I want to say a big thank you and shout out to the video sponsor simply carbon fiber ill chat about them in just a bit. Now, with this video guys im going to show you the outside of the case ill, take it out, show you the inside and basically come to a conclusion on this case itself, its 29.99 on amazon with prime shipping, and if you do want to buy this after Watching this video do follow my amazon affiliate links down below in the description, but lets look at the back here. So we have this really nice matte black material here its smooth, but it does have this little bit of a texture on the back, which does feel very nice and smooth in the hand very easy to get in and out of your pocket as well. Not going to collect any fingerprints or smudges anything like that, just looks very nice now, looking at the camera bump, i do really like that they have this like little bit: thicker uh kind of border that does go around it. That does separate between the case backing and then the phone part, but i dont like that. It is the larger cut out. So i do wish it kind of would have mimicked the lines of the camera lens or the the camera bump i mean, but is what it is. But, as you can see here, you do get some really nice lips that are going to protect those lenses.

Its very flat, so my wobble test will test and see if its shaky or not but thats the backing so very nicely done now on the sides. Here we do have this really nice textured material, its not like got these like little ridges or anything, but it just has this really nice material? It just feels very good and very grippy says rhino shield on the sides with a little bit of the little branding logo. There got your power button and your volume up and down buttons which are raised, so it definitely looks very tactile but well test that in just a bit and then moving down, we do have rounded corners here. So not sharp edges or anything. And then we do have a nice little cut out there for the type c port and mic and our speaker grille and then moving to the side. The only thing that we have on this side is some holes for a lanyard and then moving to the top. We have a circular cut out for the mic up top now. Looking at the front, we do have some really nice raised lips, guys so youre getting some great protection with this case, its actually 3.5 meters or 11 feet for the drop protection, so youre getting some military grade drop protection with this case, which is fantastic. Looking at it from the front thats the look, if you turn your screen on thats the look of it too and then maybe if i just kind of boom there, we go so thats the look of it as well, and then looking at the top here, you Can see that it is tempered glass friendly and that little slit there at the top for the speaker, grille is very nice and minimal.

Looking now lets go ahead and do the wobble test so lets go ahead and put it back down and lets see if its shaky or not – and it is absolutely not shaky at all and then lets go ahead and flip it over to the front. And there is no shake at all either so definitely a very flat front and back so definitely like this as far as the non shakiness goes, so maybe you do too and then lets go ahead and test the buttons. So lets start with that power button first and volume up and down all right, so very clicky, very tactile buttons, guys so very much two thumbs up for my clicky button test. So last but not least, lets go ahead and test the wireless charging capabilities so lets just slap it on and instantly recognizes that it is on a qi, wireless charger. So no issues at all with wireless charging and you are able to do reverse power share and any like google pay or samsung pay with it as well. So easy peasy. So now lets go ahead and get it off real quick. But before i do that lets talk about the video sponsor simply carbon fiber, so they make some fantastic carbon fiber accessories ive been using the slim wallet here. That is a card and money clip for about two and a half. Maybe three weeks now absolutely love it. Its real genuine carbon fiber, but what you can do guys is put up to seven cards in here.

I think i have like five or six right now, but easily can just pop it out, put it back in put it in your front pocket. You got a money clip back here where you can put your two dollar bills back there. So definitely a very slim nice product, because i usually wear workout shorts and i love putting this in my front pocket versus putting my regular wallet in my front pocket. So when it comes down to it guys, this is a fantastic product that i highly recommend and if you are interested in buying something like this, then go to my link, which is simplycarbonfiber.com forward. Slash roy and use my promo code roy 10 to get 10 off your whole order on simply carbon fibers website. So once again, big, thank you and shout out to the channel and video sponsor all right. So getting back to the video, i want to go ahead and finish what i was about to do and take this case off, so it is very easy to take off. I am barely putting any effort in taking this off and it pops out that easy. So on the inside we have this really nice kind of honeycomb, hexagonal pattern inside says hello, different inside rhino shield made in taiwan. Now the borders have that hexagonal material as well all around so its giving you some really great drop protection. Like i said its 11 feet of drop protection and so its just kind of this backing of the technology from rhino shield very rigid but flexible as well case, as you can see here.

So it has a little play, which i dont mind and then its super easy to put back on just kind of do the button side again push in and thats all she wrote so there you go guys. There is the solid suit from rhino shield. For my s22, like i said, if you are interested in buying this, do follow my amazon affiliate links down below. I really do recommend this case. If you are looking for a simple mid range case and what i mean by mid range is in that 30 range, because there are cases that are a lot cheaper and then theres a lot of cases that are a lot more expensive. But to give you that drop protection to give you that simple, look but feels good in the hand very lightweight and just looks great and obviously its rhino shield. So you know what youre getting. I definitely would recommend this so hit that like button, if you liked the video, if you loved it, please subscribe and ring that notification bell for up to date, content so be safe.