Back so ive tried a lot of powerful phones. Ive tried phones like the samsung galaxy s21, the xiaomi mi 11, the iphone 12 and even the 12 pro max. These are some of the best phones that are available on the market today, but they all have one thing in common, and that is overheating. If you play games on them for more than an hour youre gon na notice that the phone gets super hot, then the performance starts going down. Eventually the phone will lag, the screen will become very dim and at some point the phone will actually shut down. This is kind of normal. This happens to computers, laptops even my camera. If i film my camera for more than an hour, the camera will shut down. So what can you do to avoid that? Well, you can get yourself a gaming phone like this one. This particular one is made by a company called nubia, and this phone actually has a fan inside if youre in a room, thats quiet enough, you can hear the fan inside the phone and you can feel that hot air coming out of the phone, pretty impressive. If you ask me, this is also the fastest and the quickest phone that i have ever tried so far for those of you that, like um benchmark scores, for example, this gets an antutu score of over seven hundred thousand thats about a hundred thousand higher than the Samsung galaxy s21.

Just to give you an example, this one is powered by the snapdragon 888 thats paired with 12 gigs of ram and on the front here we have a 6.8 inches amoled screen, but this is not a regular amoled screen because it has a very high refresh rate. So 165 hertz refresh rate. So if you want the phone thats super quick, probably the quickest outer – this is definitely one that is extremely quick. This is also a pretty unique looking phone and a pretty big phone because we have larger than normal bezels around the screens. So, on top of that 6.8 inches screen, we have bigger bezels in a way it makes sense, because, whenever youre holding the phone to play, games youre not going to touch the screen by mistake, so i dont think those bezels around the screen are something bad not To mention that we dont have a cutout for a camera, so the camera is placed just above the screen, the front facing camera. On the back. We have glass and yes, we have some rgb lights and on the back there as well, you can turn them on or off and they can light up in some situations. So, yes, it does look a bit more unique. The phones frame is made out of metal at the top. We have a 3.5 mil audio jack. I feel that most phones should actually get a 3.5 mil audio jack because its easier and better to use headphones, mostly if youre on playing games at the bottom.

Here we have the slot for the sim card, so this device can take um two sim cards. It cannot take an sd card. So keep that in mind. We have the usbc charging port and this supports video out as well, just in case youre wondering and then we have the second speaker. So we have one speaker at the bottom here and one at the top, and i have to say that the speakers are some of the best speakers that ive heard on any phone up until now. I might as well show you a quick example, so you can hear how those speakers sound Music and, as youve heard, those speakers are indeed pretty pretty loud, all right going back to our phone on the left hand side here we have a dedicated gaming button. Obviously this is a gaming phone underneath that we have the holes for that fan that i mentioned earlier, and you can control that fan from the settings, so you can turn it on off, etc. So it doesnt have to be on at all times. We have the volume keys and, on the other side, we have the whole sum for the fan. Once again, we have the power button and the two customizable buttons, so those buttons you can basically set certain actions in a game and you can use one for a trigger, for example, if youre playing call of duty or something like that personally, i dont find them That useful button there could be some people that could find them um very useful for certain games, all right.

So inside this phone we have a 5050 million power battery and if you use the charger that comes in the box, you can charge the phone from 0 to 100 in about an hour and 25 minutes now the phone supports 65 watt fast charging. So if you have one of those chargers, you could potentially charge the phone from zero to 100 in about 45 minutes. Personally, i dont have one of those chargers, so i didnt actually try now on one charge. It really depends how youre using the phone, because, if youre using it at 165 hertz with the screen at 165, hertz youre, not gon na get more than four hours of screen on time. If you are lowering that to maybe 120 hertz, so youll get somewhere between five to six hours of screen time. Obviously, if you lower that even more youre gon na get more battery life, so it really depends how you use the phone and how much you actually play with it now, even though this is called the gaming phone, of course, you dont necessarily have to use it For games only, you can actually do anything that you would do on a samsung galaxy s9 right on this one. But if you want to take pictures, you do have a variety of cameras on the back and, of course, some a camera on the front. So, the back that we have the main camera, we have an ultra white camera and then a macro camera im, not sure they even included that macro camera, but its there compared to last years version.

I feel that the camera quality has improved a bit. Well, probably, the image processing has been changed a bit so now the pictures do turn out a bit better than last years, but if i would be to compare this to a samsung galaxy s21 that one will do better for um pictures and videos, the maximum recording Resolution for this device is 8k, but i personally dont recommend recording in 4k. I think 4k is much much better for most people and the video quality is also decent enough. Definitely not the best that ive seen, but for a gaming phone i feel the cameras are decent enough, like most android phones available on the market. This runs android 11, but on top of that android 11, we have this nubia skin. That im, not the biggest fan of i dont, necessarily like the way the icons look and i tried installing nova launcher on it. But unfortunately you cannot make a different launcher. The default launcher so youre always going to have to use this launcher. That comes on the phone that gaming space is obviously the most important thing about this phone. Since this is a gaming phone, you can customize that in any way you want, you can add games there etc, and you can also record the screen. So if you want to share your game play on youtube afterwards or on twitter or whatever you can definitely do that from this. So, yes, it is running android 11, but it could have been better either than that everything works, pretty good.

For example, the gps unit inside it takes about three to five seconds to find your location, we have a variety of sensors and from ata i understood the global version of this device. This is not. The global version will also have nfc, so you can make payments with that one. I cannot make payments to this one, but for the global version, um that should um be available. So if you dont have a phone that overheats after 45 minutes to an hour. This is something that you should consider.