We are from six group uh greeting counseling, so a my name is laila nurul aziz and my friends we will explain our opinion about impact of smartphone, a review on positive and negative effects of students by mainframe, calculus singh and nerina assama. So hope you guys enjoyed hi im, laila nola aziza and my id number 21122177. I want to explain, in my opinion, about impact of smartphone a review on positive and negative effects on students. First, my opinion about the news of the use and effect of stressful in students set the various of students left for chang by increasing a youth as student began to utilize. These devices to increase in their learning knowledge seconds im agree with writer. Smartphone has impacts children, life in various area aspects, cli, education, smartphone, smartphone, for education purpose in introduction, student works of knowledge, as students are able to obtain various information by a client and finally, research, our smartphone user in malaysia contact art style limit site as a campaign Scene from the review above three or only few students on smartphone use being con conductions among the malaysias malaysians. Thank you guys, hello guys. I am certain evening nem2112179 im from 2a islamic guidance and counseling english assessment number one. What do you think about the use and effect or smartphone in student? The answer so what the positive and negative impact of smartphone used for student are we fit into four in terms of education, socialization and physiology, hurt most by students also use smart porn for entertainment, social and education number.

Two: do you agree with the writer? The answer? Yes, of course, because the writer review about the positive and negative impact of smartphones are real and true number three summaries where the white say the answer: smartphone are mobile.: have the ability to communicate face to face to capability of traditional mobile phones equipped with internet access? High quality and camera and management, the purpose of these management on tools review to identify the most of students refuse to in terms of education of sensation and their physicology, hurt next to review the previous students, studies of smartphone use and correct in the malaysia. That was my explanation more or less apologies. Thank you and see you guys, bye, hello, guys, my name Music to a is indians and counseling english assessment number one. What do you think about the new of the us and effect of smartphone studio? The answer i think using ice smartphone is also important, but we also have to know how to ask eyes by my smartphone properly and correctly number: two: do you agree with the winter? The answer? Yes, i agree because turn the winter explaining about the positive and negative effect of smartphone someday. We can now the positive sound of using a smartphone number three summaries when the winter see the elsewhere. The rapid prohibit of electronic has developed electronic devices and smartphone words from c are not limited. I i, i swallowed the positive efforts effect of smartphone users. The positive effects are like number one import.

The teaching and learning experience number two imports to generating non linking number. Three access to variance sliding basal resources and profit opportunities for dispensed, bearing the negative effect ally number one modified tour update status on social media. With her, then student code number two smartphone edition, impaired academic performance and leave decision. I am akumali adonissa student id number, 21122117 and 8.. I will give a critical opinions to international journal about the use and impact of smartphone in student. I think the use and effect of smartphone in student is very important and also have a positive and negative impact in the use of smartphone for students. There must be supervision from parents so that students avoid something unwanted im agree with the writers, because they asked tell us about smartphone effect from various buying a few. There are impact of smartphone on education, psychological health and social interaction. The world say that this refuse is review is to identify the motive of students in utilizing their smartphones, positive and negative effect of smartphone use on students, life in terms of their education, socialization and physical electrical health. The negative impact of smartphone use among students are tremendous and positive impact are minor, although smartphone offers students with several confidences in their life, but it also affects students negatively by distracting their learning process, lower their academic performance, developing psychological problem and social problem thats. All from me, wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh, hello, guys. My name is anna jayaninsi and im from 2a islamic console ingredients and em2112211.

In this opportunity. I will description in english assessment with you, with the detailed smartphone image reviews on creative, positive and negative effects on students number one. What do you think about the news, often as an effect of smartphone in student smartphone, has made the young generation to be so absorbed with its technology? That is become a trademark of the young generation? The situation can be offered generally as the technology safety generation are also the benefit on the advanced trusts and technology, where the jsp attached, the application on smartphone can be used and any moment with accessibility of internet all available. Furthermore, smartphone have an almost chance in the styles of interaction between human being with the advanced technology. The global use of smartphone affect the people and social setting force from it in the use of inference to context such as for learning working and communication number. Two: do you agree with the reader? Yes, visit on the review above, it is established for negative image of smartphone, whose most children are the promised and positive impacts are minor, a transformation of the students with several conversion in their life. But i will also affect students effectively be addressing their learning process lowered. As academic performance, developing physiology problem and social problems, number three small receivers – the writer said the purpose of thing review is to identify the move of children in intelligent. Their smartphone, positive and negative effects of smartphone is on. Children live in the gym on their education, socialization and physically healthy, and this feeding on the student world help the research to educate the positive and negative image of smartphone that can influence his student life.