. Now lets get to our list. First up we have the infinix 0x pro, which has an impressive 6.67 inch amoled display and a crazy 120 hertz refresh rate. The xerox pro is powered by a mediatek helio g95 and an arm mali, g76 gpu. The triple rear camera setup is a slouch either with 108 megapixel main camera and a 16 megapixel front front facing camera. Other features include wi, fi, bluetooth, nfc and, while it does come with the dual sim capabilities, its capped at only 4g connectivity, it comes with a 4500mah battery and an even 45 watt fast charging capability, but whats great about this is that the infinix 0x pro is At the lower end of the price spectrum in this list at just 15, 990 pesos and with that youre already getting eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabyte of storage, which is plenty enough for everyday use now id say that is great value. Now next on, the list is xiaomi spoko x4 pro 5g, which was released sometime last february. It comes with the qualcomm snapdragon 695 in boast of a large 6.67 inch amoled display and an impressive 120 hertz refresh rate. The poco x4 pro 5g also comes with great battery life, since it boasts of a large 5000 milliamp hour battery and its even paired with a fast charger of 67 watts. But what truly puts the cherry on top of the poco is that it comes with an impressive camera array.

The triple camera setup features 108, megapixel main and a 16 megapixel front camera, which punches above its class in terms of camera quality. The poco x4 pro 5g gives one of the best values you can find on a phone under 20, 000 pesos, most especially that it comes with 5g connectivity and with its top variant, coming in with 5g 8 gigabytes of memory and 256 gigabytes of internal storage. For only 17 990 pesos next we have the recently released samsung galaxy. A33. 5G. The a33 comes with samsungs own silicon, the exynos 1280, which provides great performance. It also comes with a 6.5 inch super amoled display running at a refresh rate of 90 hertz. It has a quad camera setup, headlined by a 48 megapixel main and an 8 megapixel ultrawide. It also features a 13 megapixel front facing camera. Other features include 5g dual sim capability and a micro sd card support. What were not too thrilled about this is that, although it comes with a large 5000mah battery, its fast charging capability is capped at only 25 watts running on android 12. The galaxy a33 5g can be had for just 18 990 pesos for the six gig 128k combo or for 1990 pesos. If you want to bump that up to 8 gigabytes of ram, not to mention that it comes in a design worthy of a premium phone with some really clean and aesthetic color options, okay, so released last march, the real me 9 pro has been a frontrunner in The sub 20k space due to the fact that it simply just provides great value for the money with its snappy snapdragon 695 in arduino 619 gpu.

It should be capable enough for most mobile, apps and workloads. It also comes with a large 6.6 inch ips display and can reach that quick refresh rate of 120 hertz. The nikro provides a much more premium design for its price in features. Camera quality that can even rival higher priced phones as its camera setup is led by a 64 megapixel main and a 16 megapixel front facing camera and at just 16 900 pesos for the 8 gig 128 gig package. The real me 9 pro would be a solid choice for anyone. Next, we have the oneplus nord ce2 5g, it sports a 6.43 inch amoled screen with a 90 hertz refresh rate and its protected by gorilla glass 5, which should help with its durability. It runs on android 11 and is powered by a mediatek dimension: 900 5g chipset paired with the mali g68 gpu. It also has a solid, triple rear camera setup with a 64 megapixel main and a 16 megapixel front. Camera other features include bluetooth, 5.0, dual sim trays and even dedicated micro sd card slot. It also boasts of an impressive 65 watt, fast charging and a 4 500 milliamp hour battery. There is no doubt that oneplus has produced solid budget phones throughout the years, and the nord ce2 5g is no exception. You can find it for only 8990 pesos, with an 8 gig ram and 128 gigabyte of internal storage. The last, but definitely not the least, is the pro variant of the redmi.

Note 11 series packing in a snapdragon 695 chipset that is 5g capable paired with an adreno, 619 gpu and up to 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage expandable via the micro sd card. This device sports a 6.67 inch amoled panel up to 120 hertz refresh rate and 360 touch sampling rate under a gorilla glass, 5 and ip53 splash proofing. It has a triple camera setup, with 108 megapixel main sensor in a 16 megapixel front camera its juiced up by a 5000mah battery and a 67 watt fast charging via usbc Music. Well, that wraps up our list of the best smartphones under 20. 000 passes. Just be sure to keep an eye on the phones releasing in the upcoming quarters of the year and watch out for our upcoming videos. As we kick up a notch with the best smartphones under 30, 000 passes. Just click on the link in the description section down below. Well, if you like this video wed, truly appreciate your support by giving us a like, be sure to also click on the notification bell to stay tuned for any of our future videos. We upload and dont. Forget to follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram and techtalk, and be sure to visit yugatech.com for more tech, news and reviews.