4 by 7.4, millimeter theres 5.83 by 2.89 by 0.29 in weight, 155 grams 5.47 ounces build glass front gorilla, glass, 5, aluminum back Aluminum frame sim single sim nano sim or hybrid dual sim nano sim dual stand by ip68 dust: water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, display type ips lcd, hdr, 10 size, 5.2, inches 74.5 square centimeters. Approximately 68.6 percent screen to body ratio. Resolution 1080 by 1920, pixels 16 to 9 ratio, approximately 424 pixels per inch density protection, cording, gorilla, glass, 5 trilominos display x reality, engine platform, os android, 8.0 oreo upgradeable to android 9.0. I chipset qualcomm msm8998 snapdragon 835 10 nanometers cpu octa core 4×2.45 gigahertz cryo and 4×1.9 gigahertz cryo gpu adreno 540 memory card slot micro, sd xc uses shared sim slot, dual sim model, only internal 64 gigabytes, four gigabytes ram, ufs 2.1 main camera single 19, megapixels, f, 2.0: 25 millimeters wide one half point: three: 1.22 micrometer predictive pdaf laser af features led flash panorama hdr video 4k at 30, fps 1080p at 60fps, 1080p at 30fps, euro ice 720p and 960fps selfie camera single 13, megapixels, f, 2.0, 22, millimeters wide one third, video 1080p. At 30, fps euro ice sound loudspeaker, yes with stereo speakers; 3.5 millimeters jack; yes, 24, bit: 192 kilohertz audio comms, wlan, wi, fi 802.11, a b per gram, nac, dual band wi fi direct dlna hotspot, bluetooth, 5.0, a2dp, aptx, hd, the gps. Yes, with a gps glonass, bds, galileo, nfc, yes, radio, no usb usb type c 3.

1 usb on the go features: sensors, fingerprint side mounted: accelerometer euro proximity barometer compass, color spectrum battery type li ion 2 700 milliamp hours non removable charging fast, charging 18 w quick charge; 3.0 misc colors black, warm silver, vs, pink moonlit, blue models, g8341 g8342, f8341, f8342, g8343 sob 36s01k price about 260 euros tests, performance, geekbench, 6541 b, 4.4, 1527 b, 5.1 gfx binge 25 fps s 3.1 on screen display contrast, ratio, 1406, nominal 3.765, sunlight camera photo video Loudspeaker voice 65 decibels, noise 68 decibels ring 69 decibels, audio quality noise, minus 93.3 decibels, crosstalk minus 90.2 decibels, battery life, endurance rating 82h phone is still fast. Android 9 works well on mine. No issues just wish it had a 6 gigabytes variant, even its lowest fhd is still immaculate af. The sony xperia xz1 first saw the light of day in august 2017, and a lot has happened since then, not least, the launches of the sony, xperia xz2 and sony xperia, xz3 phones, which may well be a better buy for you than this is here, are our Original thoughts on the xperia xz1, which might still be worth a look if you can find it at a decent price, even though there are now never models in the sony lineup. At first glance, the xperia xz1 looks a lot like the sony phones that came before it sony once again indulged its seemingly irrepressible passion for its omnibalance design, which has changed only in subtle ways over the last four years.

Oh, would you look at that? Another xperia smartphone that barely looks different from the old one sonys styling hasnt had a significant shake up since the original xperia z arrived and that doesnt change here. That means you get the same. Angular shape same massive top and bottom bezels surrounding the 5.2 inches screen and same minimal back. That looks more like space 2001s monolith than a smartphone. The rear camera sits flush to the phone too, which only adds to the similarity sit. The xz1, alongside bezel busting flagships like samsungs, galaxy s8, the lg v30 or apples iphone 10 and youll wonder why sony didnt try something similar. The xperia design is starting to feel noticeably dated. Sony has stuck with an all aluminium build. This time, though, instead of copying, the xz1 premiums mirror like glass finish, which was an absolute fingerprint magnet here. You dont have to constantly polish the phone just to keep it looking clean, ocd phone owners. Your prayers have been answered. It is a little on the chunky side, though youll definitely notice. One sat in your pocket camera focus of a tension, camera focus of attention; sonys phones, use camera tech, diluted down from the companys point and shoot compacts, so its only fair to expect good things on paper. The xz1 delivers thanks to a 19 megapixel sensor with predictive capture, smile detection and autofocus burst. Basically, itll make it much easier to capture the shots you want without having to jump into the manual mode, predictive capture, isnt new to xperia phones, but it is turned on by default here.

So you wont forget to enable it press, the shutter and youll get a series of shots to choose from rather than just one, so no more missed snaps and it works too, even if its a little fiddly having to jump into a menu and scroll through every Shot to pick your favorite picture, quality is up for debate, though colors were aggressively vibrant and oversaturated, making a vase of flowers. Look very unnatural details, look good on the surface, but zoom in, and it was easy enough to spot the limitations of the processing. As with previous sony phones, the xz1 tins towards over sharpening which looks good on from a distance but loses more subtle details when you look closely its something, the higher than usual pixel count, just cant compensate for googles, pixel, samsungs, galaxy s8 and apples, iphone 7, plus. All do a better job and with fewer pixels, low light photos arent amazing, with lots of noise. Unless you rely on the harsh, led flash burst mode with tracking autofocus is the real star here: shooting 10 fps for up to 10 seconds, but keeping your targets clearly in focus, even when theyre moving around the frame or in and out of it. The system worked well on slow moving targets like pets and children and is a nice addition to the xz 1s feature set, even if its not exactly something youd buy a phone just to have dont rely on it for a formula 1 race, though sonys super slow Motion video mode also makes a reappearance shooting 960 fps videos that make hyperactive pets and children look about as energetic as a slob resolution is still limited in this mode, but the results are still impressive when you feed in enough light software and 3d scanning, the camera Plays a major role in the xz1 standout feature 3d scanning, the 3d creator app lets you digitize peoples faces and heads turning them into miniature models and animated figures for some reason.

Boot up the app and itll show you how to wave the phone around mapping a face. Whole head or static object once youve followed the dotted lines and tapped a few buttons. Itll create a model in real time in the right light. It works reasonably well giving you digital models to share online or send off to a 3d printer to be turned into a miniature statue. Actually getting the right light, though trickier than you think any bright sunshine can throw off the system and the speed at which you pan the camera can lead to massively inconsistent results unless you particularly like flat faces sure its impressive that all this is being done on The phone rather than offloaded to a high powered server somewhere, but the whole concept just feels like one big gimmick it doesnt rely on any particular hardware either. So doesnt feel like something you wont eventually find on any other phone 3d scanning aside. The xz1 has another software: first, its arriving with android oreo out of the box, beating every other phone maker to the punch youll be as up to date, as can be once you get one in your pocket. It has all the same features youll find in vanilla android, like improved, lock, screen notifications, improved battery life and picture in picture support only with a trademark sony twist.