Well, if you dont know me yet im ershad youre watching track in tech, english, and this is our detailed review of the oneplus 10r and comparison against the real gdpr Music. Now the tenors design is actually creating some bit of controversy. Some people, like it some people, dont the main reason why a lot of people dont, like the design of the oneplus 10r, is because of its build its made entirely of plastic. The rear is plastic, and so is the frame, and i did notice some panel flex on the you know: oneplus 10r, which doesnt inspire uh. You know confidence in its build quality. In comparison, the real me gt neo3 has a glass back, of course, theres. No corning gorilla glass protection and a plastic frame which definitely feels sturdier as for the front of these phones, both are protected by konigs gorilla glass, 5.. Now the 10 hours rear panel has a split design with vertical stripes running on one side and a shimmery matte plastic feel on the other. Plus there is this glossy plastic camera model as well and theres a lot happening which sort of gets lost in that single tone: black color, which kind of looks good, in my opinion, compared to the racing stripes look of the real me gt neo3. Having said that, if you dont like these stripes like me, then the gt nu3 is also available in an asphalt black variant, which of course, doesnt have it anyway.

What i like about the 10r, particularly, is the flat sides, and it feels very planted when you hold it in your hand, its a very iphone like experience. However, the gt neo3 is also comfortable in daily usage and the thickness of both these phones is about 8.2 millimeters and both of them have a very similar weight too and of course, youve seen. The camera module and the camera model is wider on the oneplus 10r and both the camera modules have the cameras placed in a triangular layout, which kind of looks okay. One of the other reasons why the oneplus 10 doesnt feel like a oneplus phone is because its missing the alert slider now, thanks to that parts, bin approach of making a phone, one plus users have to live without this iconic oneplus feature. Now, if you like, our videos, dont forget to hit the red subscribe button and the bell icon right next to it. Also, we have a new instagram channel, a youtube shots page and a twitter account links to all of which will be in the description below, go and check them out. We do regular content out there too. As for the rest of the design, you get a type c port at the bottom, a few mics stereo speakers, no ip rating and no headphone jack. You also get a dual nano sim card tray on both these phones with no expansion slot available. By the way, when it comes to the stereo speaker performance, i felt that the gt neo 3 has a fuller, richer sound compared to the tinny hollow sound of the oneplus 10r.

I dont know why that is happening. Take a listen for yourself overall. While it looks good, the common consensus is that the oneplus 10r doesnt feel as polished and refined, as you know, the preceding oneplus 9r and the 9rt. But if you ask me, i kind of like it now coming to the performance study. Part of both these phones both come with. You know the new mediatek density 8100 chip, lpddr5 ram and ufs 3.1 storage in synthetic benchmarks. What we noticed is that the gt neo3 actually scored more points in antutu and geekbenchs multi core score. In fact, the cpu throttling is not a lot on the real me gt, nu3 the oneplus actually throttled much higher and the you know. Stability score was not as good as you know, the gt9 gb performance, on the contrary, is possibly better on the oneplus 10r. We ran a 3dmark wildlife stress test and what we noticed is that you know the oneplus 10r had better stability compared to the gt303. Even if you look at the slight difference in those scores, what matters is the fact that the gt neo3 definitely got hotter and the best loop score wasnt as good as the 10r. Now those are synthetic benchmarks, but i did run a real life junction impact test on both these phones and what i noticed is that the oneplus 10r performs way better. It has better average fps and far lower janks or stutters. Also, the real me gt o3 actually gets hotter than the oneplus 10r.

Basically, oneplus has tuned the 10r really well for gaming performance compared to the real me gt neo3. Now you must be wondering. Why did i test jensen impact and not call of duty, mobile or bjmi, and if you dont know it yet those games arent yet optimized? For you know the dimension 8100. I just hope that they get optimized really soon and you get the best graphics performance as well, because this you know processor is actually capable. Now i did play a few rounds of call of duty on both the phones and i loved what the oneplus 10r could do with call of duty. Because of that, you know enhanced touch, response rate of you know: 720 hertz, which comes in uh handy and, of course, the gaming performance is really really good, but that whole demensity 8100 max suffix is a mere. You know marketing push theres, nothing really max about the performance of the dementia 8100 of the specific dimension, the 8100 inside the 10r, its very similar to what you find on the gt neo3. Both the phones also come with the latest connectivity options. You get 5g youd, get 4g carrier, aggregation, bluetooth, 5.3, wi, fi 6. All of that – and you get a lot of 5g bands on both these phones as well, making them pretty future proof, and i found that the call quality performance on both the phones were equally good, no qualms there. Overall, though, when you objectively analyze the performance of the 10r and the real me gt neo3, i feel that the 10r is actually tuned better.

