Eight thousand nine. Ninety nine. But if you look at this price, a couple of years back youll find that flagship phones from oneplus were actually priced in this price bracket. This year, however, things have changed. Oneplus 10 pro starts at 67, 000 rupees and the oneplus 10 r, which is their more affordable phone, starts at ‘, 000 rupees. Now, of course, if you want all the features that are available in this device, you would want to pick the higher variant, which is the 12 gigabyte plus 256 gigabyte variant, and this one is priced at 43, 000 rupees approximately and you do have a certain bank Offers and discounts available what additional features youll get well discuss in this video, but lets quickly start off with the build quality and design of the oneplus 10r look at the phone from a distance, and it has a really nice and striking design. Youve got these retro inspired lines that run in the back of the phone and the overall squared off body mimics, the iphone 12 and 13 series making the phone look more in line with todays fashion than any other device. Previously, you also have a massive camera bump at the back, which houses the three main cameras and all around the phone. You will find a matte finish now. We are checking out the sierra black color and the phone is also available in a forest green, so overall design wise the phone is nice.

Its a big slab and the squared off look makes it really comfortable in the hand, and you do have rounded corners. So the phone looks nice and premium. However, you come closer to the device and youll find that the entire frame is made out of plastic, so its not as premium as it feels or as much as its priced at. And then you look at the camera glass at the back, the glass that surrounds the cameras and even though it looks like glass, its actually plastic, clear plastic that scratches really easily the camera lenses themselves are actually glass, so thats good. There is no official ip rating on this device and i would recommend that if you do end up buying this phone, keep it as far away from water as you possibly can. The oneplus 10r highlights its display on the front. This is a 6.7 inch panel, which is a 2412 by 1080 pixel display with a ‘4 pixel per inch density. Now this is a 20.1 is to 9 aspect ratio, so its a fairly long ish panel. But the good thing is that it is a 120 hertz. A fluid oled display, so it does have an adaptive refresh rate from 60 to 90 to 120 hertz theres, a problem in that and ill discuss that when we talk a little bit more about performance, the touch response on the display is 360 hertz. So its three times that of the highest refresh rate, which means that youll have no issues with the touch response on this device and you do have a 720 hertz software accelerated touch response as well, and well talk about that in just a second as well.

You do have corning gorilla glass 5 on the front, and the display itself is extremely vivid, has great viewing angles, good amount of brightness and is hdr 10 plus capable, and it does have a 10 bit color depth and supports the display p3 color gamut. So you have no issues with that whatsoever. The 720 hertz of a software response rate is actually something that bothers you a little bit because the phone is over responsive in certain aspects. So in the lock screen, if you launch the camera and even if you tap on the bottom of the phone itll quit the camera, so its a little too responsive and its a little jittery in certain aspects, you end up quitting applications when you dont want to, And this is something that they can fix with a software update and i hope they do fix it because it does make using the phone a little bit difficult. Now the phone runs oxygen, os 12.1 on android 12 and as much as you would like to call this oxygen os its becoming more color os day by day. You are missing certain elements from oxygen os and, more importantly, this phone also does not have the slider switch. That allows you to switch between the levels of notification. That is something that is pretty common with oneplus devices. So if you think about it, this is going to be one of the more oppo devices than any previous devices.

That weve, seen and overall build quality and certain misses with respect to features on this device. Definitely depict that, as far as day to day use is concerned, the software is extremely responsive. The screen looks really good while using the device and your everyday experience is pretty good, especially considering that you have that adaptive display that switches between refresh rates, as per your needs, theres a big problem with the adaptive refresh rate. However, because it only switches between 60 90 and 120, if youre watching content other than that, like 24 fps movies shot in cinema format, those will not look good on this device. Also youre getting quite a lot of restrictions as far as gaming performance is concerned. So in battlegrounds you only get hd, graphics and high fps, as opposed to hdr or extreme, that you would find in other devices. So when you start pushing the chip on this device – which, incidentally, is the mediatek dimensi 8100 max, it doesnt fare up to the performance that is required from modern day applications in modern day games. You also get the arm mali, g610 gpu, which is where, mostly all of it, falters down. We tested games on the 12 gigabyte plus 256 gigabyte variant, and it showed that the gaming performance, especially the graphics performance, is not up to mark and it definitely misses out on this device and considering the price of this phone, you can actually get much higher performing Devices from last year that are cheaper than this phone that give you better performance in gaming and also have a pretty good display as well.

Now, when you pick the higher variant, you can also get an optional 150 watt of charging with a smaller 4 500 milliamp hour battery and for this youll have to pay a thousand rupees more and you will get 150 watt charger inside the box and the battery Is a smaller 4500 milliamp hour battery? These are two 2 250 mah batteries combined to give you that capability. If you get the 8 gigabyte, plus 128 gigabyte variant, you will get 80 watts of charging and a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which is two 2500 milliamp hour batteries put together. So, in the smaller variant you get more battery size, but slower charging and in the higher variant you get a smaller battery, but optional faster charging. So you want to pick and choose your poison. Accordingly, we have the 12 gigabyte plus 256 gigabyte variant for testing, and we found that the battery life is actually pretty incredible in itself and the 150 watt support charging works really well the phone doesnt heat up at all and it does manage to deliver that performance Without any problem, whats also interesting is that you do get a whole lot of virtual ram as well. So you can pop in about seven gigabyte of virtual ram, and the storage is also ufs. 3.1. Two lane storage, so you do get ultra fast storage on this device as well. Another big aspect of this is the cameras and we can see a massive improvement in the cameras and the alignment of the cameras.

However, the camera modules themselves are actually questionable, so the main camera and the camera youre going to be using the most is the 50 megapixel camera. This has a one over 1.56 inch sensor and an f 1.8 aperture. This does support ois and does have a 23.6 millimeter equivalent focal length, so you get a pretty standard camera here. This is a sony. Imx 766. oneplus has done a good job of image, processing and the ai modes on this look good as well. Some of the pictures that we shot captured the colors, as well as the contrast and exposure quite accurately, and the images out of the camera look good. You do have 4k support on this device. However, you do not get any image stabilization unless you come down to 1080p. The other camera is an ultra wide 8 megapixel camera that has a 120 degree field of view approximately and an f 2.2 aperture. So you do have a big difference in the aperture sizes of the two lenses and the third camera, which i think nobody is going to really use. Is the 82 megapixel macro camera? If you do enjoy macro photography, i would recommend that you use a lens on the main camera, as opposed to using a 2 megapixel macro lens. However, because of the ai algorithms and some of the image processing that you do, you do get a pretty decent macro shot from this device as well. The front camera is a 16 megapixel camera, its a fixed focus camera with an f 2.

4 aperture, and it does support eis and it can do 1080p video at 30 frames per second overall. The oneplus 10r is a lot of compromises for a lot of money. Youre, getting a subpar build quality with plastic, even though it looks good. You have a squared off design, but you dont have any metal frames. You do get a really nice cover inside the box, but you will need to put that on the phone if you dont want it scratched at all. The glass surrounding the cameras is not really glass, its plastic. There is no ip rating and the performance of the processor is not capable enough to even deliver in most games. That can be played well on a sub 20 000 rupee phone. While the cameras are good and the display is the highlight of the phone, there is a lot missing from the oneplus 10 r to make it a recommended device for around the 40 000 rp price bracket. I would suggest you look for alternatives. This has been our review if you enjoyed it smash the like button hit the subscribe button for more videos. This has been bharat, nagpal youve been watching.