It comes with all the essential features that one would want in a budget smartphone. It has a big battery full hd plus display competent processor and not to forget the 15 megapixel main camera. However, is it a worthy successor over the royal m8i find out in this review Music talk about the design. The realme 9i is a slim and light device and, thanks to its rounded corners, its comfortable to hold and use the back is made out of a polycarbonate material with a stereo prism effect when hit with light. The rear panel shows vertical lines going from the top to the bottom of the device it does catch, fingerprints and smudges so its best to use the free jelly case included in the box more on its back on the upper left corner, we get the protruding camera Module and a realme branding below we have the device in the prison blue color, and it is also available in prism pack. If you are interested up front, its got a large 6.6 inch display with a relatively thin bezels on the top and sides, while the chin is a little bit. Thicker youll get a cut out on the top left corner of the screen for the selfie camera for buttons and ports located on the right side. Is the power slash light button that also doubles as a fingerprint scanner? On the left side, you will see the volume rockers and a triple card shade that accommodates two nano size, sim cards and a micro sd card.

All buttons are well placed and its easy to reach up top theres the secondary microphone while down at the bottom theres. The usb type c port 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, speaker grille and the primary microphone now for the display, just like the real me 8i. The real me 9i features a large 6.6 inch ips lcd screen with 2412 by 1080p x resolution 90hz, refresh rate, a pixel density of 400 ppi and a maximum brightness of 418 nits. This panel, however, is a step down, considering that the real me 8i screen has 120 hertz refresh rate well, nonetheless, the display is great, with adequate brightness and rich colors. Even in bright sunlight outdoors, you can comfortably see whats on the screen with brightness set to the highest. As for audio quality, the stereo speaker seems to be a missed opportunity, as the sound can get distorted at maximum volume and is heavy on mids, making it very suitable for voice calls, but not for more immersive audio experiences like listening to music. For the latter case, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack is still available for your needs. Now software wise, the real me 9i, runs on android 11 skinned with real me ui 2.0. The ui was easy to use and will not have and its just finding your way around, especially if youre a previous oppo or real user. As usual, it still does come with a few bloatwares and pre installed. Third party applications such as facebook, netflix, lazada, spotify and twitter that you can easily uninstall anytime now by default.

The app drawer for the home screen is turned on, but you can change it in the settings to the standard mode or simple mode, and it also comes with plenty of customizable options such as the shape, icons, inbuilt wallpapers, dark mode and eye comfort mode for reading. The realme 9i is available with gigs of internal storage and out of the box. There seems to be 110 gigs of usable space left now under the hood powering. The room 9i is a qualcomm snapdragon 680, with an adreno, 610 gpu and 6 gigs of ram. It also has ram expansion up to 5 gigs of memory from the phone storage. We found the device to perform averagely decent for your regular social media. Browsing calls binge watching and other streaming apps navigating the ui with default animation, speed. It makes the 9i feel slower than it actually is, but you have the option to change it between 60hz and 90hz for smoother animation. Now, playing games, on the other hand, will show you the limitations of the snapdragon 600 series. Trips games are playable, but do not expect high fidelity graphics as well as slowdowns for graphic intensive scenes. If youre curious about the benchmarks course check out our written review link in the description box below for security, you can unlock the phone via the side, mounted fingerprint scanner and face unlock both are generally reliable and quick connectivity wise. It comes with the standard connectivity features such as wifi, bluetooth, 5.

1, gps and dual sim 4g lte. As for the battery, the real me 9i is equipped with a massive 5000mah battery with support for 33 wire fast charging, which can get you from zero to 100. In an hour and 10 minutes, the bc markwork 3.0 battery test rated it at 22 hours and 26 minutes now, focusing on the camera, its got a triple camera setup at the back, composed of a 50 megapixel main 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel monochrome depth sensor. Now for selfies theres, a 16 megapixel front camera checking out some sample shots. You dont get an ultrawide angle, camera on the real me 9i, but you can shoot at the full 15 megapixel resolution and with that photos come out better as there are more details, especially in the objects at a distance. Portraits had good edge detection and the phone lets. You choose the level of background blur before taking a photo, which is great now for macros. It gives you a decent detail, but do not expect too much now when it comes to low light. The real mi9i is okay, the images come out hazy using night mode, helped capture details in the shadow. Better and images were brighter as well. It also had some improvement in details and objects were sharper for selfies the front camera works best in daylight. Setting and the portrait mode creates good background separations for videos. It is capable of shooting 1080p at 30 frames per second, and there is no stabilization so expect some shaky footage.

Okay, so finally lets talk about the price. The real me 9i is available for 1190 pesos and on its own we can say that this is a good device for casual use. It has a better in modern chipset, namely the snapdragon 680 in place of the helio g96 in the 8i. However, the phone becomes harder to justify as a good update, given how little it changes things from its predecessor. The realme 8i might still offer a little more value at the same price for many users, so thats it guys. What do you guys think about the real me 9i? Do let us know in the comment section below and if you find this video helpful, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content hit that bell icon, so you dont miss any future. Uploads and be sure to visit for the latest tech news and reviews. This has been real and ill catch.