Its products really well too after surprising us, with the price of the me 11 ultra when it launched last year. Xiaomi has now launched the xiaomi 12 pro, which undercuts its closest rivals: the oneplus 10 pro and the ico 9 pro. So lets just jump right into the battle and clear your confusion once and for all: im ershad youre watching track in tech, english – and this is our detailed review of the xiaomi 12 pro and comparison against, of course, the ico 9 pro and the oneplus 10. Pro now, first things: first, none of these phones come with ip rating. Also, when it comes to the materials used in the design of the phone, the xiaomi 12 pro and the oneplus 10 pro have an advantage with the kerning gorilla glass, 5 back and corning gorilla glass victus on the front display. All we know about the ico. 9. Pro is that it has panda glass protection on the front and its probably not as sturdy as cornings solution now, as far as the in hand feel goes, the xiaomi 12 pro is the most comfortable of the lot and feels very planted too. I really like the weight distribution of the phone and the way it is constructed. I think that the oneplus 10 pro comes a close second, but the ico 9 pro is a little too wide, even for my large hands and the camera module on the xiaomi 12. Pro looks absolutely gorgeous, it kind of looks you know premium and classy.

The only problem is that it juts out a little too much from the rear and therefore the table wobble is a bit too much another advantage of the xiaomi 12 pro are the two dedicated speakers that you get with the phone, and i like the way its Designed as well, it looks a bit like a waveform on the 10 pro and the ip9 pro you actually get. You know a stereo speaker setup with the earpiece working as the second channel you know forget about the design. Lets take a listen to how these speakers sound Music. So now that youve heard the sound, the oneplus 10 pro and the xiaomi 12 pro actually come with support for dolby atmos, and i feel that the oneplus 10 pro actually sounds the best of the three with you know the loudest sound levels and, of course, a Very dynamic, very weighty, sound as well xiaomi 12 pro would be my second favorite when it comes to the sound quality through the stereo speakers. I actually expect it slightly better, considering that its got harman kardon tuning, but its not as good as the mi 11 ultra and, of course, the ico. 9 pro sounds the thinnest of the three and forget about the harman kardon tutoring. You know what i expected to be better: our subscriber count, wed love your support, hit that red subscribe button and the bell icon right next to it to get notified whenever we put out an awesome new tech.

Video also youtube generally recommends videos that gets a lot of likes and comments values, engagement, so that the algorithm can push it to more people. Looking for a xiaomi 12 pro review now, the other feature that i wanted to highlight is that the oneplus 10 actually comes with a usb type c port with usb 3.1 standard, as opposed to the xiaomi 12 pro and the iphone 9 pro that come with usb 2.0 standard, what this means is that on the oneplus 10 pro you can get video out. I think that flagship phones should not come with usb 2.0 thats kind of uh. You know a letdown and, of course, lets not forget the fact that the oneplus 10 pro comes with an alert slider. At the same time, the xiaomi 12 pro comes with an infrared scanner on the front, and so does the ip9 pro. Overall, i like the design. The construction and the in hand feel of the xiaomi 12 pro, but the oneplus 10 pro gets a lot of basics right when it comes to the design of a flagship, smartphone. The iphone 9 pro is not that bad, its actually a looker too, but the only problem is that it has a few misses here and there. Now all the three phones have a gorgeous curved amoled panel. You get a 2k amoled panel with 120 hertz, refresh rate 10 bit support hdr playback as well, but the xiaomi 12 pro has an advantage with the additional dolby vision support which, by the way, is available only on xiaomi and apple phones.

