, So this is the newest foldable from Huawei. The Huawei Mate Xs 2 Lets check out whats new … Cymye Noooooooo. What Cymye You are folding to the wrong side. What Cymye You should fold like this. Yeah fold like outside. Thank you, Cymye for saving me thousands of dollars.. This is Cymye. Lets check out whats new here. And please subscribe to Cymye and my YouTube channel links in the description. Lets go Alright start with the unboxing.. For this part, Id like to give a huge thanks to my long time, partner, Eva for providing the content., Please subscribe to her channel. If you can. Open the box, we have the phone. The unit Eva got is in purple color its made of fiberglass. That explains why its so lightweight. Later, I will show you the black color., Then a note: a pin a phone case, some other paperwork, those usual stuff.. Yes, no charger or cable was included.. Just as youd probably know the Mate Xs 2 is an outer folding phone.. You fold outside.. I want to fold inside, like other foldables, to show you what will happen. Those Huawei staff from the shop just wont allow me. Anyway. Let me walk you through the design.. On top of the phone, we have a speaker, a noise canceling mic. However, Im not sure if the handset comes with the infrared blaster. At the bottom, we have the type c port, speaker and SIM card slot.. As for the two sides, we have the volume rocker and a power key thats, also the fingerprint scanner.

Another side looks like there is a type c port, but its actually a slot to hook the buckle on the back.. Speaking of the back here is the camera module. For the specs of it. I will just list them on the screen., As Ive mentioned before. There is a button under the lens which is for lock or unlock the screen.. To be honest, I like it feels solid when that half screen bounces off.. As for my first impression of the design, my god, it is a thin and lightweight foldable, Its just crazily light and weighs only 259 grams, which means its probably lighter than your iPhone 13 Pro Max with a phone case.. And by far is the lightest foldable phone on the market., Its thin Ive, also compared it with the OPPO Find N and the Honor Magic V. You can check the thickness by yourself. Speaking of comparisons. You might want to know how does the crease on the Mate Xs 2 look like well seems only from a very strange angle. Can you notice it? Of course you could argue its brand new and need more time to test. Thats true.. So if you want to learn more about this, please subscribe, as I will test when I get the unit Its free anyway.. As for the specs of the Mate Xs 2, the OLED display unfolds to a 7.8 inch diagonal with a 2480 x 2200px resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate.

, Its powered by the Snapdragon 888 4G chipset with 812GB RAM and up to 512GB of built in storage.. The battery is 4880 mAh and boots Huaweis HarmonyOS 2.0.1. We get a 10MP selfie cam, tucked into the top right corner.. I took some selfies there. You can check them. Out.. Not very impressed, though, seems it. Doesnt have a good bokeh effect.. As for the rear camera. Here are some photos too., As time is tight. I really dont have time to take more., So please subscribe to my channel as Ill try to find time later to shoot more photo samples once the unit is available. When folded around the back. The screen shrinks to a normal phone sized 6.5 inches with a 2480 x, 1176 px resolution.. This is way better than that Xiaomi Mix Fold, which feels like a TV, remote controller.. There are several interesting things I found from this Mate Xs 2. One is. They have Smart Mirror function when you take a photo, so the people you are taking, they can see the preview as well.. Second, is the AI Remove feature you take a photo and can remove the object you dont want, though the final result is still need. Some AI work., Alright thats the video. From my limited time with the Mate Xs 2. I really like it to be honest because its finally got rid of the bulky design and is more manageable, like a normal phone.. Also, the crease looks good.

The hinge feels light. Yet solid and the seamless transition of the folding and unfolding screen., Of course, the deal breaker is its an outer folding phone and durability, as I can imagine, would be a big problem. But thumbs up for Huaweis attempt. Who knows this might be the future. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe if you havent.