5G. This is the 2022 version of the a50 series. So last year we had the a52. This year is the a53 we gained 5g, but we lost the headphone jack. Does that still make it for a better phone as far as a budget friendly phone from samsung, and one of the things i definitely want to answer is? Is this a better deal than the s22 im talking about the base model of the galaxy s22 series? For this year this is tk, and this is the samsung galaxy. A53 5g lets check it out, Music like and subscribe, and make sure you hit that bell icon so that youre always notified to whenever we have new videos on the channel. So here is what we get in the box. We get a cable and we also get a sim removal tool and, of course, the device we no longer have a charger in the box thats. One thing that samsung is moving towards even in the a series and one of the biggest things between this one and last years, a52 is the fact that this is a 5g device. The a52 is a 4g lte model. The other thing that we also gained from there is where we had a 90 hertz refresh rate last year on this device. We now have 120 hertz refresh rate. The other thing that we also saw is that samsung decided to switch over from the qualcomm chipset last year. The 720 over to the exynos 1280 so were using a samsung pro well, a samsung processor here to power the device, so biggest differences is 120 hertz.

Refresh rate, we have 5g capabilities and we also lost the headphone jack that we had on the a52. The a52 didnt have uh for 5g, it did have a headphone jack, but otherwise we still had the same configuration. You know sd card screen display and all of that, and it also had a 90 hertz refresh rate now. The fact is that we dont have a charger in the box, but if you do need to pick, one up sub case sent me one of their charger. Its a usb c to usbc charger that will work perfectly with the included cable that comes with your device. So, overall, everything in the box is pretty much a phone, the documentation, a sim removal tool as well, of course, as the charging cable. So, as i mentioned to you guys, this device is a t. Mobile variant and t mobile is only carrying one color of this. There are other options available if you go directly with samsung. The biggest thing that were looking at here obviously is: we have a 5000 milliampere battery charged with a 25 watt charger. Now you dont get that in the box, but youre able to pick one up yourself again. The sub case. One works very nicely to provide us. The fastest charging capability that we have here now im going to go through some of the specifications in here and at some point, were also going to start talking about the comparison between the value on the a53 and the s22.

Understanding that im not saying that the a53 has better specs than the acs 22, but im actually trying to make it a case for it that actually, this is a better deal, a better bang for the bug, and you will definitely get more by going with the A53 over the s22 uh. The battery that we have here is a 5000 milliampere battery uh, much bigger than the 3700 that we get on the s22 and it is charged at the same speed. So both of them are featuring the 25 watt charging, neither one of them the s22 being the base model did not get the 45 watt charging so thats one thing to keep in mind when were looking at it. Both of them are going to have multiple camera stacks on the back. The primary shooter here is a 64 megapixel camera sensor, with a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 5 megapixel macro lens, as well as a 5 megapixel depth sensor. So literally, three cameras that were able to use, although the main sensor is going to be the best one, that we will be able to use to shoot. Basically, you know 4k 30 frames per second, as well as the ultra wide. On the s22, we had a 50 megapixel sensor as the primary shooter and a 10 uh, basically thats going to be our telephoto lens, which we dont have one here and, of course, a 12 megapixel. Ultra white on the front were looking at a large 6.

5 inch display in here, and this is an amoled display running at 120 hertz refresh rate with gorilla glass 5. very similar to what we saw with the technology on the s22 big difference is the s22. Is a 6.1 inch? This one is 6.5 its carrying over the same display technology, although it is 120 hertz from last years, 90 hertz on the a52 so already were looking at something that is definitely much better. In my opinion, from a usability standpoint, youre getting a much bigger display, youre getting a larger battery, which means youre definitely going to be able to get a lot longer battery runtime than you typically get with the s22. Now the processor on this is obviously the exynos 1280. It is not as powerful as the uh, the snapdragon or even the exynos models of the s22, but you have to also kind of keep in mind its a much more pro powerful processor on the s22, although it actually has a smaller battery. So your battery run time is much lower, youre kind of a combining a fast car with a smaller gas tank, which i feel like the s22 is something that you need to be aware of. If youre thinking of going to it, the s22 plus will definitely do better and the s22 ultra will definitely do way more. So when we look over on the cameras on the front, we have a 32 megapixel sensor here on the a53, as opposed to the 10 megapixel sensor on the s22.