As far as i can remember, and while the xiaomi 12 pro and the ico 9 pro actually have a peak brightness of thousand 500 nits and a typical brightness of thousand minutes uh, the oneplus 10 pro actually has a peak brightness of thousand three hundred nits and A typical brightness of eight hundred nits and when you view them side by side, you can actually see that the brightness on the oneplus 10 pro is not as much as the other two, but you know what in daily usage it doesnt make a huge difference. Now all the three phones do come with support for the latest ltp or 2.0 technology, which means that the refresh rate should ideally go down as low as one hertz. But during my testing i noticed that, while the iphone the oneplus 10 pro did go down to one hertz. Whenever you know there was a static screen, especially in a page like settings and youre, you know not scrolling anything at that time. The xiaomi 12 pro was actually stuck at 10 hertz and it never went below 10 hertz in all of my testing period. Now, when it comes to the color accuracy of these panels with the professional mode, all three are almost equally good. You wont be able to tell a difference really now. One thing i did notice with the xiaomi 12 pro my usage is that the palm rejection on this curved panel is not that great.

So, for example, when i was watching instagram reels, it would often get muted. Now, when it comes to the in display fingerprint scanner, it is the best on the ico 9 pro, because you get a larger touch. You know area so haptic feedback on the xiaomi 12 pro is the best of the lot initially. I thought that it was bad, but i changed the vibration intensity and you know the feedback is really good and it has been implemented really well across the system. Uh ui as well. The oneplus 10 pro comes in second for me, and the ico 9 is slightly disappointing when it comes to haptic feedback Music, all right, so we are here at the camera part of the review, and you know what consciously weve avoided the oneplus 10 pro here, because The oneplus 10 pros cameras do not match up to the xiaomi 12 pro and, of course, the icon 9 pro as well. So, therefore, making our jobs easier and making your jobs easier as well, it is actually a fight between the xiaomi 10 pro and the icon. Pro lets just get down to the samples now, firstly, the xiaomi 12 pros. Consistency is extremely good. You get color size parity across the 350 megapixel lenses and thats worth applauding. Look at the ico 9 pro and in comparison it doesnt offer such good color science consistency. Secondly, the auto focus log on the xiaomi 12 pro is absolutely fantastic.

With the help of ai, the 12 pro can change focus lock from full body to eye tracking, as and when you move close to the subject, it works really well, plus it focuses really fast and takes a tack, sharp image too every single time you can also Derive a lot of details from the new sony imx 707 sensor. I love the natural sharpness of this sensor compared to the ico 9 pros 50 megapixel samsung gn5, which is not too bad to begin with, and the fine details are very well preserved. As you can see in this 12 pro sample, the colors are also way more natural, looking on the xiaomi 12 pro compared to the ico 9 pro, but the hdr performance is a bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes the shadows get exposed well, but sometimes it doesnt, and you know you can see that the icon pro is kind of better and the highlights are also better controlled on the ico, 9 pro plus in certain situations, you get that overdone. Hdr look, which kind of looks very annoying now, coming back to the good things i like how sharp the ultra wide is, but the ico 9 pro adds more versatility with the 150 degree ultra bite. However, you lose out on the sharpness. As a result, the telephoto is very sharp too, but you can zoom in only 2x, as opposed to 2.5x on the ico, 9 pro and 3x on the oneplus 10 pro.

But you know what ive told you guys before the oneplus 10 pro 3x camera is of really poor quality and that needs to be upgraded anyway. What i also like about the 12 pro is that it shoots great pictures of people. You can see how it has gotten the facial tone right where the ico has made it slightly, yellow plus it is much sharper too, against the light with hdr on 2, the 12 pro has a very natural look to the whole scene. Now portraits with the 2x lens are particularly sharp with edge detection. That is way better than the ico 9 pro. You can see the differences for yourself, but the same is not true for selfies, though xiaomi doesnt bring the same level of color accuracy here, the ico 9 pro selfies look way better, even in low light. The ico 9 pro offers a sharper picture, albeit with a shifted white point now talking about low light. Xiaomi just hits it out of the park with the 12 pro the level of details that it retrieves is just nuts. The exposure is spot on too and theres very little noise as well its not like the ico. 9 pro is bad. In fact, up until the 12 pro came along, the ico 9 pro was easily one of the best out there, but im just mighty impressed with what the 12 pro slow light cameras can actually achieve. In fact, the low light performance is good, even with the other two cameras, the ultrawide and the telephoto.

