Now and honestly, i probably should have gotten my review out as soon as that embargo lifted, but i wanted to give this phone a little bit extra of attention simply because its not perfectly obvious what oneplus is trying to do with this device. Now, on the surface, the oneplus 10 pro looks like another iteration of a flagship smartphone that could probably go head to head with the best flagship smartphones that are on the market these days and on paper. It does check all of the right boxes, but like many of its competitors, it does fall short in a few key areas which im going to get to in a little bit now. For years now, oneplus fans have flocked to the brand because of the value proposition that their smartphones offer, and also that great software experience. But in 2022 both of those points arent really massive selling points for oneplus phones anymore, but they still give the phone a slight advantage over the competition at 899 dollars. This isnt the cheapest flagship, smartphone thats on the market, but it is a hundred dollars less than its most notable rival, the galaxy s22 plus from samsung, and it is a hundred and seventy dollars less than last years, oneplus 9 pro, but to throw a wrench in Oneplus strategy this year, google released its pixel 6 pro well technically last year for the same exact price, giving buyers that are looking for a great value proposition and also an alternative to samsung.

Another option to look at the good news is that the 10 pro has both of its competitors beat when it comes to performance. While it may be running the same snapdragon 8 gen 1, with 8 gigabytes of ram as samsungs flagship smartphone oneplus has managed to keep the chipset on the inside of its phone a lot cooler than its competitors. Now most benchmark numbers are going to show that the galaxy s22 plus and the oneplus 10 pro offer nearly identical results. But the cooling system inside of this phone gives it an edge allowing it to max out its power and performance for longer, which definitely is going to be appreciated by anyone whos looking to pick up this phone for mobile gaming, especially if youre playing some of those Games that push the phone to its very limits. Oneplus has also optimized performance of the phone for specific games in order to reduce performance peaks and valleys when the chipset does eventually throttle under heavy use. Now, in my personal case, i did notice a difference while playing the game wild rift with frame rates remaining consistently higher than they would with other flagship devices running that same chipset. That being said, these performance and optimizations are on a game by game basis, which means not every title is going to be given that same treatment, but in terms of day to day use the phones. Performance is actually quite stellar. Even though some might complain that there is only an eight gigabyte version currently available for sale, but oneplus has promised that a 12 gigabyte variant is going to be coming with 256 gigabytes of storage at some point in the future.

But honestly i dont see the point. Multitasking on this phone works, just fine, so having double the storage would come in handy if youre, someone who records a lot of videos or is planning on installing a lot of games on this phone. One of my favorite things about the oneplus 10 pro is the fact that it can charge from zero to a hundred percent in just 35 minutes. Thanks to the 65 watt charger, thats actually included in the box thats right in 2022, a flagship smartphone here in the us still comes with a charger in the box, and oneplus truly does mean it when they call this fast charging. Since this phone can charge about at double the speed than most other flagship devices here in the us market, and when it comes to battery life, it actually outperforms many of its competitors as well. When we stacked this up against other devices running a snapdragon, 8 gen 1, this outperformed, all of them with this 5 000 milliamp hour battery, delivering a full additional hour of screen on time, even when compared to the galaxy s 22 plus and in my personal testing. In day to day use, it typically left me with about a 20 charge at the end of a very long day, some of the improvements are also credited to the brand new ltpo display thats being used on this phone. That offers variable refresh rates from 1 hertz. All the way up to 120 hertz, giving you an incredible user experience when youre playing games watching movies or even just scrolling through your social media feeds, but while also dramatically reducing power consumption when youre simply reading static content on the screen or nothing is moving on.

