This is basically tcls flagship for this year, but if youre looking for something more budget friendly well, tcl has you covered. Do the tcl 20s. This is basically a budget version of the 20 pro. This one is powered by the snapdragon 665 thats paired, with four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage and, of course, running android 11., and for those of you that, like benchmark scores well, this device gets an antutu benchmark score of just under 200 000. So you already know that youre not looking at the most powerful phone out there, since the 20s is cheaper. Of course it doesnt look and feel as premium as the 20 pro. So this one is mostly made out of plastic. The frame around it is plastic. The back is plastic as well. We still have a 3.5 mil audio jack at the top here and on the front we dont have a screen that has curved edges, not to mention that this is an ips panel, the 20 pro we actually get an amoled panel. This is the same size screen, though so 6.67 inches screen of the 1080p resolution. Now this one we also dont get an in screen fingerprint scanner or the 20 pro we do have one of those, so the fingerprints can actually move in the power button on the side of the phone and unlocking the phone works, um really well. So all you have to do is touch that um power button and the phone will unlock.

I think it takes less than a second for um the phone to unlock, and i kind of like the fingerprint scanner on this one more than the in screen fingerprint scanner that we have on the 20 pro now funny enough for the 20s. We get something extra compared to the 20 pro, so this one we get dual speakers. We have one speaker at the bottom and one at the top with the 20 pro. We only have one speaker at the bottom. This is a bit of a strange decision and i was not expecting that this phone would have dual speakers, but yes, it does and in fact it sounds better than the 20 pro, and this is a quick example. So you can hear how those speakers sound Music Applause, Music. Another somewhat unusual thing ive noticed – has to do this button on the side. So on the 20 pro this button here is customizable, so you can make that button open whatever apps. You want well on this device. You cannot change what this button does. So, when you press this button, the google assistant opens but the 20 pro you can actually customize what that button. Does i find that a bit unusual, im, gon na say and of course this device can also take an sd card, but keep in mind that we have 128 gigs of internal storage, so that should be more than enough for most people inside the 20s.

We also have a larger battery than the one that we have in the 20 pro, so you have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and charging this from zero to 100. The charger that comes in the box takes about two hours. Now, on one charge, you can typically get between seven and nine hours of screen on time, but i was actually hoping that i would get more than 10 hours, but i guess not so between seven and nine hours of screen time on one charge. The cameras on this one are also a bit different than the cameras that we have on the 20 pro. So first of all on the front here, the selfie camera is a 16 megapixel sensor. Let me take a couple of selfies, so you can see how they look. Let me take another one, so these are the selfies that theyre gon na be able to take with this device and on the back, the main camera is a 64 megapixel sensor. Then we have an ultra wide camera, a macro camera and another camera thats used for portrait mode pictures. Now. The maximum recording resolution for this device is also 4k 30 frames per second, and we do get ime stabilization at that resolution, and these are some examples of pictures that i took just in front of the house here so for a budget friendly device. I think those pictures look quite good software wise. This runs android 11, just like the 20 pro and on top of that android 11.

Of course, we have the same tcl launcher or skin, and the phone performs pretty much identical with the 20 pro, even though the cpu in this one is not as powerful. So i tried the same applications like chrome, facebook, gaming and the phone does perform just as good as the pro. But i was kind of expecting that, because a lot of phones that get an antutu score of about 150, 000 and more do perform pretty well. For most applications, so performance wise, i cant, really say anything bad about this phone. Anything that youre gon na do with it does seem to work on quite good, even though that four gigs of ram would have been ideal to be six gigs of ram to make the phone a bit more future proof. There is also an nfc chip inside it. So, yes, you can make payments with the tcl 20s. The gps unit works just as good as the 20 pro, so it only takes about a second to find them your location, and we do have a variety of sensors available. However, we are missing the barometer that we had on the 20 pro but overall for a budget friendly phone. I think that the sensors are more than enough so to quickly conclude this video for a budget friendly phone. The tcl 20s is a pretty decent phone. I cant really say anything bad about it, but in this budget uh friendly range, you can find a lot of other phones like the redmi line from xiaomi, which does offer a lot of value for your money.

I think the main advantage for this one will be the fact that it will be sold from different carriers in north america, and people are going to be able to buy this on a contract where the other phones from xiaomi, for example, youre not going to be Able to get from a carrier in north america, so i think this is the main advantage for the tclm20s, alright guys.