The google pixel 5a with 5g is a great android smartphone for the money. The google pixel 5a with 5g is an excellent mid range offering that offers flagship level performance for a much lower price than premium competitors. It has powerful performance that can handle almost anything excellent cameras and a stunning display that brings content to life. It has an aluminum frame for added sturdiness, a durable gorilla, glass, 3 screen and a slightly textured finish that offers a premium feel while in the hand you get a large 6.34 inch, oled display, with a 2400 by 1080p resolution, thats on par with the more expensive Samsung galaxy s 21 and it delivers outstanding, color accuracy, deep blacks and wide viewing angles so its ideal for consuming media. The battery performance is excellent, considering the price and it comes with a 4860mah battery that offers over an entire day of runtime on a single charge. Although it doesnt support wireless charging on the inside, it has 128 gigabytes of storage for your files, the same snapdragon 765g processor as the more expensive google pixel, 5 and 6 gigabytes of ram, which can handle almost any task. You throw at it, including multitasking, mobile gaming and streaming video without lagging. It also has a solid camera array that produces crisp shots in most lighting conditions, impressive low light performance and autofocus function and excellent colors, but it lacks a dedicated telephoto lens even more. It has reliable 5g connectivity, so you can download stream or browse from anywhere without needing wi fi, while its not as powerful as the premium google pixel 6 pro well talk about later.

It has excellent battery life and performs comparably with less demanding daily tasks. If youre. Looking for a smartphone that can nail, the basics can last for a long time and offers a reliable and speedy wireless network, this might be the ideal option for you for anyone who wants a phone thats perfect for streaming, video browsing the web and remaining productive throughout The day the samsung galaxy s22 ultra is my choice as the best android phone for most people in 2022., samsungs galaxy s22 ultra model is a reasonably priced smartphone that offers significantly improved camera performance, excellent battery life and high quality internal components to power through difficult tasks. Like its predecessor, it comes with a simple stunning design and its fortified with an armor aluminum frame and a gorilla glass victus plus back, so it should be able to withstand some accidental drops. You get a large 6.8 inch amoled panel that delivers a crisp picture with vibrant colors, a dynamic 120 hertz refresh rate for smoother scrolling without significantly impacting the battery a 240 hertz touch sampling rate for gaming and a vision boost feature that automatically optimizes the brightness. It also has a 5000 mah battery that can last for around 12 hours to get you through the day, its one of the first phones powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor, which delivers enough power to handle most demanding tasks, seamless frame rates with mobile Games and better graphics performance than most mid range models like the google pixel 5a.

It also offers significantly improved camera performance with a larger pixel sensor to capture more light, an upgraded lens for improved nighttime shots and several additional useful features such as enhanced ai, high res processing, for more detail. So its perfect for enthusiast photographers, even more, you get an integrated, thin and light s pen to help you stay productive on the go while it doesnt offer the same. Viewing experience with media as the samsung galaxy z, fold. 3. The s22 ultra is an excellent all around option, with similar performance, a big bright screen and class leading cameras, which makes it ideal for almost any requirement if youre looking for a smartphone that offers flagship level processing power and can handle just about any task, you could Reasonably expect this might be the ideal choice for you. Some users might want a dependable phone that can get the job done and last throughout the entire day without breaking the bank. The moto g power is an excellent, affordable option for you to consider not everyone has thousands to spend on a flagship level phone and the moto g power is a reasonably priced, easy to use offering that comes with enough processing power for daily needs, and one of The longest lasting batteries among any smartphone it has a plastic build. That seems relatively sturdy, although it lacks a water resistance rating and isnt resistant to splashes or dust. It has an integrated fingerprint sensor in the power button and its relatively responsive for quick and secure logins.

