Now, this specific iphone is the red color version, with 64 gigabytes of storage. On the bottom of this iphone, you have a lightning port, no headphone jack. On the front of this iphone, you have a 4.7 inch screen with a home button with third generation touch id. On the back of this iphone, you have a single camera setup. You can shoot videos up to 4k at 60 frames per second hit it on the software of this phone. This phone came out in 2020 running ios 13.4 right now, its on ios 15.4.1. So the question comes: is this iphone still completely worth buying in 2022? I would honestly say: 100. This iphone is still completely worth it. No, no hitting on the specs of this iphone. This iphone has the apple a13 bionic chip with three gigabytes of ram. If anyone wants to know the battery size of this phone, this battery has a 1821 hour battery, which is not that bad for a 4.7 inch phone like this. So once again, the battery size is 1821 hour battery any one of you still own the iphone se. 2 to this day, hows it working for you. I gotten a lot of questions asking that is the iphone se 2 still worth buying in 2022, and my answer to all of you guys, questions is 100 still worth it. This iphone is still completely worth it. If you want another phone of this body style you, you could go up to the se3 the 2022 model, which that one has 5g.

This iphone, unfortunately only has 4g compatibility and whats good about. Is this specific iphone does support wireless charging and to a lot of you folks who do prefer wireless charging, or they rather just charge it with the with a traditional apple cable? A lot of people wanted to buy this iphone when it first came out back in 2020, because back in 2020, no one, no one could afford, like the the newer iphones like from the iphone 10 up to the 12.. So this was like the first budget phone back in 2020, sorting being sold for about four hundred dollars. Us then, as time came by this iphone has gone down in value. I got this phone on on special hot deal for um 49.99 original price was 349.99. I got it for 49.99 from cricket wireless, so i wanted to say a big aloha to them for helping me get this phone going. You know if anyone else whos just tuning into this video, wanted to know the specs. This iphone has the apple a13 bionic chip with three gigabytes of ram, and not only it came in couple color sizes, which is red black and white for this model, but it also came in different storage sizes, so you have 64 128 and 256 gigabyte. The 64 gigabyte one its really not bad like for me. I have a lot of my apps that i can keep stored on this specific device and ive got ta say it has been a really good phone to me so far like for my specific battery.

If you go to settings battery battery health, my current capacity is at 98, and for these, for this newer iphone this iphone se 2. The way to read the peak performance is, it says, built in dynamic software and hardware systems will help counter performance impacts. That may be noticed as your iphone battery chemically ages. So what that means folks is um. What that means is, as your battery gets old, you wont, have unexpected shutdowns with the phone, because this phone has built in dynamic software and good type of hardware in the system that will help encounter the impacts of like unexpected shutdown. So if you folks own an se2, the 2020 model, you folks will not be running into any problems with the with the performance. So is this phone still worth buying in 2022, 100 guaranteed? I think this phone is still completely worth there. If any of you folks want on on bigger size screen or if you folks want to stick with the 4.7 inch display, i would say the lowest iphone, i would recommend, is like the iphone 7 or 7 plus. Those phones are still supported on software, so thats the lowest forms. I would recommend to people to buy if you folks own, like an iphone 6s, 6s plus or se first generation. I would recommend you folks to upgrade so the lowest iphones id recommend is the iphone 7 and 7 plus or even an iphone 8 and 8 plus, but the lowest, i recommend, is the iphone 7 or 7 plus.

But if you folks still want to pick up an iphone se 20 20 model, you can still pick them up at certain carriers. That might still have this phone in stock brand new. But if you folks feel comfortable ordering it certified refurbished on ebay, amazon or craigslist its up to you folks, but yeah. The good thing i love about this iphone is its a good size. It doesnt have to be that big of a screen um and yeah thats pretty much it folks. If you folks want me to do more videos of this iphone or if you want me to do, speed comparisons between this iphone and some of my other devices. I currently have let me know in the comments down below as much again folks, thanks for tuning in to my channel. Please subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for more content.