The display, when it comes to the software out of the box, this phone is running android 12, with latest version of oxygen os. Now there has been a little bit of controversy lately with oppo and oneplus, announcing that oxygen, os and coloros are now sharing the same code base. You still get a couple unique software features that are exclusive to oneplus devices as weve seen in the past, but theres. Definitely, no denying that oxygen. Os on this phone definitely feels a lot different than what many of us have come to love from oneplus over the years. That being said, i still prefer this ui over what samsung delivers on its devices, its just a shame that its a bit heavier and a little more involved than what it used to be. One notable new feature on top of android 12 is the oneplus shelf, which is essentially a customizable widget screen that appears when you swipe down from the right hand, side of the screen, if youre a fan of widgets and simply dont, want them cluttering up your home Screen this is definitely a feature that youll enjoy, since it does give you the best of both worlds. Personally, though, i did disable it just after 48 hours, since it was consistently getting in the way when i was simply trying to swipe down to open up the notification shade on my phone im sure we can all agree that oneplus smartphones, their flagship devices specifically have Typically had great displays and the 10 pro is no exception here, with this quad hd plus 6.

7 inch display that has a pretty amazing color depth at 10 bits with 1300 nits of peak brightness. That delivers great viewing angles. In addition to amazing, outdoor visibility and oneplus has gone a little bit further than usual calibrating the display at 100, nits and 500 nits to ensure that the color accuracy is as accurate as possible, depending on the brightness level of the display. It definitely looks really good but its hard to say if anyone will truly notice the difference in color accuracy at the different brightness levels when compared to competing devices, but as good as the display is on the smartphone im. Gon na have to detract a couple points from oneplus for using a curved display here, which adds unnecessary glare and also makes it just a little bit harder to type on than it should be if they were using a flat panel here. The good news is the display curve isnt as dramatic as what weve seen on other oneplus devices in the past, so at least theyre moving in the right direction. I have to say that taking pictures with a flagship, oneplus smartphone has gotten significantly better over the last couple years, and i was honestly really impressed with what oneplus delivered with last years. Nine pro so its a little bit disappointing to say that this phone here is only really a half step up over its predecessor at best. The main camera is still that same 48 megapixel sensor, and we also have a 50 megapixel ultra wide camera again as well.

The difference this time around is that the ultra wide has a new lens with a 150 degrees field of view, but the sensor itself has been downgraded now that wider lens is definitely a lot more fun to play with, since theres very few cameras on the market. From smartphones that have a 150 degree field of view, but its actually been separated out into its own dedicated camera mode rather than having it as one of the zoom options in the main camera screen, and they didnt even give you the option to record video with That 150 degree view as well the downgraded sensor isnt much of an issue when it comes to taking shots in daylight and time, but the smaller sensor is definitely quite noticeable when taking pictures or even capturing videos. At night, the zoom camera isnt an upgrade either featuring the same 8 megapixel sensor and 3.3 x, zoom setup as last year. Needless to say, the 10 pros rear cameras arent much of an upgrade if anything at all, theyve tweaked the image processing just a little bit to improve dynamic range, but youll have a really hard time telling these shots. Apart from anything captured from last years, nine pro the one camera that was upgraded is the selfie camera featuring a brand new 32 megapixel sensor that doubles the resolution when compared to its predecessor, this upgrade here is definitely noticeable with the added detail in every shot, and Especially in low light conditions, since the sensor is a lot larger, allowing it to absorb a lot more light.

I still wouldnt trade it in for a pixel 6 pro when capturing selfies, but it can definitely go head to head with the best that samsung has to offer. That being said, i still need to point out that oneplus still doesnt think that we deserve 4k video capture from our selfie camera, something that i completely disagree with. But if thats not a priority for you, youll definitely be happy with the pictures you can capture with new selfie camera on the 10 pro after using this smartphone for more than a month. Now, i have to say, i still have mixed feelings about it, its incredibly powerful and i really love the fast charging speeds and the battery life that this phone offers, but it still has its fair share of flaws. That being said, i still think its one of the best android devices thats on the market right now and when comparing it to samsungs galaxy s22, plus its definitely a much better buy. That being said, im still not sure if i would recommend this smartphone over the pixel 6 pro, which also costs 900 as well thats a decision youre going to have to make on your own and thats going to do it. Let me know what you think of the oneplus 10 pro down in the comments below and whether or not you would buy this device over other flagship devices that are on the market right now.