Now i will definitely tell you i like the g7. I think it was a interesting phone when it first came out, but i would highly recommend not purchasing this phone anymore. It makes absolutely no sense for you to go and purchase this device. I think it was good kind of when it first came out, but it quickly became kind of a little bit of a different device, especially in that day and age, and its kind of even more sad because the phone manufacturer who made this phone lg is not Really making phones anymore either theyre, making displays and other things, but they dont really make phones anymore. So because of that, it makes absolutely no sense for me to recommend you to buy this phone, especially considering the fact that the manufacturer of this device isnt really around with us anymore. So if you want to pick up some other phones, i recommend this here. Links will be down in the description you can get the from there. You can help support the channel at the same time now starting off with the outside of this device. It really isnt that bad of a looking phone and it actually feels pretty premium this phone. Originally came out in 2018, this was around the same year. We got the samsung galaxy s9. We also got the iphone 10 s and 10 or antennas max a little bit later in this year, but the iphone 10 was still around at this time as well.

So this was not a you know: a super outdated. Looking phone, this thing looks pretty modern. To that day and age we had a 6.1 inch ips panel on the front, a 1440p display as well. Now i would kind of err on the side of you know. This phone, i wish it had an oled display. The g8 ended up having one but its very weird lg. They made really good ips panels, but they never really switched over to oled, and that could be another reason why their demise was what it was was because they just were kind of slow to adapt. They were really quick to add other things to their phones. You know like uh, oh, like a lack of home button, and you know gesture based design and the double tap to wake up. Those things were really cool, but they were really kind of slow to. You know bring in all that panel. They had it on other phones too, before this one, but regardless the display itself was nice. We had a notch up top, which was really cool a little bit of a bezel at the bottom, but it didnt look that bad in the google pixel 3 xl came out this year too, and that phone looked way uglier than this thing. So i think this thing looked good, definitely not an ugly looking phone by any means we had a headphone jack on this thing, a usb type c port and a micro sd card slot, which is actually really cool, having the ability to have that io on this Type of phone is actually really awesome, and personally i like having that type of capability really more than anything else.

In my opinion now we also have a full on glass back on this device too, which was actually really cool and an aluminum frame. So this phone felt really really premium in the hand and, as i mentioned before, having a phone like this that felt this premium is really cool. I mean this was up there with like an iphone 10 or galaxy s9. So this thing did not feel like a cheap phone at all and im really happy. Lg went with this approach, rather than even like an lg g6 that felt pretty premium. The g5 felt good too, but this one felt more in line like a flagship rather than their previous phones, which was actually very interesting. Now we still have wireless charging and those type of things on this phone too, and we also had ips certification on this phone too, which was actually really cool with the fingerprint sensor on the back, and we had kind of like a dual camera setup too, which Was really cool so speaking about the camera, we had a 16 megapixel standard lens, then we had a 16 megapixel ultrawide sensor, but we also had an 8 megapixel front facing wide angle lens. Now. Personally, i think this camera was actually pretty good and i was really happy that lg went with this approach. Their lgv lineup was always pretty good. Their flex lineup was also very, very, very interesting. I really never understood those phones, but with something like the g lineup.

They did a pretty decent job at their cameras from the first g series of phones to the g2 to the g3. They were pioneers in so many different ways. They just kind of had these wacky weird things going on with these phones that it just never seemed like you were just getting a solid phone. You were just getting like phones with all these weird features. The g7, with its camera quality, was up there. There were a lot of phones at this time, like i remembered, like i said, the galaxy s9 that had a single camera set up. The s9 plus had a dual camera setup, but this you know the direct competitor had a single camera setup. The iphone 10 had a wide and a telephoto lens. This one had an ultra right sensor, which i personally prefer so with something like this type of camera. I was actually really happy that they went with an ultrawide sensor. We had the ability of doing 4k 60 on the back and 1080p on the front, which was pretty common at that point, but, like i mentioned having this type of camera was actually more of a pro than a con, and i will still say in this day And age, its not a bad camera, but because of everything else surrounding this phone, obviously its not that great. But i will also state that with something like a galaxy s9, even though it had a single camera, youre kind of getting a better experience with that type of phone, which is very interesting.

