8 inch, touchscreen thats, really really responsive. The sampling rate is 960 hertz. The refresh rate on the screen is ultra high 120 hertz. I might do a detailed review later, but today i want to highlight the main features and show you game play of the most popular mobile games. After all, this game is all about gaming, so theres gon na be some extended game play at the end of this video. The phone visually has a really nice design out of the box. It already comes with the screen protector, as well as a case its got. This red button on the side – and this is not a silent on off button like you – have on apple iphones – you flip it over and the red magic app launches. This is sort of the gaming control center. You control and set up all the main features of the phone. Here you adjust the performance from balance to ultra adjust the refresh rate of the screen set up the two built in trigger buttons and even control the built in cooling fan. This is a cooling fan right here, with its rbg lights, now, im running everything all the games here on ultra settings, so fortnite call of duty mobile player, unknowns battleground all of these games run flawlessly at that ultra high settings with a really good frame rate fortnite. Here, though, is locked at a max of 60 fps, so keep that in mind anyways for the rest of the video, its already gon na be gameplay.

So you get to see this phone in action: Music, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, get down sniper enemy down, weve taken the lead. Music is standing by enemy contact contact with enemy, get down Applause targets inside inside family Applause; get down sniper; Applause, hey, Music, so Music! Oh, ah, forget the banished.