So if theres an ipad pro, you have a galaxy tab s8 to compete with it. Apart from that theres the entry level category, where apple has never really operated, i am talking about the 10 to 20 000 rupees price segment, a price segment where the consumers have a bunch of options such as the likes of the moto tab. G20. The real me pad, and now the recently released, realme pad mini. This brings me to the 30 000 rupees price segment, which is where the apple ipad, 9 or say the entry level ipad operates, and it has been the best bet for apple for many years now. However, this might change as its now the start of a new era – hello, everyone amani here from mr phone and in this video i review the xiaomi pad 5, which is the companys first attempt at making an android tablet. Now this one comes at a starting price of 26 999 rupees, and while this tablet targets the entry level ipad, in my opinion, not only is the xiaomi pad 5 superior to the apple ipad 9 in terms of features, but it also undercuts the entry level ipad. In terms of pricing significantly now before we get rolling, consider hitting that red subscribe button for detailed tech videos and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates lets get started. Music xiaomi has been killing it lately with their products.

Im specifically talking about the xiaomi 12 pro, which ive been using as my daily driver and, of course, the xiaomi pad 5, for which we are here in this video. For a long time, the entry level ipad has been considered the best productivity tablet for around 30 000 rupees and part of the reason its been like. That is because it didnt really have a legitimate competitor, not anymore. The xiaomi pack. 5 is not just an android tablet; instead, its a legitimate competitor to the ipad that looks good, looks modern has the features, has the hardware and power and, of course, aggressive pricing lets start with the pricing and variants. The xiaomi pad 5 comes in either gb or 256 gb ufs 3.1 storage options or which are priced at twenty six thousand nine. Ninety nine rupees and twenty eight thousand nine. Ninety nine rupees respectively ram is standard at six gb on both variants. Of course, theres. Not a cellular version of the xiaomi pad 5, like the ipad 9, but i really feel xiaomi should have given an option for that. Maybe the company knows better about the demand but come to think of it. I really feel there should have been an lte version of the android tablet of the xiaomi pad 5. Maybe we see that in the next iteration, but just looking at the wi fi versions. This is excellent pricing, guys, especially considering the ipad 9, which comes at a starting price of about 31 000 rupees for the 64 gb storage variant, while the 256 gb storage variant costs an exorbitant 44 900 rupees like apple y, so design wise, the xiaomi pad 5 Features a metal frame and a velvety soft mattria finish, which by the way is plastic, but it is done so well that it looks and feels premium to the touch and, of course, you get slim uniform bezels at the front.

The tablet is also very slim at just 6.8 millimeters, and the weight is about 510 grams, which makes it extremely portable to carry around theres, also 13 megapixel shooter at the rear, and at first glance you might mistake it for a dual camera, but its a single Snapper guys, nonetheless, its a solid rear camera that will definitely come in handy for taking those high quality document scans and xiaomi even gives a document mode for the same in the camera, ui, so thats, even better, so guys right now, im recording from the front camera Of the xiaomi pad 5, this is an 8 megapixel selfie camera and whenever you do your video calls meeting and stuff like that, this is the kind of quality that you get and how does my audio sound? Let me know about that in the comments uh as well, so my phone just rang sorry, so this is the kind of quality that you get. I think so its a pretty good quality. Now my only uh one, the the only nitpick that i have with this camera setup – is that i would have loved to see the front camera in a landscape orientation rather than a portrait orientation. The camera is right here, so quite unnatural. I think so i mean uh whenever you use a tablet, use it in landscape mode. I think thats the natural way to use the tablet even right now, im using this tablet propped on my bed with the keyboard accessory.

So this is a natural way of using the tablet in landscape. A camera in this orientation would have made more sense rather than in the portrait orientation and even ipad for that matter. Uh gives the camera in a portrait orientation, so definitely xiaomi and apple should make a note of it. Uh, please show me, i think so uh you guys, can definitely uh implement these changes in the next iteration and make the camera added in the landscape orientation, but otherwise in terms of quality quality. If you compare it with the ipad 9, definitely much much better quality on the xiaomi pad 5. The 8 megapixel camera is much much better in terms of video as well as as well as audio and anyway, you guys have just seen the uh the whole uh sample right now. What do you think about the overall quality? How does the video look? How does the audio sound, let me know in the comments coming to the front, and this is where the magic happens. What you get here is a 10.95 inches, like almost an 11 inch display with a 2.5 k resolution 10 bit colors 120 hertz refresh rate and up to 500 nits brightness and just to put it out there. This is the laminated display, and what this means is that the digitizer inside and the screen glass are glued together as one for a seamless experience, and that is how it should be generally. So, as for the ipad 9, that one comes with a non laminated display and i would urge you that you go to an apple store and see the display of the ipad 9 for yourself and it has a non laminated display.

