This package is full of mobile phones, so lets dig in and see what is inside. I bought so many lots of mobile phones in the last few weeks, so i really dont know which one which this one is, but actually i know i know which which which box this this slot is – and this is a lot of mobile phones uh – that are Boxed – and you can see one particular phone that i was uh interested in – that was that i was interested to get, and it is this uh iphone first generation or iphone 2g. How some like to call it – and i saw that these iphones first generation are uh each day, uh more expensive, so i wanted to get one uh before they skyrocket in price. At least that is my opinion, but, as you can see, this isnt a mobile phone, this just came in a lot, so i had to get it, but, as you can see, this is also a first samsung galaxy s. Only sos one blackberry and htc hd2. That is also legendary phone, so book box uh full of legendary phones. If you will so lets start with the first iphone how the box is damaged, okay and phone itself, okay, it is in bad condition, bad bad condition. You can see here that it has some screen problems, uh just you can see very well just by looking on my ebay listings. But what can you say so? Thats thats the box thats ema number: zero, nine, five, zero, nine five.

So at least this box uh matches uh uh to this iphone uh, not too happy about this. I was thinking it will be in a better condition, but i will try to fully refurbish it and uh to have a first uh first iphone in uh. You know in a somewhat decent condition and uh fully boxed thats thats my goal so under the htc hd2 and you can see it has some scratches on the screen or if you dont need dust well, im not sure, and this one is actually in decent condition. Somewhat scratched keys on the bottom here. What else is in the box? Nothing much nothing much else in the box on the phone. It is a windows phone, but you can get, i believe, more than 10 different operating systems systems in this one lets get into this blackberry – and this is a blackberry model number here, very, very bold thousand and whats up with this one. So it just has this white bottom part, but it is in a very good condition, not very good, but pretty good condition. Okay, this box. Well, the battery the battery is so swollen. The battery should go beneath the phone, but it cant, of course, and the last phone is this first generation galaxy s4s. It is somewhat damage damaged and with google sign with it. So, yes, that is a lot of, i would say, classic classic early holiday touch. Phones that were all premium films plus this blackberry.

This blackberry was also a pretty popular phone back in the time, but you can see all of them in one box. I did pay quite a lot for this slot, because this iphone everybody wants first gen iphone because it is getting up in the price.