Since 2020, i mean what even is time. What was also quite strange is that some high profile people here on the youtubes didnt seem to like it very much. I used the pixel 6 as my full time phone for almost a fortnight when it first launched – and i thought it was proper good – not a perfect blower by any means, but one of the better flagships out there and more affordable than many of its rivals. But of course, six months is a bloody long time when it comes to tech, even if those months seem to slip through our fingers like grains of sand covered in lard and in those six months. Not only has the pixel six itself received several updates and new key features, but also lots of big rivals have launched, including the likes of the xiaomi 12, the oppo find x5 and the real me gt2 pro now in between my other phone reviews, i have been Using the pixel 6 on and off for the past six months, and i thought because its half a year lets revisit it full time, have my sims slapped in there for again close to two full weeks to do another in depth review and for more on the Latest and greatest tech, please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so. First up, yeah, im still gutted that google went bigger with the pixel 6.. Compact phones are proper rare now in 2022.

Although the excellent xiaomi 12 is one that i would recommend. If you want something for one handed use, it is significantly more manageable compared with this here pixel, but still the standard pixel 6 isnt exactly massive, its, not exactly a chore to wedge into your shorts when youre done with it. Unlike the s22 ultra, the iphone pro max, or indeed the pixel 6 pro and after six months of on and off use, including plenty of occasions where ive chucked it in a backpack in order to do photo comparisons and the like the pixel, 6 still isnt. Looking too battered that victors screen is a little bit scratched up, but nothing too horrific. While the gorilla glass, 6 arse is only lightly dusted, with tiny wii nicks overall, pretty good, especially considering i constantly forget just how bloody slippery this thing is. Basically, you shouldnt ever leave this thing on the arm of a sofa because it will be hurling itself off within seconds and i still reckon the pixel 6 looks rather lovely, although i would prefer one of the lighter color options, despite the slightly daft names every time I see it kind of coral or sort of c form a little bit of vomit. Just kind of inadvertently holds itself into my mouth and it is kind of a shame that google hasnt spat out any fresh new color options for the pixel 6. In the past few months, but who knows maybe theyre saving that for google, i o im definitely holding out for a predominantly purple or a comparatively cream, no issues with the water resistance here on the pixel 6 either that screen is actually impressively responsive when its damp.

I found that even if im chilling in a lovely hot bubbly bath catching up on my frankly horrendous inbox situation, the screen still works. Absolutely fine with damp mitts and condensation. All over the thing and on the software side got ta say still a massive fan of that android 12, which is still pretty damn easy to get on with, but packs in loads of great new features, one of the best new tools wasnt actually available. When i first reviewed the pixel 6 and im talking about the invaluable call screening feature, this is perfect for pretty much anyone who gets constant calls from private numbers, which id imagine is basically everyone these days just hit that call screen and feature the caller will be Asked what on earth they really will want and then youll get a full transcript of their response. You can decide whether to answer or tell them to bugger right off and thanks to googles ever dependable, transcription feature. This tends to work pretty well, even with like really strong northern accents and the like. Occasionally, you can get a little bit confused, especially when it comes to slang and the rest, but not to the point where you cant, actually figure out. Whats being said, and the rest of version 12 is rather pleasant from the improved ui customization to the nifty privacy tools and that live translation. Feature used in the camera is also invaluable when you bugger about abroad, which is actually a thing that happens now in 2022.

Hooray, a shout out to the haptics here on the pixel six as well, which are subtle enough, so you barely even notice them most of the time and absolutely whisper quiet and, of course, because this is a google handset. Youve got those dependable os and security updates. Coming through reasonably regularly, there have been a couple of delays here on the pixel 6 series, smartphones, most likely down to the fact they are using that tensor chipset role than just bog standard. Snapdragon – and i know quite a lot of people have been affected by annoying bugs here on the pixel 6 series smartphones, i think ive just been luckier than most. I did see quite a lot of weird quirky little bits of behavior in the first month or so when the phone launched and subsequent update seems to have crushed most of those bugs. Thankfully, one little weird bit of behavior, i saw on the pixel 6. These past two weeks was a couple of times, the always on display the battery charge. Wouldnt actually update on so id wake up in the morning and check the charge. It would still be at like 12 percent as it was the night before id freak out. I turned on the phone and it was actually at 100. It was fine, a couple of little weird ui quirks as well, and obviously its not great to still be seeing the occasional little bug six months or half a year into a smartphones existence.

But at the same time nothing too traumatic. And if you are after a fun for the long haul, while youve still got four and a half years of security updates, promised here on the pixel 6, so its definitely good for the uh for the foreseeable. Oh also that in display fingerprint sensor has had some updates post launch, but it can definitely still be a little bit ropey compared with some rivals, and although google is still reportedly beavering away on its very own form of face recognition that still hasnt transpired here on The pixel six, so occasionally i will find maybe a couple of times a day the fingerprint sensor craps out on me, so i have to enter my pin instead and while im griping about stuff other apps and features here on the pixel. Besides the face, recognition include that micro sd support and im pretty much at capacity here on the 128 gigs of internal storage, so thats kind of when im gon na have to start deleting stuff soon and also theres no headphone jack here either, but to be fair, Most of the pixel 6s premium priced rivals also lack the expandable storage, the headphone jack and all that good stuff. Luckily, ive got no complaints when it comes to the bluetooth. Audio streaming ive been testing the pixel 6 in super busy central london areas. Now that social distancing is basically a distant memory, super dependable, no judders or anything and youve also got a pretty beefy stereo speaker set up on here as well.

