66 by 8.66 by 12.59, inches weight, 1.78 kilograms display size, 14 inches resolution 2560 by 1440. Pixels tight ips touch screen no refresh rate 165 hertz Music positive points, one beautiful design, two thin and lightweight three excellent materials metal. Four 165 hertz 1440p dc ip3 display with freesync support negative points. One small 14 inch screen 2.. The screen size is not suitable for the game: Music smash that subscribe button performance and connectivity, processor amd ryzen, 9, 5900hx graphics, nvidia, geforce, rtx, 3080 memory, ram, 16 gigabytes storage, one terabyte, ssd, m.2, operating system, windows, 10, home veylon, wi, fi, 6e, 802.11x, bluetooth, 5.2, usb 2X, usb 3.2 gen, 2 type, a 2x usb 3.2 gen, 2 type c connections, hdmi 3.5, millimeters jack Music, positive points, 1., smooth and excellent, cpu performance, 2., powerful 8 core processor and top end gpu 3.. The number of ports is good and sufficient negative points. 1.. No thunderbolt support two warmer than average cpu temperatures when under load, three non upgradable, ram, Music features, section speakers, two speakers, battery nine hour; webcam 720p keyboard with backlight positive points, one good battery performance; 2., very good quality, stereo speakers 3. for key rgb powered by razer Chroma negative points: 1. cramped keyboard smash that like and subscribe button conclusion section positive points: 1. excellent qhd display and 165 hertz 2. beautiful design and excellent materials. 3.. The number of ports is good 4. suitable hardware for modern games; 5., very good quality.

Stereo speakers negative points: 1. small 14 inch screen 2., no thunderbolt support 3.; excessive cpu temperature rise 4. non upgradable, ram, five limited ssd, upgrading alternative section, razer, blade, 15 advanced and acer, predator triton 500 and asus rog zephyrus g14n alienware, m15r4n, msi, ge76 raider and dell G515Scn dell xps 17 Music rate this smartwatch from 1 to 10.