix hot 12 can play games starting off with free fire. It played the game at ultra graphics, high resolution and shadow on the gameplay was alright. This is my second time playing this game, so please dont slap at me. As you can see, the game is totally playable on this smartphone for pubg. He played the game at hd, graphics and high frame rates. The gameplay was also good and for a smoother gaming experience you can change the graphics settings to balance graphics and ultra frame rates.

Call of duty ran well on this smartphone, although at medium graphics and high frame rate, the gameplay was also good. Now, moving to one of the most demanding games on mobile games in impact, the infinix hot 12 ran the game on the lowest graphics settings and played the game with a few frame drops here and there as an affordable gaming smartphone. The infinix hot 12 is okay. For multitasking, the infinix hot store comes in either four or six gigabytes of ram. The unit i have here has four gigabytes of ram and with memory fusion, you can expand the ram to seven gigabytes. Switching between apps is fluid on this smartphone launching apps is fluid, and when it comes to using apps like whatsapp instagram tick tock, it will run those apps easily for the android operating system, its running android 12.. It does have bloatwares which are annoying, but luckily you cant disable or remove them. The most annoying part of xos for me, is when you swipe to the extreme left. You get to see the ram usage recent apps and all that, but when you scroll down to the hot news section, this is what you see now. If you want to disable that screen press any free part of the home screen, click on menu, click on other settings and disable zero screen now moving to the cameras, the front facing camera has an 8 megapixel sensor and it isnt going to wow you.

Although photos are possible and portrait shots are decent as well and now im using the front facing camera of the infinix r12. What do you guys think about the video quality and the audio quality coming up from this smartphone highest dynamic range? Well, but i mean the: why is that the way its not there so its not hunting dynamic range well, because its an eight megapixel front facing camera also theres? No video stabilization now moving to the rear cameras. It has an 18 megapixel main camera, a two megapixel depth camera and a qvga camera photos taken with the main camera. Look decent theyre, not that vibrant, but they look. Okay again, the pictures captured by the main camera wont blow you away, but portrait shots looks amazing and it has good details. Night shots well theyre, just there, alright guys so heres a video from the red camera of the infinix hot 12.. It has a 10 megapixel rear camera and a shortening 2k 30 frames per second and theres, no video stabilization. So what do you guys think about the video quality coming up from the rear camera of the infinix hot 12.? Let me know in the comment section below for the battery department: the infinix hot 12 comes the 5 000 milliamp battery and it will last the entire day if you dont, use the monday apps or play games all the time on it for the charging time using The 18 watts fast charger.

Well, yes, the breakdown it took it one hour, 42 minutes to charge this smartphone from zero to one hundred percent, which right now isnt that fast, a sub one hour. Charging time is what people expect nowadays now lets talk about the price. The infinix hot 12 starts at ninety three thousand two hundred naira for the four gigabytes: ram 128 gigabyte internal solid option, im, not sure if the six gigabyte version will be available in nigeria for the pros of this device, the build quality is good. The processor is okay and you can play games on it. It has a large 5 000 milliamp battery that will last the entire day and its running android 12, which is the latest android operating system for the cons. The 720p display even though looks good and has a 90 hertz refresh rate just because its a 720p display that would put some people off the display is also not that bright. The cameras can take good pictures in good lighting conditions, but it isnt going to blow you away and the charging time of 1 hour. 42 minutes is a bit too long for 20 2022 standard, so thats my review of the infinix hot 12..