By the way. If we talk about iQOO, then its track record is not very strong., Especially its budget Z series is not that strong.. We will try the One Plus 10R later.. This phone has a big camera sensor.. I dont know where such a design started. Lets start. First, with the scratch test., You will get a screen protector on the screen of this phone.. Most likely, the construction of this phone should be plastic. Made.. Here is the plastic back panel.. That means that there can be permanent scratches on the back panel of this phone from a general object.. Most likely, the phones frame should also be plastic.. Buttons are made out of aluminum., it has a paint job on top of it. The sim tray should also be of plastic. Here is the gasket protection.. The sim tray of iQOO and Vivo are strong and generally do not break by bending. its the same over here Even after bending. The sim tray is not breaking. good quality here and on the outside, it should be plastic just like frame. Will the button come out accidentally by applying pressure? No, The buttons are fixed quite tightly and are not coming out. Easily. Lets talk about the camera setup.. There is a little new design trend visible here that started in 2022.. I think Honor has started this trend.. It looks like a 200 megapixel sensor has been given here.. The outside frame of the camera is plastic made.

, and this big circular ring It is made of Aluminium. And theres a black paint job on top of it.. With time this paint may come off on its own, And you may have many visible scratches on your phone.. We have seen the Matrix camera. We have seen the AI, camera. and dont know what we saw. The multi camera is written over here., Which is inside this plastic frame. Hopefully there should be a quad led flash too.. The earpiece grill is wide enough.. I think it is bigger than the half size of the phone.. The bad thing is that there is no speaker here., It is only for calling purposes and design purposes. And it is made of hard plastic.. The iQOO branding is printed on the inside of this plastic. Back panel and will always be there., Lets also test the quality of the glass. on the display Here. Schott Xensation glass has been used.. I think iQOO and Vivo use this glass in budget phones., not the Corning, not a problem. We can see that the scratch pattern is quite similar, as should be.. There are no scratches here until level 5.. The scratches are minor on level 6. And at level 7 the scratches are getting deeper.. It means that most common metal objects cannot scratch. This display., including glass particles too, on the rear panel, The camera glass, is so big that there can be scratches here. Here. Also, the pattern of the scratch is similar to the display side.

. There are no scratches here until level 5.. The scratches are minor on level 6. And at level 7. The scratches are getting deeper.. Here too, there is the same protection as on the display side. time for the splash test. There is a lot of solid gasket protection around the sim tray. Lets see whether there is any damage to the phone in the five minute: splash test. And heres the phone iQOO Z6 Pro There are around 40 to 45 litres of water here.. Today I accidentally took a little more water here, but still It is important to see what happens. One minute two minutes. Three minutes the liquid seems to be going inside the phone still four minutes. Its been five minutes Lets. Take the phone out of the water. By the way my prediction is that a lot of liquid has gone inside the phone., Because there was liquid around the camera. Here There is no liquid visible around the sim tray., but still Lets shake it.. You can see that a lot of liquid is coming out, here., which is coming out from inside this phone, Because the speaker doesnt have that much liquid. The phone is working and all functionality is also ok., but cant say anything. The damage in the phone will be visible during the drop test. time for the bend test In iQOOs Z. Series only Z3 has failed to date.. After that, no other phone failed the bend test. I find this phone to be a bit solid in terms of design.

. Holding the phone reveals whether there is an issue with it or not. still Lets bend the phone from the screen side. Three Two One. There was flex in the phone., But no damage was visible on the phone.. The display is ok, There is no internal cracking sound.. Most like The chassis here is quite strong. after the Z3, The company has made a lot of improvements.. Z5 was also quite ok.. Z6 was also ok bend the phone from the backside Three Two One for that. You have to first pass on the bend test. The phone is not damaged after being bent from the rear.. The phone is perfectly ok, There is a slight flex in the phone., but that is perfectly ok, So this phone passes perfectly even in the bend test. phone weight At the last guys Time for the drop test. I have a feeling that maybe this phone can survive., Because the weight of this phone is a little less And the phone is a bit more compact.. It has been almost 8 to 10 hours since I performed the liquid test., But here there is no such sign.. Although there was water inside the phone, there may have been some gasket protection, inside. Thats, why you can consider this phone splashproof. Lets? Do the drop test., Heres, Schott, Xensation Glass. Lets drop the phone from the different heights. Two feet: height Three Two One From the camera side Drop the phone even from a corner.

Angle. the display is ok, the corner was also impacted, But no such damage is visible.. Perfectly ok, rear side Will the shock caused the AMOLED display to be dead? Good, No Problem Perfectly. Ok! Now the picture starts from here.. Can the phone break from here two feet height? Hopefully, the phone should work because it is a lightweight phone., just pocket height. Three Two One good, No damage perfectly ok increases the height about five and a half feet. In height The company tests from 5 ft height, We try from a little more height.. Ok, here we go straight Three: Two One perfect, No problem once more drop, No problem. Ok, Now from the camera side And Three Two One Now the phone had fallen from the corner.. There was a strong impact here. Because theres a plastic frame here, its a bit stifled., But the phones display is fine, which is more important., No matter how much you save the plastic frame scratches. Do happen. last drop test from the rear side, Three Two One. So many big camera lenses are coming into the phone that there is a fear that the camera lens may not break. camera lens. Ok, Now the last drop test.. If this phone goes, it will go completely.. Otherwise this phone may survive so Lets see approximately 5.5 feet. Height Three Two One: the phone did not drop properly fell from the side will not cheat Ill. Let you know when the phone falls flat.

. Otherwise many people will say that now the phone is saved.. Now it will sell on OLX.. It wont happen, Ok flat. Three Two One: This time the phone has fallen flat and the phone is perfectly ok. After a long time, a phone from Vivo or iQOO appeared, which turned out to be quite impressive in terms of build quality.. This phone is a plastic build., thats, ok, but solid. In bend test, ok in drop test lightweight and slim, what else is needed and stay tuned for further review and comparison? I hope you liked it guys.. This is Saurabh.