Both of them can shoot 4k capability. Obviously, on the s22 because of the snapdragon and the exon is more powerful. Processors can definitely go higher on the resolution, but when were looking as far as capabilities overall, both devices can shoot. 4K. I still look at the the power of the processor that we have in here is very nice theres, no issue as far as loading applications bringing up things doing things on this. The ui is very snappy and in reality, at the end of the day, unless youre doing something very specific, that requires to have the eight uh, the eight gen one and utilizing the full power of that. I feel like the 1280 is going to give us a very good experience overall stereo speakers on this on this device, one of the microphones sitting on the top. We have a volume rocker and a power button sitting on the right side and, of course, uh bottom side. Bottom option here is a single sim slot with an sd card expand option, one of the microphones usb c for data charging as well as audio and, of course, the bottom firing speaker married to the top earpiece to give us stereo speakers in display fingerprint sensor. A large always on display, you can see here right there ill give it a second to turn back on always on display its present right there and, of course you get the battery status and so on. So you can see here one ui, 4.

1 android 12 and we are running march 1st security patch update so uh. It is definitely very nice and again t mobile has been running and pushing out their updates very consistently. Now, when it comes down to geekbench and scoring from benchmarking, this is going to score a 737 with an 1872. theres, no enhanced processing on this device. This is something that samsungs not throttling the exynos processor, so youre going to be getting basically uh, pretty much the standard performance across the entire system and youre able to basically access and again expand the storage with the sd card option at the bottom, as well as The ability of basically uh, you know just getting everything customized, we have the side panel in here. One thing to mention also, we do have support for good lock, so customizations are definitely going to be even more capable here, with the different modules that we have. You can see here i switched over and installed it. I changed my recent application. You will install all the different modules that you want: youre, also able to install the one handed mode, key, cafe, theme park and, of course, sound assistant. For me, i love the fact that i can actually use uh. You know most recent functionalities here, like the one handed mode ability of jumping to the most recent app back and forth, and of course i can go back by just doing this. It makes things a lot more functional and much easier to handle a device thats.

This large again 6.5 inch display with a 5000 milliampere battery youre, definitely not going to be running out of battery for anytime soon, and we still have technically a faster than usual. The 25 watt charging capability uh that were able to do it, its just that you need to make sure to buy your own charger because its not included in the box so where we start talking about essentially the overall experience and what we get here. The camera experience on the s22 is definitely going to give you a much better experience and ill say by by the definition, is youre getting capabilities that the qualcomm or the exynos processors can give you that the 1280 may be limited by and one of those things. The limitation that were looking at is the fact that this device can only shoot 4k 30 frames per second on the main sensor on the back, as well as the primary sensor on the front, so 4k30 is capable, so we do definitely get 4k were going to Get a sample in a second obviously photo mode portrait mode. There is this new fun mode here. This is one thing that they added in here and gives us the ability of jumping in between the uh. Basically, the uh ultra wide and a digital cropped version of it. Now, since we have a macro lens, we have a dedicated macro sensor, uh mode in here night mode, pro mode pro video single take is here it just its not sitting at the top panorama.

Slow motion super slow, slow mo and, of course, hyper and youre able to jump in and do different things from there lets do a quick sample of the front facing and the back facing sensor on the a53 were going to start off with the front facing camera. Right here on the brand new a53 – and the really nice thing is that we can actually shoot 4k on the front and on the back now, 4k 30 is not going to be obviously 1460. But the reality is for the price point for the features that were getting here for more of a budget friendly device. Its definitely a very nice capability, so 4k 30 on the front lets go ahead and switch over to the main sensor on the back and shoot 4k 30 frames per second as well, but on a bigger sensor. Now, when we switch over to the main sensor on the back uh, the nice thing, actually, we can shoot 4k 30 frames per second on uh on both basically the standard and the ultra white. So you have a little bit of flexibility, so in reality this is actually a very well balanced experience. Not only do we have 4k 30, but we have it across the lenses that we have in here and again. Definitely the ones on the back will give you the best experience when it comes down to performance on the a53, and that was a pretty quick sample of what we get from the front facing and the back facing sensor on the a53 and again were using the Internal audio built in here so the microphones that are built into this device now lets talk about the speakers and what were able to do with the speakers on this device again stereo speakers, one firing downwards away from to the right of us and the other ones Going to be firing towards us, since this is using the earpiece.

So one thing to mention to you guys: the experience between the a53 and the s22 are pretty much almost on the same level. Theyre pretty much very much indistinguishable, and this is one of the things youre. Definitely going to be appreciating the fact that youre not really missing out from going one to the other when youre watching content uh. This is alex crindle jumbo by ncs release our favorite song on this channel lets, go ahead and jump in Music Applause and, as you saw there or actually, as you heard, uh, the audio quality is actually pretty good, its not the loudest phone on the market. But again youre getting the exact same experience on the ac and the s22 uh. It sounds loud enough for us to enjoy content if were watching movies and so on, obviously netflix and so on. Any other shows like that, and the best way to be able to enjoy content on this device are going to be basically two ways either. The speakers that we have in here or you can use a wireless pair of buds or you can also use a wired, usb c pair of audio interface here. The audio performance and the decoding is definitely better on the s22, but this is still actually really nice, but if you are looking for something to give you an audio file level quality audio off of your device, my recommendation, you can actually pick up something that will Make your audio even better, and this would be the helm bolt.