As i said, and when you check it out for yourself, you will know exactly what im talking about and how this one is a much much better than the display. This display is much much better than that of the ipad 9., and so this right here is an ips panel and a well calibrated ips panel. Indeed, the colors pop the content looks great and overall, its a pretty sharp panel. The good part is that the display supports hdr10, then theres, dolby, vision, support as well, and all this combined makes up for a superb multimedia experience. Additionally, the cherry on the cake is the four speakers that you get on this tablet. Yes, there are four of them, and not two and the performance of these made me go bonkers. I mean they sound loud, clear and rich plus. The audio separation is also superb and not to mention. The speakers are also able to adjust the sound smartly. According to the orientation in which youre holding the tablet, in a nutshell, i am mighty impressed with the multimedia experience on the xiaomi pad 5, and this tablet right here is the perfect example in which you can get a gorgeous display mated with superb sounding speakers, and All of it comes at a reasonable price. Moving on the xiaomi pack, 5 is powered by the snapdragon 860 processor and, first of all, im very happy that the company went for this chipset rather than a 7 series chip so kudos to the team.

As a matter of fact, the snapdragon 860 soc is plenty powerful to handle any sort of demanding tasks you can think of. In fact, i feel this is the most under utilized chipset from qualcomm and apart from the poco x3 pro, i dont really understand why these smartphone companies never really used the snapdragon 860 in their product, so good that xiaomi went with this one, so performance wise. No hiccups whatsoever games such as call of duty, mobile, bgmi or even asphalt, 9 and the likes are playable at the highest graphics settings and not just playable, but you also get a smooth and seamless performance. General tasks are, of course, handled well and even while multitasking using apps on a split screen and things like that, the xiaomi pad 5 doesnt break a sweat. As for the software theres miui 13, which xiaomi is calling me ui for the pad and its based on android 11 and before you think its just an overblown version of the miui that you get for phones, no, it is not that in fact, xiaomi has put Enough attention to details that for a first attempt, i think they have done a pretty decent job things like the dock, split screen, multitasking uploading windows and a second space are optimized well for the xiaomi pad 5.. Now i understand googles software ecosystem isnt as good and as popular as apples software ecosystem, but on the bright side of things miui for the pad 5 looks promising and im actually looking forward to what xiaomi can do with miui, based on googles, android, 12.

L for tablet, additionally, xiaomi, is also offering accessories in the name of a keyboard and a stylus for the pad 5, and you can purchase them separately. Fortunately, i have the keyboard cover with me right here. Sadly, i dont have. The stylus count did not send me. One piece tommy sent me one, but anyway, in my opinion, uh this keyboard really enhances the productivity on the xiaomi pad 5.. The keyboard quality is top notch, the base is fall leather and it feels super duper premium to the touch. Theres good key travel on offer, plus i love how clicky it is and the sound it makes whenever youre typing something. I personally love that, but beyond the clicky nature, the keyboard also takes advantage of a bunch of predefined shortcuts that you can find from the miui settings. And, of course, you can add more of yours finally theres a reasonably large 8720 mah battery inside the xiaomi pad, and while you get a 22.5 watt charger in the box, the slate indeed supports a 33 watt fast charging. Now, in my testing, ive been using my xiaomi 12 pros a 120 watt charger to top up this thing, and it usually takes about one and a half hours to fully charge, which is pretty fast for a huge battery such as this and even endurance. Wise youll have to go over crazy on this thing, to kill it in a day because it simply lasts battery.

Optimization i mean is superb and in my experience, even when i pushed it with hours of video calls typing docs multitasking, watching a lot of videos and finishing my day with a netflix binge watching. Even then, before i slept the xiaomi pad 5. Always you know had that 20 battery left around in the tank and if youre a light user say you just use your tablet for multimedia consumption, that is for watching movies or playing some games, or you just do general tasks on your tablet, then, be rest assured That the pad 5 will easily last you three to four days on a single charge with ease so with all said and done. Whosoever is in the market, looking for a new tablet for productivity and leisure, but you know has their reservations with ipad os. Well, this one right here, the xiaomi pad 5 – is your answer, in fact, with the pad 5, its not even about android versus ipad os. Instead, it is directly about whether you should get the xiaomi pad 5 or the ipad 9 for this kind of money. First things: first, the xiaomi pad 5 undercuts the ipad 9, not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of features and features like a laminated display, a 120 hertz refresh rate 10 bit colors and quad speakers. These features, in my opinion, make a really strong case for the xiaomi pad 5 and while miui for the pad isnt as bagged by the developers as the ipad os.

We rest assured that this is a step in the right direction and im really hoping that we only see the software improve on the android side of things in the coming months and years. One more thing i would want to add is that, while i dont know the exact price of the xiaomi keyboard cover, i am sure it wont cost 14 000 rupees as the ipad 9s keyboard cover, and i can also assure you that xiaomis offering is leaps and Bounds ahead in terms of quality over apples now lets hope xiaomi prices, the keyboard right so go ahead and buy the xiaomi pad 5. Without any worries. I give it a solid recommendation and, with that its the end of this video and so thats all for my review of the xiaomi pad 5. Let me know your thoughts about this tablet in the comments below and as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.