So what do you think that one major issue im talking about is: do you think its throttle gate battery life or something else, leave a comment down below right now and lets see if you can get it right, dont jump to the end of the video. Be honest and lets see if you can predict what is that issue that im going to be talking about, because i think i do have a unique take on the situation anyways guys before we get to all that. My name is ash youre watching c4 retech and if you do end up liking, what you see here thumbs up subscribe turn on notifications by hitting the bell icon and lets get started. First, lets start with the positives. Whats samsungs done right here, and there is a lot that theyve absolutely nailed with the s22 ultra. This phone fills a note sized void left in samsungs lineup. For all intents and purposes, this is a galaxy note. Its got that s pen thats better than ever its got that squared off form factor and even looks closer to a note 20 ultra than a s21 ultra. The fact that samsungs managed to provide the s pen on a scd spoon without compromising on the battery capacity or making the phone unnecessarily bulky now thats a huge pro for me and the s pen here its an absolute pleasure to use theyve got the response time Down to 2.8 milliseconds from nine and all the s pen features that weve seen in the past, like being able to quickly cut out a part of the screen and share it.

Take down notes and have the handwriting converted to text create gifs using the s pen as a remote trigger for the camera theyre all present in a content for here now before we move on a quick shout out to If you want to import a phone thats not available in your market, definitely do check them out. They ship, quick up professional and usually have a lot of hard to get phones listed. If you have not checked them out, yet hey go ahead. Do it right now ill leave a link in the description below now coming back. The s22 ultra is a large phone, its also quite heavy at 228 grams. This combination means its not really something youre going to be using single handed a lot reaching. All four corners of the display with the phone in one hand, is going to take a whole lot of hand gymnastics, but you can say that about most flagships these days. So its not a knock against the s22 ultra. This is a beautifully crafted phone. It feels very nice and premium in hand and its not just the way it looks or feels you actually have good protection here. Youve got gorilla glass, victims plus to both the front and back, which is the best available in the market. Today, the way the sides curve it ensures that the phone feels quite easy to use. The buttons are placed exactly where youd expect them to be theyre, clicky and tactile.

We get wireless charging, support and ip68 rating for water and dust resistance and the weight its quite evenly distributed, and overall, the phone feels very well balanced. I also happen to be in the minority with respect to the camera array to the back ive seen a lot of people say that this kind of takes away character that the s21 ultra had. But to me i love how minimal it makes the back look and the availability of green and burgundy as color options mean its not bland, but just minimal a royal refined. Look, if i might that said, there is a negative with this camera placement. The cameras here they do pick up dust and pocket lint quite easily and are a pain to clean, not a big issue for people like me, who always use cases with their phones. But if youre someone who likes using your phone naked, it might be something worth keeping in mind now, underneath the hood. The s22 ultra is powered by samsungs own exynos, 2200 or qualcomm flagship snapdragon, 8 gen 1 soc both are very powerful and quite capable of doing whatever it is that youd want your phone to now. There have been some reports of samsung throttling apps on their phones to extend battery and, while it might theoretically be true, i honestly never noticed the s22 ultra misa beat its always been a pleasure to use and one ui 4.1 built it up. Android 12, its been really good thats.

Also, thanks enlarge to the dynamic amoled 2x panel on here, the s22 ultra sports, a beautiful 6.8 inch display this is the best panel samsung has ever produced and given almost every major flagship, todays sports, a samsung amoled panel. This is by far the best display youre going to find on any smartphone. Today it has a quad, hd plus resolution with that 120 hertz refresh and a peak brightness of 1750 nits, meaning using it outdoors poses no issues whatsoever. Now, underneath this display is an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is positioned just right and is very quick to respond. Theres also face unlock. We have that 40 megapixel selfie camera thats, equally quick, and since we touched upon it the selfies themselves, they were very impressive too. Quite sharp and detailed, with accurate skin tones anyways coming back to the display, samsungs also utilized second generation ltpo technology, to vary refresh between 1 to 120 hertz for better battery efficiency and yeah. There is a 5000mah battery on the inside and it performed great for me with moderate to intense use. I was easily able to get through a full day on a single charge. Well, it might not be as good as the battery performance on the s21 ultra, probably due to the screen being brighter or the soc being more powerful. I dont think battery life is something you got to worry about here. The charging situation, on the other hand, is not quite as good.

