It captures every single detail under low light in terms of design. The find x5 pro comes in two colors ceramic white and glazed black. It has a very modern and clean design which makes it stand out from other phones. The 6.7 mold curved screen simply look amazing, clear, even under strong sunlight pairing up with the amazing design and camera system is the snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor, which offers 30 more performance and 25 more power efficiency as compared to the previous generation of processor. The 5000 mah battery can be charged up to 50 in 12 minutes using its enhanced adw super book, flash charging technology. As for wireless charging, the 50w airbook it powers up to 100 per cent wirelessly in just 47 minutes camera mode. It will auto detect the scene and kick in night mode. One thing we noted is that when we took pictures in normal or night mode, the two photos looks identical. Photos can be taken and shot from wide angle, 0.6 x to 20 times. Unfortunately, you wont be able to take a good moon shot. There is no specific macro camera as it shares it with the ultra wide camera. Music oppo find x5 pro also features hasselblad natural color calibration in pro mode in a range of creative master filters, bringing iconic natural, color, professional, color profile and style to mobile photography. Music other available modes include potrait panorama. Time lapse, slow mo dual view: video xp, a n pro film, long exposure, etc.

Something i have to complain about is the lack of controls to bypass the auto switching to macro mode when you are shooting at a close range Music. The wide angle camera also features 5 axis ois system reduces shakiness while photo or video filming, resulting in better stab lighting and clarity in both photos and videos. The front camera uses a customized imx 709, which selfie or wi fi is under low lighting. The selfie camera automatically switches from an 80 to a 90 degree, wide angle, making sure nobody is left out. Music here are some photos shot in the evening. Music Applause. Music here are a few shots. We took comparing the night mode of the oppo find x5 pro against our pixel 3 xl Music. Here is another video. Comparing the same video shot on aqua, find x5 pro vs, the pixel 3 xl. Is it very apparent from the comparison the oppo find? X5 pro? Did a better job in capturing under pitch dark environment. Music. Here is a night video 4k shot at orchard road. You can clearly see the details being captured under such low light condition: Music, Music Applause, Music. We noticed that, even though the find x5 pro comes with ois when it comes to video recording, it is best to rely on a gimbal to get maximum stability. As for ultra steady shot, you will have to compensate your video resolution as it can only shoot in 1080p. Music next is our 5g speed test using m1 sim card running 5g standalone mode.

The speeds are impressive: reaching 700 over mbps. We do notice that the 5g reception is somewhat intermittent, but we get a consistent 5g signal on the 5g handsets we tested before. Maybe an updated firmware will resolve the problem. Music do remember to like share and subscribe to our channel at https colon, slash,