So fine, for you know, kicking back with some youtube or whatever, and even the screamiest of soft player venues as for the screen tech. Well, no real updates whatsoever on the pixel 6s 6.4 inch. 90 hertz oled panel that auto brightness is responsive enough and clarity is good. Even when its super sunny outdoors and youre rocking some shades contrast is sharp. Colors are poppy like most flagship phones out there. It is a proper belter. Now, of course, one of the biggest changes as far as the hardware is concerned on the pixel 6 compared with previous generations, was googles, introduction of its very own tensor chipset and, of course, google promised an awful lot from its tensor soc. But as with the first generation of any kind of tech, its best approached with the kind of caution usually reserved for an angry badger with a severe case of piles. It does sound like a lot of optimization, has happened in the background with these various google updates. But the pixel 6 can still get pretty bloody toasty at times, especially when its in constant use on quite a warm day. So, for instance, just the other day hop down to the seaside because it was actually sunny used the phone as a sat now for about an hour hour and a half while also streaming music to my car stereo, and at the end of that one. It felt like molten bloody lava, probably not held by the fact that it is, of course, all black, but the good news is that it certainly seems to be much better at gaming.

These days certainly likes of gentian impact. You can play on those higher detail: settings at 60 frames per second and the pixel 6 doesnt absolutely shut the bed these days, its actually a nice smooth, satisfying experience to rival most of the flagship smartphones out there and yeah. That arsene does still get quite warm, but not like horrifically toasty, like it used to back when it first launched so thats, a plus or no real updates that also fresh new gaming mode. Either youve got a small selection of tools, including the likes of a do. Not disturb when you are gaming, and hopefully with future increments of android that will expand and grow even more great new features and tools. Over the past six months, ive had absolutely no issues with the networking side of things either. I have heard people complaining about the wi fi connectivity, ive got to say its been absolutely perfect, absolutely flawless for me no dropouts in connection or anything like that, and the 5g support has worked to charm too. As for the battery performance, well, that battery life doesnt seem to be quite as good as it was when pixel 6 first launched as well as degraded slightly, but i still managed to get all day player out of a full charge. Of this thing no worries the drain is next to nothing when the phone is idle. I still find i managed to get around sort of six hours of screen on time before the battery is fully drained, so certainly competitive, compared with a lot of its rivals.

As for the recharging speeds, well, that does seem not quite as strong as some of the competition out there. The wired recharging speeds tops off at 30 watts which its pretty lethargic compared with the opposite and the real means of the world which generally top off 80 to 100 watts for the majority of the time. Its not really an issue, especially if youre used to charging your smartphone overnight, for instance, but its quite useful to just bung in a cable and in 10 minutes. Time have enough charge to see through a full evening when required, as you cant really do that here. On the pixel 6., that said at least you do get wireless charging support here on the pixel, unlike some rivals like the xiaomi 12, the real me gt2 pro now, one of the most obvious reasons to buy a pixel 6 over rivals is still that mightily, impressive Camera tech, although googles blower, does have some fierce competition now, in 2022, its biggest rival is more certainly the oppo find x5, which boasts that fresh new mara silicon chip for excellent low light photo and video capture definitely go check out. My review of that beast to see more, but like the pixel 6, it is just as good at faithfully reproducing any scenario day or night these here pixel shots are outrageously close to what youll see with your peepers. So anyone whos serious about photography should be plenty happy and in the evenings.

Youll enjoy crisp results with fine detail and minimal grain, its pretty much neck and neck between the pixel and the oppo, and both are slightly ahead of the standard samsung s22 and s22 plus one of the other strengths of the pixel 6 is capturing living breathing subjects, Especially those who happen to be off their tits on sherbet, even in portrait mode, this one does a bang up job with zero blur when theres lots of flapping and bouncing about the place involved got ta say i havent really noticed any real difference in the photo And video quality here on the pixel 6 in the past half a year and certainly not beyond those first couple of updates right back when the pixel 6 first launched it still hits really hard on full auto mode. So if you simply want a point and shoot device, zero stress, zero effort and good looking shots 19 times out of 20 well, the pixel 6 will do the job outside of that. The pixel 6 isnt quite as successful as some rivals that 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter cant, match the fine x5s 50 meg imax, 766 sensor or other rivals like vivo when it comes to color accuracy and detail even in lower light. Likewise, theres no telephoto zoom option here on the standard pixel 6 youll have to upgrade to the pro for that, but thats fairly standard at this sort of price point like the xiaomi 12.

The real me gt2 pro also do not bother with the telephoto zoom, and some of the new camera features like the motion mode are still cac, although magic eraser is a proper game changer and something i make regular use of to remove other pesky humans from my Family picks fear, horror movie needs the pixel 6 in as good as samsungs expensive flagships, and it does peel in comparison to the find x5 at night. But im still more than happy enough with my 4k memories here, including the excellent audio pickup and the dependable stabilization. So, as usual, you can move and shoot as much as you like, and also that eight megapixel selfie shooter still produces hit and miss results, its dependable enough in bright conditions, even coppenwell, when the sun is right. In your view, although in ambient light, you will often get more grinny or warmer shots, and there you have it theres, my full six month, re review of googles, pixel, 6 flagship smartphone, and i do very much like it. I get on really well with this thing. Enjoy having my sim in there thats for sure got ta say, though strong competition in 2022 definitely check out the likes. The real me gt2 pro the oppo find x5 and the xiaomi 12, as well all around that sort of six to seven hundred pound mark. But if youve also been rocking the pixel six in your pants or pocket or whatever for the past few months, be great to hear your own mini review down in the comments below.

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for some hot pixel 6a action.