I also like that it features motorolas moto action function which allows you to quickly launch apps by double tapping the power button for user convenience. The 6.6 inch display provides plenty of screen real estate for scrolling or watching videos and offers a 1600×720 resolution, but it doesnt have the brightest screen or the most vibrant colors. You get a qualcomm snapdragon, 662 processor thats adequate for most basic tasks such as jumping between apps, without slow downs, scrolling through social media posts and multitasking, but it cant handle more power, hungry tasks like the pixel 6 pro despite its affordable price. It packs in a large 5000 mah battery that can last up to three days per charge, which is much longer than the more expensive samsung galaxy s21. Unfortunately, it doesnt support speedy 5g, but it still features reliable, lte connectivity and 5g is still a relatively emerging standard. Thats not yet widely adopted. The moto g power is one of the best budget android smartphones available, because it can handle essential daily tasks with minimal slowdowns, has a sleek and stylish design and because it has a battery that can last for multiple days, its not as powerful as the pixel 6. Pro but it can get the job done and its an ideal option if you want something that can nail the basics without spending much money. Next up, we have a smartphone that offers powerful performance, excellent durability and a seamless user experience. The google pixel 6 pro is an excellent option that provides a top tier android experience.

Google is a well respected name in this space and the pixel 6 pro is their latest and greatest flagship model, its a powerful and capable phone that uses high quality internal components to handle just about anything you throw at it, which makes it one of the best Smartphones on the market, it has a curved design with a glass back thats available in multiple colors, depending on your preference. Unfortunately, the built in fingerprint scanner is found on the display and can be unresponsive, but its still functional and provides additional security, while logging in the 6.7 inch oled screen might be too big to use one handed. But it has a stunning qhd plus resolution that produces a crisp image, vibrant and accurate colors dark blacks and exceptional brightness to remain visible in direct sunlight. Unlike the previously mentioned models, it also has a dynamic 120hz refresh rate for smoother gaming performance, better scrolling and superior energy efficiency. It utilizes 12 gigabytes of ram and googles tensor chip, which is an 8 core processor that offers powerful flagship level performance and can easily handle mobile games with smooth frame rates, intensive, photo editing, seamlessly switching between applications and perform any daily tasks like web browsing. Unfortunately, the battery doesnt last as long as some competitors like the moto g power, but it can still last for around the entire day with moderate usage. It also runs. The latest android 12 supports google assistant and has several ai powered features such as a live, translate function that can translate text in real time while it doesnt have as much screen real estate as the samsung galaxy z, fold.

3. You still get a large screen. Thats ideal for scrolling through social media and comparably responsive performance. This is an ideal option if you want a smartphone that can handle daily tasks with ease, has a smooth scrolling screen for gaming and offers the newest android operating system. If youre, looking for the smartphone with the best blend of screen space processing power, build quality and gaming performance with graphically intensive titles, the samsung galaxy z, fold 3 is my choice as the best overall android phone in 2022, the samsung galaxy z, fold 3 has a Foldable design thats up to 80 percent, tougher than previous models, its also a powerful smartphone that can handle processor intensive tasks and offers comparable screen real estate to some tablets in a more compact frame. Despite the relatively bulky size, it has a unique design compared to the previously mentioned options that has a foldable display to provide additional screen space. It has a durable armor, aluminum body and an ipx8 water resistance rating, but its not dust resistant. The design features a large 7.6 inch main screen that has a 2208 by 1768 resolution, which delivers a crisp image with plenty of brightness and a secondary 6.2 inch oled display with excellent viewing angles like the google pixel 6 pro both displays have a smooth 120 hertz Refresh rate thats ideal for gaming and streaming video, you get a powerful qualcomm, snapdragon, 888 chipset and 12 gigabytes of ram, which provides swift performance with everyday tasks, smooth frame rates with mobile games like pubg on high settings and some video or photo editing capabilities.

It can also perform true app multitasking better than most phones, and it has a multi active window feature that allows you to keep up to three app windows open simultaneously for easy switching while the battery life isnt top tier. It has a large 4400 mah battery that can last around 8 hours, so it should be able to last throughout the day, while its pricier than the previously mentioned options you pay for quality and i believe the galaxy z fold 3 is the best option available. It offers powerful internal components and performance thats superior to the high end, pixel 6 pro. If youre looking for a phone that can handle power, hungry, editing, gaming or processing tasks deliver a next level viewing experience and run several apps at once.