Now the camera setups on these phones are exactly the same. You get the 15 megapixel imx 766 sensor, 8 megapixel ultra wide and that 2 megapixel macro and, of course you get a 16 megapixel selfie camera on the front. The imax 766 retrieves the same level of details on both the phones and the processing is very similar. Too, it is not too over sharpened and the fine details do look crisp at close crop. The color size of the algorithms are pretty similar too. However, when i looked closely, i noticed that the gt neo3 does a proper, deep red compared to the slightly pink reproduction of the oneplus 10r, but this is just me being pedantic. Most regular people wont even care about these differences, although in hdr mode, our first sample shows glimpses of how the 10rs hdr algorithm is better and the second sample showcases how the 10r controls the highlights better and creates a more dynamic image with a beautiful reproduction of The contrast in the picture now there are these two megapixel macro cameras which can get as close as four centimeter of a subject, and it is equally bad on both these phones. I dont think im ever going to use that mode now, when you shoot friends and family, though you will realize that the gt nu3 offers facial tones that are closer to natural, the 10r finds it tough to control the reds on the face and even against the Light the gt neo3 tries to faithfully capture sujes facial tone, but, like we saw in the hdr performance, the 10 hours control of highlights is more pleasing to the eye in portrait shots.

I just couldnt tell the difference. The edge detection and the gradual blur is nearly identical on both the phones. There are some areas where the edges have a need cut out and certain others, where the algorithm misses it out and im talking about both the phones here. So i guess it boils down to facial tones and you know which one is better now the 8 megapixel ultra wide angle captures on both the phones look very similar, except for that hdr performance. Where you know oneplus does better. However, selfies look good on the gt803, whether you take them against the light or in front of the light. You get more contrast compared to the flat look of the tenor im, pretty certain that most people will veer towards http selfies, but the gt neo3 selfie portrait cutout drops the ball entirely. In fact, ive had that happen a lot on this realme phone specifically, i dont know what happened out here coming to low light shots. They are better tuned on the real me gt neo3 on the 10r. You just get these flat over brightened pictures. There are literally no dynamics on offer. I just dont like it. The same is true even for the low light ultra white shots and the low light selfies now low light. Video is actually terrible on both the phones. In fact, there is a special ai mode that adds even more artifacts and flickers too. I was super disappointed talking about video.

You can shoot at 4k 60 fps on both the phones but eis and os dont work in 4k. Video recording on both the phones, which is entirely weird. I have no idea why these brands would have a hardware lock on for ois on both these phones. Anyway, the dynamic range capture is better on the gtd o3, especially in 1080p. 60Fps footage where you also get electronically stabilized footage on both the phones. It is disappointing that these brands are not concentrating on deriving more out of the isp for video recording. Otherwise, when you look at the sound, the colors uh, you know the details. All of it is very similar on both the photos so 1080p 60fps video, using both the phones so 1080p 60fps video, using both the phones on the front. You only get 1080p 30fps video recording, but there is eis. Footage looks good enough on both, but the gd nu3 does slightly better at dynamic range capture in more ways than one the camera performance on. Both these phones are nearly identical, but the gt neo3 sort of takes a slight lead ahead when it comes to. You know the color accuracy when it comes to facial tones when it comes to video recording – and you know, selfies and low light as well oneplus. Of course does hdr better, but overall, i think i would pick the real me gt neo3 by slight margin, not much so. The oneplus 10 runs on oxygen os 12, based on android 12 with the latest march security patch.