I like how consistent it is, even if the lux levels keep dropping the ip9 pro doesnt match up. Unfortunately, video recording in low light at 4k60 fps is again so good on the xiaomi 12 pro just look at the clean visuals and the correct temperature control compared to the ico. 9 pro you just get far less artifacting on the 12 pro talking about video recording. The phones can also shoot 8k. But for this comparison i stuck to 4k 60fps and both are very good at stabilization, but the ico 9 pro is slightly better with its gimbal stabilization. Although details dynamic range, colors, sound, recording and exposure are better on the 12 pro, i could easily pick up the xiaomi phone for my video camera of choice. This is a 4k 60 fps video recording on the ico, 9 pro and the xiaomi 12 pro. This is a 4k 60 fps video recording on the ico, 9 pro and the xiaomi 12 pro even front camera. Video recording, while it cannot do 4k, is available at 1080p 60fps, where the ico tops out at 30fps, and you know you also get hdr option for recording on the xiaomi phone again: xiaomi wins and now im shooting the same 1080p, video 30fps on the 9 pro And 60fps on the xiaomi 12 pro and now im shooting the same 1080p, video 30fps on the 9 pro and 60fps on the xiaomi 12 pro. I really prefer the xiaomi 12 pros confident set of cameras compared to ico 9 pros versatility.

The 12 is not without its flaws, for example, the selfie performance could have been better. But honestly, i dont take a lot of selfies, but if you do then you know this might not be the phone for you. This would be the one for you so coming to performance. The xiaomi 12 pro has the same snapdragon 8 gen 1 system on chip thats inside the icon pro and the oneplus 10 pro and, of course, were already aware of the fact that this qualcomm processor, based on samsungs, 4 nanometer fabrication process, is notorious for heating and Throttling and of course, the situation is no different on the xiaomi 12 pro, in fact, in our cpu throttle test where we ran a 20 uh code test and a 40 code test for 30 minutes, the cpu stability is the lowest compared to all the three phones. The 3d mark wildlife stress test is also not great on the xiaomi 12 pro compared to the iphone 9 pro and the oneplus 10 pro. I also noticed that in regular usage, the phone did get hot, even when youre using the camera, or especially when youre gaming. Definitely the xiaomi 12 pro gets hot, but so does the ico 9 pro and, to a certain extent, the oneplus 10 pro as well, which actually doesnt get as hot as the 12 pro or the 10 pro. But that also could be attributed to the fact that theres, this crazy heat wave right now in our country, so yeah, but if youre using it in a controlled environment, then its not too bad.

But if youre taking it out in the heat, just ensure that you dont push for performance. However, all that performance translates to the fact that you get the best graphics settings in call of duty, mobile and bjmi on all three phones – and you know what one game that ive been playing consistently is grim valor and it runs at 120 fps constantly its such A fun to play on the xiaomi 12 pro and the other two phones as well in daily usage. I really like how miui has been tuned for flagship phones like the xiaomi 12 pro the animations feel absolutely slick and smooth. In fact, id say that the smoothness and the speed is almost on par with oxygen os on the oneplus 10 pro front touch os 12 on the icon. Nine pro it doesnt feel as slick in comparison. Calling performance again is fantastic on all these three phones no qualms there and you get support for 4g carrier aggregation too. The xiaomi 12 pro and the ico 9 pro do offer more band support compared to the oneplus 10 pro. But then again we dont have 5g right now, so its not a problem at the moment when you start using it. Maybe then that could crop up as an issue, but at the moment thats not really coming to the battery life point, and i think this is something that you guys were concerned about and the xiaomi 12 pro considering it has.

