I wanted something of decent quality at a budget price and wherever i looked, i couldnt get past the oneplus nord c to 5g. Quite the mouthful isnt it i was expecting a budget phone with ok build quality, but what i got pleasantly surprised me lets check the super cool android phone in complete detail and see if its worth the cost Music. The version which i have here – cost 25 000. Indian rupees, which is about 260 to 270 pounds or 320 for this, you get the 8 gig gram version with base 128 gigabytes storage. First lets look at the build quality. I have the phone in this mirror gray finish: you also can get it in a blue. Finish – and let me tell you, this feels really premium its nice to hold and touch and certainly doesnt feel like a phone which costs about 270 pounds. In fact, it feels so much more premium than the pixel 4a, which i tested and reviewed on my channel. Yes, the mirror finish is a fingerprint magnet, but it feels so nice to touch even the camera bump is embedded nicely. It is a part of the back panel and its not something which is stuck on. It really looks amazing guys this phone certainly doesnt feel like it costs under 300 pounds now twice you have the power button to the side and volume rocker to the other side, along with the sim tray. This sim tray hosts dual sim slots supporting 5g, along with micro card storage expansion, which can take sd cards up to one terabyte wow.

I never had this ever on an iphone, then at the bottom you have the speaker grille, along with usb c port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Yes guys when you thought that they were going extinct, heres a phone that boldly embraces it. Now the weight of this phone is 173 grams, which feeds feather light in comparison to my current iphone 13 pro max and its only 7.8 mm thin. That is really impressive. Next, the main thing which you notice the screen – it is a 6.43 inches full hd plus amoled panel with 409 ppi and the material is made up of gorilla glass 5.. It does get pretty bright even under direct sunlight, but the coolest addition is the 90 hertz refresh rate which the screen supports. That makes so much of a difference. I know its not the complete 120 hertz, but trust me. This 90 hertz makes it super smooth and once again guys, i remind you this phone costs under 300 pounds. How awesome is that you have the always on option, which i feel is amazing. You can turn it off if you want to save a bit more battery and then there is haptic fade back present, which is when you hit menu icons on the screen. Then you get the decent feedback, which is something which i wish the iphone had as well. You get a full size display with a hole punch which is just towards the left hand side and yes, there is a chin towards the bottom, so you dont get that uniform bezels.

But this is like this on most phones in this price range, then authentication systems youve got an underscreen fingerprint scanner which works pretty well and is fast enough, plus that graphic it plays every time when you touch it is super cool and its android. So you do have alternate options as well. In this case, youve got face unlock as well, which is no face id guys, but it is quick and it works. Then, in the box you also get a plastic bumper case. It is okay as a temporary solution, as it is bit flimsy and there is a temporary screen protector applied as well. So out of the box. You can start using it. Whilst you wait for your premium case and screen protector to be delivered, but the coolest thing which you get in the box is the 65 watts fast charger, and i was totally amazed at how quickly it charges the phone from about 15 to 94. It took about 20 minutes. How insane is that you can literally see the battery percentage changing like how it the seconds change on a clock when you plug it in its really super awesome, and i absolutely love this feature. You never have to sit again and wait for your phone to charge for hours its lightning speed and oneplus youve really done something insanely cool here and you guys, you know what will be insanely cool as well is a sub to this channel.

So i can keep going with these reviews and videos for you. Next battery life is pretty decent as well. You can easily get a full days under moderate to heavy usage, and you can even stretch it to two days with moderate use. The battery capacity is four thousand milliamp hours. Next lets test out the speakers. Music hi guys welcome to my channel now. The speakers are loud and clear, but its only bottom firing, so there is nothing on the top. So, if youre looking for that, stereo effect, you dont get this on that phone and guys. In my opinion, this is the compromise which you have to make in order to get to that price. Next important aspect of the phone obviously are the cameras. So at the back, you have a whopping, 64 megapixel main camera with electronic image stabilization and there is an 8 million pixel ultra wide angle, camera with 119 degrees field of view and a 2 million pixels macro camera. Now results from this main camera are pretty decent. Heres a range of shots which ive taken from it and guys for the main reason why you take these pictures on your camera, which is to give them back on your phone or share them with your family or on social media. The images which this phone produces is really good and for the price theyre more than acceptable low light shots are okay, but the phone performs its best in decent light conditions.

The macros are not as clear as what the iphone produces, but still it is so much fun to look at the world on a different perspective. Now, when it comes to videos, this phone is capable of shooting 4k videos, but only up to 30 fps hd. Video is allowed at both 30 and 60 fps, though the videos taken once again are pretty decent, but it only offers electronic stabilization and it doesnt have that fancy ois, which will certainly give you better results now once again, for what youll be using these cameras for Theyre totally fine, if youre looking to shoot movies or win photographic competitions, then you know that this is not the phone, but for instagram pictures reels or sharing it with your family and friends, or even keeping a personal memory book. This phone is more than acceptable for that and guys again under 300 prize or 24 000 indian rupees. You shouldnt really complain as these cameras work brilliantly for that price. The front selfie camera is decent as well at 16 million pixels shooter featuring a sony sensor and it does support full hd up to 60 fps next thing: the speed and the processor. Now this phone has got the mediatek processor again. If you run geekbench scores, it will not win any prices and well dont, even compare it with apples arm processors, even on phones from a couple of years ago, as you would be disappointed, but all the time i spent with this phone it was fast.

I never experienced any lag or app crashes that 8 gigs ram combined with 90 hertz display, makes sure to keep things running very smoothly. I tried playing graphic intensive games and the phone handled them just fine. Obviously, if youre gon na play genshin, then yes, you will find dropped frames, but for need for speed call of duty. It was totally fine and yes, this phone has 5g capabilities. So for the price. This is one of the best value phones which offer 5g support. Finally, oxygen os 11. oneplus own customized stake on android operating system, but for me this felt the cleanest compared to others out there theres no bloatware, and it gives you almost stock android like experience, which only means good things for future software updates. Now the manufacturer promises two years of software updates and three years of security updates, which is well with iphones, its absolutely peanuts. When you compare that, but thats what you get with android guys its not just with this phone, its with everything else out there samsung is working hard to give you four years of software updates, maybe oneplus also will extend it as time goes on. So, in conclusion, i went for a budget android phone prepared for compromises, as i was planning to use this as my secondary phone im not going to replace my iphone 13 pro max or an iphone ever guys, an android phone will always be a complimentary phone, so I went for this budget android phone prepared for compromises, but i came out with an absolute winner in terms of features, build quality and performance.

At this price point i cannot even fault this phone as it performs so well, im absolutely happy with that 90hz screen the build quality and the cameras and if youre shopping for an android phone on a strict budget, keep this one plus not c2. On the top of your list and trust me guys, if you decide to buy this one, you will certainly not be disappointed so thats all for the video. I hope you like this. If you did like it, please hit that thumbs up button, so youtube algorithm will push my video to more viewers out there and, whilst youre there guys, the subscribe button is just a few pixels away from the thumbs up button.