The real me gt do3 runs on android 12 with you know real me, ui 3.0, skin again with the march security patch, but oneplus has promised three years of software updates and four years of security updates on the 10r, which is more than the you know, realme Gt neo3, which is two years and three years i dont know if these brands are actually going to live up to their promises, but at least we know that this is what their support uh, you know, timeline is for the most part, considering that oxygen os and You know real me: ui are now based on color oss code base. They look very similar, the ui elements and you know a look and feel of a lot of the features, look very similar, especially if you look at something like the settings app. You will see that the layout is almost the same, but of course oxygen. Os has a few advantages, the first of which is that the animations of the ui are tuned really well and they just glide when you touch the screen not like the real me ui is bad, but oxygen has that little bit of better polish and there are Far fewer bloatware apps compared to the absolute trash apps that are there inside the real me gt, neo3 and, of course, theres no glance integration either. It just feels like a much cleaner experience and there are a few other perks like you know: zen mode work, life balance and all of those things which definitely add to the user experience in short, oxygen os is better than real miui.

In my personal opinion, Music displays on both these phones are literally the same 6.7 inch amoled panels with 120 hertz, refresh rate hdr 10 support, uh support for one billion colors and, of course, 120 hertz, refresh rate too theyre very well tuned panels too, with vibrant colors. When you want it and natural colors, when you need it, the brightness tops out a thousand nits in peak brightness. On the you know, real me gt neo3 and you know 915 its on the oneplus 10r, but that difference is not visible in daily usage at all. Viewing angles are also pretty good on both these phones. You dont get that typical color shift that you get with the cheaper amoled panels inside certain mid range phones. The only difference is that the oneplus 10r has this higher 720hz touch sampling rate, especially in gaming mode, which definitely comes in handy and both these phones. Of course, dont have ltpo technology either, but they do have variable refresh rate. You know refreshing from 30, 60. 90. All those as and when the content demands – and you know what i really like about these displays – is the tiny you know bezels all around the screen. It looks extremely good now. The haptic feedback is also great on the 10r and the real me gt neo3 i mean most people wont notice the difference in the kind of vibration intensity. But if i have to scrutinize very very closely, then the 10r feels slightly tighter and you get that precise sort of feedback as well.

Now, both the phones also come with an in display fingerprint scanner, of course, optical one, but they place really low for my liking. However, really fast to unlock now, both these variants, in my hand, are the 150 watt variants of the phone and, of course, as claimed they can charge from zero to 100 in 18 minutes flat. But what you need to note is that the 150 watt variant is available only in the top 12 256 gb uh. You know variant of the phone and it costs about thousand rupees more than the 80 watt variant with the you know same specs now the 150 watt variant of the terah and the gt neo they come with a smaller. You know 4 500 mah split cell and in my review of the gt903 i had clearly mentioned that the defensivity 8100s – you know five nanometer fabrication process – ensures that you get great battery life, which is entirely true for the oneplus 10r as well. Its very similar five and a half hours to six hours of screen on time and, of course, a full day battery life from both the phones. In fact, i feel that the oneplus 10r is slightly better Music. Now this comparison has very concrete findings. The real me gt do3 has the better build quality of the two and, of course, the better cameras as well, and it doesnt hurt that it is actually much more affordable compared to the oneplus 10r.

And that is probably the reason why you get a lot of these shitty bloatware apps on the reality gt neo3 thats. How they are you know, managing to keep the cost low. The oneplus 10r is, of course, for you know, oneplus fans. This is actually one of the better phones this year for one plus fans, especially when it comes to performance tuning where oneplus takes the lead. I think that this is a slightly better phone for gamers compared to the gt neo3. But if you want that camera performance, then you will have to pick this one up. However, i see a lot of heat against the design of the oneplus 10r. Now see, design is very subjective. Some people might like it. Some people might not. For example, i like the design of the 10r, but i completely understand if you dont, like the design of the tenor, so to base an entire objective analysis of a phone based on your immediate first impressions, its not doing justice to the product. In my opinion, so yeah so take a call accordingly. Maybe if you are, you know cons on the fence about the design of the tenor, go and check it at an offline store before you buy one. So that will be my advice, which one of these two phones will you pick up? Let me know in the comment section below and if you do end up buying one of these two phones just pick up the 80 watt variant of the phone, because 150 watt variant is only going to be a pure vanity metric.

After a point, you wont even care about the charging speeds, because at 80 watt this these phones will charge at a you know, uh in 30, 33 minutes, which is good enough. So thats it for me.