The smallest battery of the three also has the worst battery life during my testing period, i had multiple runs on the xiaomi 12 pro twice with you know, fhd plus resolution twice with wqhd plus resolution, and not once did i get more than five hours of screen On time the best i could manage was four hours and 47 minutes. It would average at about four hours, 24 hours, 30 minutes only, which means that you will have to charge the phone by the end of the day. The ico 9 pro lasts slightly longer and the oneplus 10 pro actually lasts much longer in comparison, however, the trump card that xiaomi and aiko bring to the table is their individual 120 watt super fast charging solutions. Now xiaomi claims that you can charge the xiaomi 12 pro from 0 to 100 in 18 minutes flat. But to achieve those speeds, what you need to do is actually put the phone in airplane mode, clear. All the apps in the background, switch on the boost charging toggle and ensure that the screen doesnt turn on and, of course, you know, climb the mount, everest and eat fifteen talent to last break hundred and one coconuts at the urban temple. You get the tripod and im making it funny, because aiku doesnt give any sort of such prerequisites and it charges from 0 to 100 in 19 or 20 minutes every single time now. This is not really a problem that could be xiaomis safe charging technology, but then again, thats not ideal in ideal situation, youll be able to charge it in 25 minutes.

Because again i am okay. With that speed, i have no hurry to go anywhere regardless. All of these fast charging standards are just vanity, metrics theyre, not really useful. Anyway. What could be useful is the fast wireless charging support on all the three phones. You get 50 watt support on the xiaomi 12 pro and the ico 9 pro and 65 watt support on the oneplus 10 pro. Of course you will have to buy this charger separately. Moving on to the software experience, i do like miui 13 on the xiaomi 12. Pro, of course, id rate oxygen, os 12 higher, primarily because it has fewer bloatware apps installed. Fanta choice would be my least favorite of the three because it is not as cohesive or, as you know, slick as the other two operating systems. Plus there are way too many pre installed, apps and thats, not really good for a flagship phone. As for software updates, oneplus and xiaomi assure you that you will get android 15 on. You know both their phones, whereas ico says that it will be updated only up to android 14. now whether they are actually good with updates or not, is something that well have to wait and watch, and we will definitely track here at track and tech english anyway. In the end, if you ask me, of course, personal preferences would vary, especially when it comes to software. I would rate oxygen os 12, as number one followed by miui 13, followed by phantos 12.

Music. Now xiaomi strum card is the introductory offer actually brings the pricing down to as low as 53 000 rupees for the base variant, which is, of course introductory pricing, but even without that it is the most affordable of the three. And, of course, when it comes to the phone, the xiaomi 12 pro has the most consistent set of cameras, plus the auto focus and low light performance is exemplary. Its a very iphone like experience when youre shooting with these phones and most of the other parameters, are good too only if the battery life was better and the phone wouldnt throttle as much, and that is exactly the area where the oneplus 10 pro takes the lead. But then again, the hasselblad branding is not really helping oneplus with its camera performance. The ico 9 pro has a fantastic, versatile set of cameras, which a lot of people will love. I genuinely love, actually, you know using the iphone 9 pro for shooting pictures, and the gaming performance is very good too, but you know the software experience is not up to mark for a premium phone and there are a few misses too, for example, the fact that You dont get gorilla glass protection and the usb 2.0. You know speeds which is, of course, a problem with the xiaomi 12 pro as well. So, to sum it up id recommend the xiaomi 12 pro for anyone who wants a great camera experience under rupee 7000 and the oneplus 10 pro is an easy recommendation for oneplus fans.

Oneplus is actually coming back with the kind of speed and experience that you get with it, but then again, camera still needs a lot of work and well. The ico 9 pro is for anybody who wants to support the underdog wants to take risks because again, its not a bad phone by any stretch of the imagination. So you can take a call accordingly. So i hope you guys liked our review of the xiaomi 12 comparison against its immediate competitor phones. It was a lot of fun to make it took a lot of effort as well.