The rival of the honor x7 is probably a good news for you that i have on the fans out there because it comes preloaded with google services out of the box. Yay its been a long time since ive used an honor phone in malaysia, the x7 is selling for just 699 ringgit, which i feel is really value for money for some of the features it provides. Of course, there are things that i think they can do better. So lets get started, firstly, its definitely the back cover design, which is unique. Look at the camera design, which is similar to honor 50 and huawei p50 pro design, which im starting to appreciate over the past two weeks. The back is actually plastic, so does the frame, but the finishing is very nice to feel and hold and its actually solid for sure. I can bet that if someone sees this phone from the back, its definitely hard to guess that this is a less than 700 brigade phone. This one weighs 198 gram with 8.62 millimeter of thickness. So there are three things i want to point out since we are looking at the frame. Firstly is actually the sim slot, it can only house two sim cards or one sim card and one micro sd card at the same time. Only. Secondly, is the side fingerprint scanner, which is very fast to unlock the phone and, lastly, is the existence of the 3.5 meter headphone jack yep? The jack is still alive, yay at the front theres a huge 6.

74 inch, ips lcd display with 720p resolution. To be honest for a 720p resolution, i personally think that it looks okay and the viewing angles also not so bad, and the bezel sizes surrounding the screen also acceptable to me at this 699 price point. One thing i want to point out is that the screen has two rylan low blue light certification, which actually blocks harmful blue lights. So it has some degree of protection for your eyes, especially at low lighting room. So ive used this phone several times in my room, fully dark before i go to bed and it didnt really straighten my eye. My only complaint is that i actually prefer the punch hole, selfie camera rather than this teardrop notch. Another thing to point out is that this phone actually supports 90 hertz of refresh rate, which makes the overall scrolling experience more pleasant. Next one is performance. This phone is actually running on the latest snapdragon 680 processor, which is actually quite common already for entry level phone in 2022.. Normal task is actually very smooth and you dont have to worry about hiccups whatsoever. The phone software is actually running on the magic ui 4.2, which is still based on android 11. Just in case you guys want to know. As for gaming, this snare 680 can handle light gaming no issue, but for heavy gaming you have to lower expectation. Of course, you can play pub g chanching impact for sure, but at lower setting for graphic and frame rate, for example this pubg okay, you can only support smooth high balance, medium, Music and thats all so its actually quite common for snapdragon 680 phone lets go back To the beautiful camera design, quiet, camera, setup, 48, megapixel, shooter, 5, megapixel ultra wide 2, megapixel micro and 2 megapixel for your poke shot so under bright lighting, the main camera actually turns out to be nice on photo.

But when you switch to ultra wide photos, sometimes can be a bit dim and also theres no stabilization for photos and video shot. So your hands have to be very still as possible, as probably recording it can go up to 1080p at 30 frames per. Second. Only so do check out the samples after this Music, so Music do Music, so Music. The honor x7 has a 5000mah battery. As for battery life, this phone can give you around 8 to 9 hours of screen on time. With almost 2 days of battery no issues you can go and on and on and on using this phone and the honor x7 can support 22.5 watt of supercharging, which should top up the battery around 2 hours. Lastly, is the speaker? This phone only has one single bottom firing, speaker not the best one out there, but it can be very loud lets, hear it Music Applause Applause, so there you go guys my full review of the latest budget phone honor. X7. Honestly, i really love the back cover design and if you want a smartphone with decent performance and great battery life, but dont want to break your bank. The honor x7 is a good option.