The s22 ultra technically supports up to 45 watts of charging, but realistically it charges at 25 watts and thats. It weve seen. Multiple reports confirmed that the 45 watt charger doesnt necessarily charge the phone any faster, so expect about an hour to full charge which is decent but fails in comparison to what else is happening in the market. Today, most brands are offering much higher charging speeds for their flagships and that kind of takes a little bit of sheen off the s22 ultra. And when you take into account the fact that these fancy 120 and 150 watt charging brakes are being included in the box. It feels like charging is one area where the i mean this phone is not really ultra, i mean its badly pro, but then again, there is another area, a more important one. In my humble opinion, where samsung is so far ahead of the competition and that would be with optics, we once again get four cameras: 108 megapixel primary, a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a pair of 10 megapixel telephotos, and i absolutely adore the images that the s22 Ultra shot under good lighting conditions, the primary camera does very well zoom in, and you can see all that fine detail, the images are quite beautifully exposed, colors remain natural and the dynamic range is excellent, not just with the primary, even with the ultra white. Now. This is no crazy, 150 degree ultra wide, but its probably the best ultra wide youre gon na get on a smartphone.

The pair of telephotos are also quite excellent, both like the primary are paired with optically stabilized lenses. So, even when you say shoot 100x with the 10x telephoto, you still get results that look like this. Maybe they arent images you would share on social media, but i definitely found them useful say when i wanted to read some text that was far away. I wanted to give someone directions to go somewhere locally and anyways. The 30x thats really really good, i mean id, say thats. Even social media worthy under low light, samsungs dedicated night mode helps the s22 ultra put on a strong, showing even in badly lit conditions. The images were very much usable, not just once shot with the primary, but even the secondary and telephotos, with video 8k 24 is where it tops out at, but 4k 60 is what i usually shot on the footage. Its pristine, great colors, impressive detail with solid stabilization from an optics perspective. The s22 ultra is the most complete package available today now does this mean there is nothing that beats it not exactly. There are some situations where an iphone or a google pixel or even a oppo, find x5 pro might do better, but overall, as a package theres, nothing that can quite match what the s22 ultra has on offer. Now, with all that said and done, lets talk about that one issue guys what im going to be talking about next is going to be from an indian perspective, but give me a minute and ill get to the global aspect of things its still relevant to you, Regardless of which part of the world youre in so moving on, if you remember the days of the galaxy s4 and the s5, we had this common issue where samsung would launch their flagship at a very inflated price that would almost immediately drop.

For example, the galaxy s5 launched at 51, 500 rupees and within a week it was being sold at 40., but by the time the galaxy s7 rolled out samsung addressed this. They fixed this, the s7 launched at 48, 900 and even a whole. Six months later. It still sold at the same price and this carried on over for a few years, but little by little we seem to have regressed back to the galaxy s5 era. Now, with this s22 ultra, it launched at 1.1 lakhs in india, 1200 dollars in the us, 4700. Aed in uae today, a mere two months after the launch: its selling for 92, 000 rupees, ’00 aed and 99 usd in india uae and usa, respectively, a drop of 17. Now, if youre thinking, hey ash, this is the way the markets changed in 2022. Id say think again because the iphone 13 pro max the phone samsungs positioning, this phone against it launched in late september for 1100 in us 1.3 lakhs in india, 46.99 homes in uae, and today about eight months later, it still sells at the same price it launched At in the us and india uh in the uae, its dropped a little. You can get it for 4200, but even thats, just an eight percent drop over eight months compared to the 17 drop weve seen with the s22 ultra in just two months now. This is a major issue for two two reasons: reason one the ones getting screwed over are the actual super fans, ones who lined up outside stores or pre, ordered the phone, the ones those are gon na, be in my comment section saying you hate, samsung thats.

Why youre saying this or something like that and reason to lets, say you like me, really love this phone and you want to buy it. But when you see the phone drop 17 in two months, you cant go ahead and buy it right now, right, thats, not good, buying sense. Youd probably have this question in your head on. Will it drop another 10 in the next two months? Should it just wait? A little longer – and this in my humble opinion, is the only reason not to buy a s22 ultra. The question mark in a prospective buyers head on. Will it drop more due to samsungs very volatile pricing, but if you are okay with that gamble and one the best android has to offer – or if you are watching this video at a time where the prices have stabilized the s22 ultra is a no brainer its An amazing phone that, though i paid a lot more than what it sells for today. I have no regrets buying its the best experience you can find on an android phone today, and that is my take on the samsung galaxy. S22 ultra. What do you think about this phone? What do you think about my take on it? Let me know in the comments below and with that we arrive at the end of todays review video thumbs up thumbs down, based on whatever you felt about it. Subscribe turn on notifications hit that bell icon, if you havent yet, and thanks for your time thanks a lot for watching until next time.

My name is ash. Youve been watching c4 retech and im signing off. For now.