In my opinion, one of the best smartphones for gaming. You can get Music today, xiaomis new poco f4 gt looks to build on the foundations of its previous gaming phone yeah by offering a better, more stylish, exterior and better performance, though at a higher cost. First off, while the phone targets mobile gamers, it doesnt look like your usual gaming phone. There arent any big obnoxious, led lights anywhere and fonts that scream gamer at all, and i prefer this kind of design. I love more low key designs and this helps make the phone more appealing to a more general audience, despite the power its made of a glass back with etched lines. Unfortunately, the phone does not have any formal ip protection at all, which is a bummer, so maybe dont play in the rain. That being said, the poco f4 gt does have a staple for gaming phones shoulder buttons and, unlike the asus rog phone 5s, which uses ultrasonic sensors on the side, the poco f4 gt has two physical shoulder buttons that spring up. Once you release the latches. I prefer this because physical buttons have that satisfying click and give better feedback to gamers, which we admit we need. Sometimes the only gripe i have with the design of the phone is that the placement of the power button may be a little too low for people with bigger hands. But for me it was okay but yeah. I do understand the compromise because again we have shoulder buttons.

We have a good looking 6.67 inch, full hd plus amoled panel, with a refresh rate pegged at 120hz. If you want to save some battery, you can lower that to 60hz or simply choose dynamic which adjusts, depending on what youre doing between the two options available. We also have a 480 hertz touch: sampling rate 800, nits of brightness dci, p3 wide color gamut support and hdr 10 plus capability, and as far as display quality goes, the poco f4 gts amoled panel does a pretty good job here. Watching videos was definitely a treat. The poco f4 gt has a quad core speaker system built into the frame, while audio quality is relatively okay. When the volume is at 50, it starts to degrade when you crank it up to max volume and heres an audio sample. Just in case, you want to hear for the cameras we have a 64 megapixel, f, 1.9 main shooter, 8, megapixel, f, 2.2, wide angle and a 2 megapixel macro camera that sadly serves as a stat stuffer. I wont talk too much about the cameras because its a gaming phone, but this 64 megapixel camera – is good enough for bright environments but struggles. When you start to encounter areas of low light. There could also be noticeable noise in low light areas and when you shoot some zoom shots, while the ultra wide angle, camera is nearly a filler in terms of image quality, though you can work around it.

If you understand the cameras limitations, so yeah shoot with a lot of light, but lets be real here. This is mainly a gaming phone, so youre, mostly gon na, be using it for that. One of the highlights of the poco f4 gt is the fact that its probably the most affordable phone that has a flagship, snapdragon 8 gen, 1 processor, its the same processor that powers, many of todays flagship phones and considering the price youre, getting a really good bargain. If all you care about is gaming, the phone comes in two variants: eight gig ram with 128 gig of storage and a more capable 12 gig ram with 256 gig of storage choose whichever fits your budget, but you should be happy with either our software benchmarks. For the phone puts its performance roughly at the same level as other phones, equipped with the snapdragon 8 gen, 1 processor and thats right flagships. That means youll be able to play games in their highest graphical settings without any issue. Thermal performance, while gaming is good, though the phone did get a bit warm during longer gaming sessions and the poco f4 gt uses xiaomis miui software, which is now in its 13th iteration and thats, laid on top of android 12.. The phone also has some gaming specific tweaks under the game turbo app while youre. Here you can set screen dead zones, map shoulder trigger functions as well as changing your voice when youre using team talk functions in games that support it.

Nothing too technical or complicated here, but its enough for a majority of people. Lastly, the phone comes packed with a 4 700 milliamp hour battery and 120 watt fast charging, which is the fastest charging speed ive ever encountered on a poco phone. Thus far, it was able to charge the review unit from zero to 100 and roughly 18 minutes and as far as battery life goes, we got 10 hours and 55 minutes on our battery benchmark, which again is what we expect from this processor package and there you Have it my look at the poco f4 gt? This is a gamers phone through and through anyone looking for a high performance phone to play, games and impact, or any other game will be happy to know that the poco f4 gt is great for that, while it doesnt have as much accessory support as say, asuss Rog phone series: it works amazingly, as a gaming device plus its really affordable. You can get the 8 gig ram 12 gig version for just 24 ‘0 pesos, while the 12 gig ram 256 gig variant is priced at just 27 990 pesos. You can find more reviews on our website and please do like comment share and subscribe hit that bell for notifications.