Typically, you wouldnt think that but youre kind of getting you know more features per se on the galaxy s9, but youre also getting something like you know: the better camera quality. From that single lens, i like having that ultrawide sensor, but having a really good single lens, is also very interesting, and also i mean all these phones. I mean the camera quality wasnt. You know the best at the time either compared to how it is so. I will definitely tell you camera quality thumbs up for me. I think it was pretty good, but in this day and age, obviously it doesnt really compete well with the you know, samsungs and the iphones that we have nowadays now in terms of software. This is another kind of interesting thing about this phone, so it did start off with android 8. It did go up to android 10. As far as i know, but even on android 10, i mean that is a pretty outdated version of android for this day and age. Having a phone that you know is many many years outdated in terms of software, it really just doesnt make any sense to go and pick doesnt look to pick something like that up anymore, but i do think with something that they got the lg g7. I think lg did a decent job with this type of phone with what they did. I mean, if you remember, before their ui, really wasnt, that amazing they had a lot of different issues and everything like that, which i wasnt really happy about.

You know i personally feel like something like the galaxy. You know, s9, for as long as that phone got supported. I was really happy with the performance of that device, but with the lg g7 i mean it was kind of a mixed bag. It started off with decent software ended up getting pretty decent software updates, and i thought it was like a pretty decent version of android when it. Finally, you know kind of stopped, but i will definitely tell you with the lg g7 nowadays its really not that great of a performing phone and its just not my cup of tea anymore. Now, in terms of performance, this device has that qualcomm snapdragon 845 chipset with 4 gigabytes of ram on that base model, but it does go up to 6 gigabytes of ram. Now, personally, as i mentioned before tons of times the lg g7s performance wasnt bad, you know, i think it was actually a decent performing phone, obviously its not going to be the best performing phone nowadays and theres going to be issues with it regardless. But i will always state the lg g7 performance was better than you would expect from a lot of different phones. The ui, though – and this is where things are a little iffy – the ui was still really not that crazy. You know amazing, i mean it was still kind of clunky here and there, although it was better than before. I really wasnt that big of a you know i wasnt really like that great of like oh.

This is like the best performing phone of this time, even with the iphone 10. I still kind of felt like that device was, you know, a better performing phone. I think the iphone 10 was probably the best performing phone at this moment, even better than the galaxy s9 at that time. But still you have to give a lot of respect for lg for making a phone like this and they didnt give it like no features at all. You know it still had pretty decent amount of performance and it was a pretty good performing phone when it came down to it. So in terms of performance that kind of covers it up there now ending it off with the battery life. This device internally had a 3000 milliamp hour battery inside of it, which was pretty common. At that day and age i mean you had the galaxy s9 pretty much the same thing yeah the iphone 10 a little bit smaller than that, but it was kind of pretty much the same exact performance when it came down to it. So i think the battery size was pretty good too and, to be completely honest and to kind of sum up this whole entire video. I think the lg g7 is actually a pretty decent phone for when it first came out, but its just not worth it anymore and thats pretty much the best way to kind of explain it. This is not a good performing phone.

This is not a phone that i would like go ahead and, like hey this, you know pick up this phone today, its like the best performing. This is a very outdated phone and it really makes no sense to go and pick up a phone like this anymore because its not getting updates its already slow and the amount youre going to pay for a phone like this, i mean you can go and buy Really a majority of other devices now, which will give you way better performance, not only in terms of a performance standpoint but better battery, better build quality, better everything. You know theres really no point in picking up a phone like this, but even lets say this phone was perfect in every single way. The manufacturer whos, making this phone isnt even around anymore. So youre not going to be getting really any development on this one either. Even if you love this phone theres, not a really direct successor from the same manufacturer, so theres so many reasons not to buy this one anymore and thats kind of how i would cover it up. To be honest, if you have any other thoughts or questions, let me know in the comment section below hit the like button, not me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly than everything else, i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch.