Please tell me all the bad, never good feel my head full of every single doubt, yeah, please say any negative thoughts. I pop off. When i hear people say i cannot, i get off to the thought of proving everyone wrong. I wont stop to the top, so you better back off and get lost, ima, stay left and proud. Never running now, never heading south ill be spreading. Now call it word of mouth: cant put me down ill, be getting loud. You can never know what im about Music google of the battery. I like a fast charging technology, top 2 ip52 water resistant technology. That is nothing but some money. M4. 5G. So eurozone mobile phone, low, fast charging technology, alongside with the high risk, audio quality support – and there is type c cable provided out of the box – will do 22.5 watts fast charging. Ultimately, here it is the king of the show, design, matron, really ufs, audio quality, Music technology, usb type c thats. All for the video.