. It looks old fashioned, but has modern 5G network. Capability. Apple has used its top of the line: A15 Bionic mobile SoC, but also a tiny, low res screen that you cant really do much on. You get wireless charging and an IP rating, but only a single camera.. This phone seems to be a big bundle of contradictions, so is there even a market for it? Ive spent quite a lot of time with the iPhone SE 2022 to help you decide whether its worth buying, particularly for users in India.. The answer might surprise. You., The new iPhone SE 2022 might confuse buyers. Its priced starting at Rs. 4’00 for 64GB, which means even the base storage option competes with the likes of the OnePlus 9RT 5G Vivo V23, Pro 5G Oppo Reno, 7, Pro 5G and others.. If you want more storage, youll have to pay Rs. 48900 for 128GB or Rs. 58900 for 256GB. Thats as much as many of todays top end Android phone with extensive features and capabilities. One big downside of the iPhone SE 2022 is its small screen.. All content, including the iOS UI, feels cramped and constrained. If youre used to todays mainstream phones, the 4.7 inch panel on the new iPhone SE 2022 will feel quaint.. This is a real limiting factor when it comes to enjoying video or games, and typing might be a bit of a challenge. If you have big hands. Maps, creative apps document readers and even Web pages cant show very much content at a time.

. However, this could be the iPhone SE 2022s biggest selling point for buyers who dont like change or might not find gesture navigation comfortable.. You also wont find a such slim light modern smartphone in the Android world.. You might like being able to use this phone one handed.. The big Home button below the screen has an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor, just like older iPhones, and this is an extremely convenient feature that Ive missed. The power button on the upper right and volume buttons on the left are within easy. Reach. Theres also a mute switch on the left.. A tray on the right can hold a single Nano SIM, but this phone can work with one or even two eSIMs. Apples, proprietary, Lightning port can be found on the bottom, with a speaker to one side and grille on the other for symmetry., As expected, theres no 3.5Mm audio jack., The front and back are made of glass while the frame is aluminium.. This phone has an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. Its available in three colours: Starlight Midnight and ProductRED.. You dont get a charger in the box, only a Type C to Lightning cable, a SIM eject, pin and a sticker.. Although its clearly at the bottom of Apples, current lineup, the new iPhone SE 2022, does not suffer in terms of processor power.. It has the same A15 Bionic SoC as the entire iPhone 13 family. Theres 4GB of RAM, which might not seem like much but works well enough for iOS devices.

. The A15 Bionic means you get 5G, which isnt a big deal for India at the moment, but could be useful a year or two down the line., Although theres, no firm promise Apple currently delivers iOS and security updates for devices up to seven years old, which should Give you some peace of mind. Apple also promises better battery life. 20W fast charging is supported and Qi wireless charging works at up to 7.5W. Apples, ecosystem means youll, get long term, iOS updates security and privacy protections, though at the cost of some flexibility. Theres. No invasive advertising, but you do get lots of apps that arent necessarily useful. iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud, backups AirPlay and the Find My network might matter a lot for iPhone users who need an upgrade.. On the other hand, iOS lacks several features that Android users might be used to, such as the ability to run multiple instances of apps a hidden space for private data, UI personalisation file, system access and more.. One of Apples most audacious moves with the iPhone SE. 2022. Is the fact that it has only a single 12 megapixel rear camera., Even bargain basement Android phones offer more flexibility, so Apple is really betting on simple, yet high quality, stills and videos. Theres also a simple 7 megapixel f2.2 camera on the front.. Thanks to the A15 Bionic SoC Photographic Styles are supported, but Cinematic Mode is not.. You might also be surprised that theres no Night mode. Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting do work even with only a single camera on the rear and front.

Photos shot in the daytime. Usually, look great with superb detail and exposure. Colours are accurate and not overblown at all.. Depth of field is pleasant and looks natural even without Portrait. Mode. Close ups arent, always in focus though. Things arent as great when it comes to shots taken at night.. Photos are relatively bright, but detail is lost and noise is unavoidable. Faces. Had natural textures and skin tones came out. Looking good. Background separation in Portrait mode was surprisingly accurate for a single camera. Selfies taken at night were a bit soft and noisy good enough for casual social media, but thats about it. 1080p video shot in the daytime was relatively dull, but motion was smooth.. 4K. Video looked a little punchier and crisper, but I saw some slight juddering in playback.. Detail was quite weak at night and 4K video exhibited some inconsistencies and mild warping.. This phone has a small screen with a low resolution and standard refresh rate, so even running todays heaviest apps and games. Apps shouldnt stress the powerful A15 Bionic SoC.. The raw performance is clearly there. This phone scored very well in benchmarks, but its back got warm enough to be uncomfortable while running these tests.. It also got slightly warm when playing games and using the camera for a long time. Asphalt, 9 Legends looked great and gameplay was perfectly smooth, even with rain and other graphical effects. Call of Duty Mobile was a little hard to play with the on screen controls all Crammed into a small space, but it also ran smoothly.

. The screen is small and not as crisp as I would have liked, but it works for casual entertainment.. You do get stereo speakers, too. Games and movies. Arent really immersive and heat is an issue, but you can still have fun.. I was able to use this phone for an entire day and the battery was still at around 20 percent.. Our HD video loop battery test ran for 11 hours, 46 minutes, which is a huge improvement over the previous model.. You dont get a charger in the box, but using a 30W MacBook Air adapter. I observed this phone charging to 32 percent in 50 minutes and 87 percent in an hour.. The new iPhone SE 2022 is old on the outside, but quite new on the inside. Its way too expensive to be an entry level phone but supports nearly all Apples, apps accessories and services.. You dont get a modern smartphone experience and for some people that might be a good thing.. The main target audience is people upgrading from an iPhone 8 or older model, but who want something familiar and easy to use. In the US and many other countries. It makes sense to offer such people a 5G enabled model at this point.. However, things are different in India.. For starters, we dont even have 5G networks. The iPhone SE 2020 continues to be available and should be good enough at everything. Its successor does for much less money. In India. The iPhone XR still sells for around the same amount and the iPhone 11 for or a little more.

, Both have larger screens and Face ID plus better battery life, but they are bulkier.. The iPhone 12 mini has been on sale for less than what the new iPhone SE 2022 costs. So if you want a phone, thats, modern and still compact thats, another great option., And that doesnt even begin to cover all the fantastically capable Android models you can currently buy at this price level, youll find full reviews of many at Gadgets 360.com.. In short, you have a lot of options when it comes to buying a phone in India. If your budget is around Rs. 45000.