This actually provides us a better audio performance even than the s22 can give us keeping in mind that the s22 does not have a headphone jack, and this would still give you the ability of actually not only using it as a headphone jack, but also as an Audio interface, to bring in audio in to your device, so definitely very nice and very simple to actually interface and again. This will make any audio interface that or any audio that you listen to being it on your pc on your phone uh, its just going to work and its going to give you much better audio. The helm bolt is one of my favorite now being that this is a 5g device and of course the fact of the matter is. This is one of the biggest differences from last years a52, which is a 4g lte. It also supports not only the 4 5g capabilities here on t mobile, but it also supports the uc, the ultra capacity, utilizing new sprint bands that we were able to get or they were able to acquire part of the merger with sprint. So you could definitely see speeds of up to 388. Ive also been able to see in around the 400, but you can definitely see uploads and download speeds are going to be crazy, good on the a53, so again a big benefit over last year, although we lost the headphone jack. In my opinion, it wasnt necessarily the best headphone jack on the market.

You could definitely get something like this to be able to augment the audio on this device, or even the a52 from last year, as well as the s22. The biggest difference, as i mentioned to you guys at the beginning, is that this device supports 120 frames per second, we have capabilities of android 12. All the functionalities uh motion – smoothness, you can keep it at 120 or at basically 60 frames per second, and because of the configuration that we have in here, the larger battery, the you know, 1080p resolution display youre definitely going to be getting a much better life span. As far as battery life and performance on here, gaming on this, of course, is going to be very much a similar experience, its not going to be a bad experience, so i went ahead and installed asphalt 9 and you actually have access to the game system here. Thats built in and youre able to access it from here, theres. Also, the application function that youre able to add all of the different functionalities you have built in here and, of course, enjoying content on this device is going to be also one of the biggest things that you could definitely appreciate here. Oh so, as you saw there, the gaming experience is actually going to be really good. The audio is also really nice. There. We have the capabilities of android 12 functionality, security updates, uh, the ability of customizing, with good luck, the ability of enjoying all of the functionalities that we want.

The cameras, 4k 30 frames per second from the front, all the way to the back. So you definitely get a more consistent, uniform experience across the device now im, not trying to say that the a53 is a better phone on paper, spec wise than the s22. The s22 for sure has better specifications uh, not in every single aspect, but in general it has better specifications its the agent one um, obviously with the better exynos processor from from samsung and the 1280. Obviously doesnt stack up but lets look at them and exactly. How does this translate into user experience user functionality at the end of the day, a 3700 milliampere battery with a more powerful soc, the 8gen1 on a device thats a 6.1 inch display is just not going to last you as long. This is just the fact of the matter unless you really want a smaller form factor of one. What the s22 gives us with a 6.1 inch display. I really think that the a53 just kind of knocks it out of the water 5000 milliampere battery. We have a slightly its a less powerful processor, with less power, hungry processor and, of course, we have a 6.5 inch display 120 hertz still across the board, and they both the charge at 25 watts. So neither one gets the uh the leg up on the charging. Although wireless charging is on the s22, but i would argue saying it really isnt as fast so reality of the matter at the end of the day on paper and on spec, it may sound like the s22, is a better deal but reality after using and what People value the most people value longer battery life and more consistent usage, and i really think the 1280.

The exodus 1280 will give you that now we lost the headphone jack from the a52. If you want that the a52 is still available to purchase, but i would argue saying that having 5g with ultra capacity is a better deal because you get better connectivity and more functionality. We still have sd card support and we still have stereo speakers. So definitely very nice and we bumped up the refresh rate to 120 over the 90 hertz refresh rate from last year. So when you start kind of putting all of these together and really realizing what you value the most, i still think the a53 provides us a much better experience. Well, i do want to talk about decks and, of course, screen mirroring because i think im pretty sure somebody in the comments is going to jump in and say well, you know the s22 has the you know decks and so on yep. The s22 definitely has that, and that is something that you want to value, and you definitely want to jump in on the s22, although i would argue saying that maybe the s22 plus or the ultra would be a better design, mostly because of just the battery performance. Overall, again, 3 700 milliampere battery im, not sure. Why was this done this way? Maybe it its in a way trying to give you a kind of like a stepping up. So you go in to look at the s22 and then you see that the s22 plus does so much better, and then you may want to go in there for me, im actually trying to argue the other way, trying to go a little bit less.

Providing you better bang for the buck and again still a very good, solid performer from samsung, so the a53 is available in multiple options, carrier versions as well as unlocked at the end of the day. My hope is that you found this video helpful and it helped you decide if the a53 5g or the s225g is a better fit for you like and subscribe as usual.